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  1. Try it with tonic and some extra lime. OK, that way I do like it.
  2. As a Seattle native I must ask about this "umbrella" that you mention. What is it? Yeah. I was wondering about that, too. Me three. You can tell who the visitors to Seattle are - they're the only ones with umbrellas. Oh, are they those big, black, mushroom-shaped things that people carry? Saw a bunch of tourists with those out at Snoqualmie Falls a few weeks ago. Strange. We just laughed at them.
  3. As a Seattle native I must ask about this "umbrella" that you mention. What is it? Yeah. I was wondering about that, too.
  4. After reading this thread, its obvious we've been doing this all wrong. So I've gone through our list of 16 unresolved DNFs and decided we can claim the following as finds: 3 - The caches weren't there when we searched, and the owners have since archived/disabled the caches. We would have found them if they were there. 1 - The cache is hidden in juniper. I HATE juniper and should not be forced to search there. 1 - Seems to be there one day and gone the next, then back again. I think it is similar to the following... 1 - This one has 147 finds and two DNFs. The other DNF is by a very experienced local cacher. It's obvious Vinny must be playing with the local space-time continuum and causing this cache and the previous one to blink in and out of existence. 1 - This cache is a three-hour drive from home, then 20 miles down bumpy forest service roads. We found every other cache on this trip, so we obviously would have found this one had we reached GZ. Should a few hundred sheep blocking the road be allowed to deprive US of a smilie? I think not! 1 - We ran out of daylight, and it didn't have a Needs Flashlight attribute, so this one should count, right? 0 - I was going to add an evil micro in the woods that hasn't been found in well over a year, but just noticed someone found it two days ago. D#$%, now we have to go find it. So, by the practices documented in this thread, I can justify changing 50% of our unresolved DNFs into smilies. But, since we didn't actually FIND them, I guess I'll leave them as DNFs.
  5. I musta blinked cuz I saw a cool wet summer. Probably just a case of selective memory on my part. If you stray from the party line again, we'll have to take appropriate action. What he said. But we did have a warmer, sunnier fall than usual....until yesterday. I beg humble forgiveness of my fellow northwesterners. I won't stray from the party line again. I blame it on the fact I'm working late nights and my body clock is all messed up so I'm not thinking straight, plus they adjusted my med's today (What my bloodpressure meds have to do with it I don't know, but I'm gonna blame them ). On Topic. We're actually saving some nearby areas to cache in the snow. Cougar mountain is beautiful with a fresh snowfall.
  6. I musta blinked cuz I saw a cool wet summer. Probably just a case of selective memory on my part.
  7. We live in a small city in the scenic Snoqualmie River valley, nestled against the foothills about 30 miles east of Seattle. If we didn't cache in the rain, when would we cache. OK, the above was to keep up the myth that it always rains in Seattle. We've actually had a very nice summer this year. Does the rainy season keep us indoors? Not a bit. Neither does snow. Just dress appropriately and enjoy!
  8. The only stone wall cache we have found so far was an ammo can. But around here stone walls: -Are not historic. -Are built with stones that you aren't going to move without heavy machinery. I hate juniper.
  9. I'm in, if only to find out what a duckabush is and why it has a big hump on it. Sounds like something that lives in Australia!
  10. From the FAQ pinned to the top of the Getting Started forum: How do I change my username? Congratulations, you're the first to ask this question this month. It usually averages about five times a month.
  11. It's Halloween. He'd be dressed up as anything but Plaidguy!
  12. Yeah, hope they're having fun. I'm stuck at work until 3:30AM.
  13. Perhaps this should be enough to set everyone who elects to hide a cache at ease? It was already noted that the linked document is a de facto contract. I have never seen anything in print (other than some very brief language on a cache page) that specifically names and protects the cache hider. Also, on each cache page is the following: Please note: To use the services of geocaching.com, you must agree to the terms and conditions in our disclaimer. The very first line of that disclaimer states: 'Cache seekers assume all risks involved in seeking a cache.'
  14. From the terms of use linked to in the original post: "You assume all risks arising in connection with seeking a cache or any other related activity."
  15. I've only found two snakes while caching, both non-venomous. On was sitting on the cammo for the cache and left when he spotted me (he was eight inches long) and the other was under a rock I turned over (he was two inches long).
  16. That's some great camoflauge on that snake!! If a cache container had that kinda camoflauge, I'd probably get a DNF. You mean you can't see the ammo can sitting right next to the snake?
  17. Aha, that explains why I couldn't find anything last Saturday. You'd think they'd provide more than 24-hr notice on their site. Major projects usually have much earlier notice. Projects like this sometimes don't get posted until after the closure is in effect. There are still lots of great caches you can get in the North Fork area. Only the six furtherest out are affected by this bridge closure. I know, but there will be those six without smilies on the map just haunting me after I've found the others. Oh well, I was planning these for next year anyway. At least there shouldn't be a problem with sheep.
  18. I make a moderate income from selling all the Hamsters I find in caches to pet stores.
  19. Bummer. Here's a map of the location. Marcus, isn't this bridge further than the Hancock permit will let you go? I know you could bypass the previous (Wagner's) bridge closure, but I think the Hancock road reconnects to the North Fork Road just past Wagner's bridge, and Sunday is further up. Unless maybe the mainline road from the Spur 10 gate will get you here. It's all kind of beside the point though, as the permit is, as you say, extortionate. Jeff, you may be right, based on our travels last weekend. This is beyond the Spur 10 intersection and gates, where we did see a lot of hunter activity last weekend from folks willing to pay that $200. On the maps (yours and Google's), it appears that FS 5700 parallels North Fork Rd and meets up with it beyond the Sunday Bridge closure, but I haven't been on that road and don't know its accessibility. Also, thanks for finding the KC article on the bridge. I looked all over the KC site a few days ago, esp. the transportation and bridge sections, and couldn't find anything. I just got email from the county about this today, so I was coming over here to post it, but I see Jeff beat me to it. The article Jeff posted the link to and the road closure information on their RoadAlerts page are the only references I have found, and both of those were posted today. This is probably one of the many bridges that have no preplanned schedule for repair/replacement, so it probably was recently determined from an inspection that the time was NOW, especially considering the statement that 'construction funding is still pending'. Personally I would not be too optimistic about that summer of 2009 tentative schedule. Too bad, as I was just looking at the map of the caches in this area last weekend.
  20. I didn't forget, I just hesitated to explain. I was on the way home from worshiping the eviscerated cow at my nearby crop circle where our Urantia Brotherhood holds our weekly reading (As you know, Brother, the Urantia Book (UB) is an anthology of 196 papers indited between 1928 and 1935 by the superhuman personality TheJeremy, he who has been inspired by the transformative teachings of the astronomical-cosmological organization of the universe unknown to modern science (and an elaborate extension (700 pages) on the life of TheLeprechuan), when the dorsal pathway opened, allowing me to inquire as to El Diablo's whereabouts within the Universe. The call was heard across and among the inhabited planets, evolving life, civilizations in various states of development, celestial spheres, and spirit personalities. Earth is the 606th planet in Satania which is in Norlatiadek which is in Nebadon which is in Orvonton which revolves around Havona, all of which revolves around the center of infinity where TheJeremy dwells, so it may take them a while to get back to me. Some geocachers and philosophers of the universes postulate a Trinity of Trinities, an existential-experiential Trinity Infinite, but they are not able to envisage its personalization; possibly it would equivalate to the person of the Universal Father on the conceptual level of the I AM. But irrespective of all this, the original Paradise Trinity is potentially infinite since TheJeremy actually is infinite. So El Diablo is probably not involved in that. Yet. Any medieval casuist would be proud of such writing and thinking. It is more likely that El Diablo has become a Primary Supernaphim, who are the supernal servants of the Deities on the eternal Isle of Paradise. Never have they been known to depart from the paths of light and righteousness. The roll calls are complete; from eternity not one of this magnificent host has been lost. These High Supernaphim are perfect beings, supreme in perfection, but they are not absonite, neither are they absolute. In which case he may not come back. Since then a number of us have been put through a lengthy process by our planetary supervisors in order to prepare us to accept the Guidelines as true revelations. The process began by introducing Mtn-Man to the Sleeping Subject (SS), whose nocturnal ramblings would later be understood to be preparatory messages from extraterrestrial "midwayers." According to Mtn-Man, "SS is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade, a highly pragmatic, hard-nosed business man who did not believe in psychic phenomena or any such nonsense until he witnessed the market for Travel Bug Numbers." Why SS was selected for this task is unknown, but Mtn-Man assures us that the midwayers never took over SS's mind and came only at night when SS was unconscious so as not to disrupt his life too much. Mtn-Man contrasts this with the evil spirit who invaded El Diablo during the daytime, a sure sign that El Diablo was a false prophet. TheJeremy was selected, according to Mtn-Man, because of his personality and training. A more obvious analysis is that TheLeprechuan selected him because he was the source of the SS material. When the next dorsal pathway opens I should get an answer as to El Diablo's current location in the Universe. ...or maybe not.
  21. Either a split personality, or a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.
  22. Exactly. What else would people do it for? The money? The dental plan? Forced to by their parents? (I guess there's probably a few of that last one). There's a Dental Plan??? We're in it for the fun, but log our Finds and DNF's. They tell the story of our fun.
  23. In a previous lifetime I was a Software Test Engineer. Unfortunately, many programmers get so focused on the problem as it was described to them, that they do not look beyond it to see where else it should have been applied. Can get very frustrating.
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