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  1. What type of locations are you looking for? Around the city? Out in the country? Down by the river parks? Up in the foothills? Drive ups or hike to? I could recommend a few but it would be helpful to know what part of the Wenatchee or surrounding area you're interested in exploring. Every LPC in Wenatchee....NOT Actually, no urbans. So in the country or up in the foothills. Drive ups if it's somewhere worth driving to, but hikes would be great. Wenatchee has usually been a place to drive through and pick up some fruit while heading somewhere else, so it would be nice to see some of the area more up close and personal. Looking forward to this trip.
  2. One of the principles of Leave No Trace is Leave What You Find. I guess CITO is out.
  3. You're sweet, Gene, thanks. But this non-morning person needs to be as close as possible (without camping). If I come over, I'm thinking Wenatchee. Maybe a cheapie hotel. We're going the cheapie hotel route. Heading over Friday evening after work, then have all day Saturday to check out other caches in the Wenatchee area. Anyone have any cache recommendations?
  4. Indeed. But you're still expecting people to assume that you actually physically looked for the cache container...or are you? If you never got out of the car, or if you hiked half way then turned back, you also Did Not Find the cache. That's still a fact. DNF then? That might sound useful, but IMO a note is more useful in those circumstances. No assumption necessary. You should have quoted one more line of my post. It said, 'The DETAILS are in the logs'. I agree there are times when a Note is appropriate. And to keep people from assuming anything, I will not post DNF's on the 99.99999999999% of the caches that exist that I have not even thought about looking for. Personally, I don't care that much if other cachers log a DNF or a Note, as long as they log something.
  5. DNF = Did Not Find A simple statement of fact. No details. It doesn't say we looked for 30 seconds; It doesn't say we looked for 30 minutes. It doesn't say we knew the cache was still there; It doesn't say that we thought the cache was missing. It doesn't say any of the things that people have posted that they assume it means, other than that we Did Not Find the cache. The DETAILS are in the logs. I've posted a DNF because there were too many muggles near ground zero to safely expose the cache. Why a DNF? Because we Did Not Find the cache. The details in the log could alert other cachers that they may want to choose thier time to look for this one carefully. This past weekend we were caught looking for a cache by someone who knew where it was. He even told us we were close before he left. Even with his clues, we couldn't find it. Logged the DNF. Not because we thought it might be missing, we knew it wasn't, but because we Did Not Find it. We've recently logged DNF's on a couple of micro's in the woods. One was last logged over eight months ago, the other even longer ago than that. Both had occasional finds before that. Has nobody actually looked in all that time? Or have they just not logged the DNF's? We'll never know. If I were the CO, I'd want to know. We even hold the only DNF on a cache that has had 118 successful finds. We logged the DNF, because we Did Not Find the cache. The details let other cachers know that sometimes you don't find them, for whatever reason, and that's OK.
  6. Yes you can. If you're able to meet with us at the scheduled time, you're more than welcome to join us. Great. Count the two of us in. I'll drive, but the truck only holds three max, so could only carry one more if needed. We'll probably come over either Friday evening or Saturday, so the 7:45 meet time willl be no problem. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  7. Can a couple of Wet-siders join in the fun?
  8. Darn, there goes my idea for a Hand Grenade Cache Container
  9. You seem creepy. What is your address so I can call 911? He's not creepy, just Canadian
  10. I've had the same problem, using XP. The zip files appear to be corrupted if more than 100-200 caches in them, can't be unzipped in or out of GSAK. I just switched to non-zipped PQ's.
  11. Over the three-day holiday weekend: 30 finds. One of these had been disabled because it was missing. We had old data so found it anyway One of the finds had been replaced because it was missing. We found the original Only two DNF's. Unfortunately, one of the DNF's had 112 finds and no previous DNF's
  12. Don't get discouraged. Just found several of your caches today and enjoyed them very much . Find a way to work with your reviewer so you can keep hiding.
  13. Be careful when shaving mosquito bites.
  14. Thanks for the reminder, we've got some in the fridge -- snack time!
  15. Closest Found 0.15miles Closest Unfound 0.8 miles
  16. Do you actually know of any specific GPS models which have the red button? And if so do you have any pictures of it? It's invisible in pictures - that's why you don't see it in the manuals.
  17. It's going to show up as a COM port, not a USB port. Mine's COM4, your's may be different. Look in Device Manager at the COM ports.
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