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  1. But it's also traceable back to the TB tag on my truck. I might not get EITHER of them back
  2. I was kind of thinking of myself being an extension of the truck TB and vice-versa.
  3. People make travel bugs out of things that are typically only discovered, such as their vehicles (stickers or magnets) or themselves (T-shirts or tattoos). My question is, can I use the same TB number on my Truck, myself, and my wife?
  4. It arrived in yesterday's mail. Now I guess I have to wash the truck The Golden Cachemobile should be on the road soon. Make sure your truck is completely dry in the spot you place the magnet otherwise dirt can get in behind it. Good advice, even though we got the sticker and not the magnet.
  5. It arrived in yesterday's mail. Now I guess I have to wash the truck The Golden Cachemobile should be on the road soon.
  6. Done properly you need to use a 50/50 mix of mothballs and hamsters. Is that 50/50 by volume, weight, or count?
  7. In that case, it would be 'To whom DID they belong?'
  8. Wouldn't 'Who's were they?' be more grammatically correct? Sorry, I couldn't resist. no, but "WHOSE they were" would be. I feel so ashamed. I'm the one who is always complaining about things like that, and I got it wrong. I know better:( OK, write 100 times... WHOSE were they? WHOSE were they? WHOSE were they? WHOSE were they? ...
  9. Wouldn't 'Who's were they?' be more grammatically correct? Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  10. From the FAQ thread pinned at the top of this forum...
  11. Blindmantoo Thanks for this update. I posted a link to your other thread on this one a while back, hoping that some of the people who had tried the update would try the reset and report thier results, but they've gotten firmly into the 'downgrade to fix it' path and seemed to just ignore it. I usually hold off upgrading to see what other peoples experience is first. I think at this point, I will upgrade my Vista AND do the hard reset. I'll leave my wifes Vista at 2.60/2.60 so I can do a side-by-side comparison.
  12. If that's true some of us are all set for the next year. But, it appears to run after 6 days, so if yours ran today (Saturday), next week it will probably run Friday, then Thursday, etc. Hope there's a way to clear the cue. Woke up this morning and had another My Finds file in my inbox. Hadn't clicked the button since last week when the files weren't getting delivered. I clicked it about 20 times every few minutes to see if it was working. Oh boy, I hope it didn't "queue" them all up. With a background in software development and software test, I always cringe when I see people repeatedly click a button. You never know what is going to happen. Even if it doesn't queue them up, it is still adding some load to the server. So last week when I was reading about people doing just that, I tried an experiment. I clicked the button. One click only. A few hours later, the query showed up. Then I see this thread show up. I'm thinking, 'all their clicking is coming back to haunt them; I bet I don't get a new one because I only clicked once'. Wrong. Mine ran by itself after 6 days. I guess the good news for those of you who clicked a lot is that they probably didn't all queue up. The bad news is there must be an actual site problem.
  13. Great, now I have a series of puzzle caches that I have to solve and will probably never get to find because I'm on the wrong side of the country.
  14. Be a little careful about how you word things though. It may be that they aren't deliberately spamming. Their PC may have gotten a virus which grabbed their contact list and is using it to send spam. I've seen it happen. They should be made aware of it so they can fix it, and blocking their email as you have is probably the best you can do to prevent receiving it. Of course, if they are doing it deliberately...
  15. I do sometimes use the TNLNSL or TFTH abbreviations, but only after writing one or two sentences about the cache. Average log size: 29.9 words - Biggest log: 82 words - Shortest log: 4 words - Number of one-word logs: 0 The 4 word log was actually a play on the name of the cache, otherwise it would have been longer.
  16. I have scheduled queries for the local area, created using the date-placed method. These run throughout the week, with the earliest dates run early in the week, and the latest dates run on Thursday. This way I have reasonably fresh information on new caches before the weekend. I don't schedule any queries for Friday or the weekend. These seem to be the busiest times for the servers, so you never know when it will run. I usually run newly created queries on the day I create them. By not having any scheduled queries on Fridays or weekends, I am free to create new ones for special areas at nearly the last minute, and they generally run fairly quickly.
  17. Mine is on order. With all the threads talking about TB's going missing, I figure it's less likely (but not impossible) that someone will take it without logging it properly. But where am I going to find an ammo can big enough to hold an F250?
  18. The pinned 'How to report Site Issues' topic needs one more entry: 7. If you cannot access the site, take a deep breath, wait an hour, then try again. If people did this, it would eliminate a lot of posts every time the site is down. I'm actually suprised by how few there were this time.
  19. Found this in another thread. Only a sample of one, but maybe he is onto something.
  20. Same here - donation sent. It's interesting to be out on some of these trails, and to meet people who ask - 'how do I get to...?' and be able to look at the GPSr and answer them. It amazes me that people travel some of these trails with no maps, no GPSr or compass, no idea which way they are heading...
  21. My first thought was that they were out for a numbers run and just throwing the sticker in instead of taking the time to actually stick it in the log book. But looking at the caches, these aren't typical PNGs. Anytime I've seen people log with stickers, they've actually been stuck in the log book. Of course, if they've just left the stickers in the cache, I would have overlooked them. My guess is they are just new, and think that leaving something with their name is as good as a log. If it were my cache, I would let them keep the find, but maybe send them a polite email suggesting that in the future they stick the stickers in the logbook, to avoid any confusion. Stickers in caches do get lost, wet, traded, etc.
  22. Methinks for the price of the goggles and batteries you could have bought a new carabiner. But he needed the batteries anyway.
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