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  1. Wait a minute, Vinny's got me thinking. I know, it's dangerous! But I think I have an idea that could SAVE THE SPORT! Give this some thought. What if people never sign the logbook, OR log online? No more Needs Maintenance logs because of wet or full logbooks! Cache owners could delete all find logs, because only fake loggers would be posting them! There would be no more angst about 'The Numbers', because they would all be zero! Everyone could claim FTF on all caches, because there would be no proof that they weren't! Everyone would be happy!
  2. I don't agree. My one and only FTF so far was 13 days after the cache was published, and I didn't even know that it had yet to be found. It wouldn't have been any more fun if I HAD known I was looking for an FTF.
  3. You mean the new fourm, not forum. And I want to go to Califonia?
  4. Amen. I noticed the one's fussing the most are the ones with 1,000s or even 10,000s of postings in here. Just think of how much time is wasted having post 10,000 times, say it takes 3 minutes to type a response, that's 3 minutes x 10,000 = 30,000 minutes or 500 hours of doing nothing but typing postings (over 20 straight days). That doesn't include all the time that's wasted reading OTHER postings. It's staggering. Geocaching is a game to me, nothing more, and I only play this game a few times a month. Suggestion: Get rid of the post count on here and just label posters as newbies and senior posters. If it were me, i would also not make the total count of cache findings public..... That leads to lot of nonsense here... Well, I vented.... Have fun, remember it's just a game. There is no need to lash out at people that have enjoyed posting/helping with a handful of posts/day over many years. The thread is discussing what motivates people to log hundreds of caches that they never visited. I almost missed that. Thank goodness I have 10,000 posts less than trailgators. Yes, no need to lash out. This is a discussion forum, and if someone has 10,000+ posts, they uh, enjoy discussing geocaching in an internet forum. This doesn't mean it's "more than a game" to them or anything. Not the first time I've seen a lash out at "numbers posters" though. Wow! I just realized I missed my Milestone 100th Post on the 23rd. Congratulations to me!
  5. *shudders* I'm not a strong swimmer so that would have been awful! Glad everyone was OK! You gotta hit that spot straight on. It's been 25 years since I ran the Wenatchee last, but I'm pretty sure I know the spot you are referring to. We were in the lead boat of three and ran it successfully, the second boat chickened out and went around it, and the third boat flipped. Both upright boats started backpaddling to let the 'swimmers' catch up, and all was well.
  6. I agree, and carry my pocket compass as well as the GPSr with electronic compass. No batteries to fail in the pocket compass. When you hit 'goto' the arrow points towards the waypoint, not north, so the electronic compass allows the GPSr display to adjust if you turn the GPSr, and keeps the arrow pointing towards the waypoint.
  7. Same here. Along with the current day to run option, have the option of weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.
  8. Check this link Is there a secret greeting of cachers?
  9. I agree. The Vista HCx electronic compass is very useful, doesn't need recalibration all that often, and it sure helps to have the GPSr point the right direction when you are stopped.
  10. S 90° 00.000 W 000° 00.000 would be cool too!
  11. Is the Smilie (aka Smiley) the Root Cause of Fake Find Logs? I think the root cause is in the psychological makeup of the individual who is generating the fake logs. If the smilie didn't exist, they would find another way of justifying their actions to themselves, but the behavior would remain, either in false logs, or it would manifest itself in some other way, generating a whole new generation of thread topics.
  12. Since this is a GPS forum, not an ammo can forum, it probably isn't the best place to ask. Try your regional forum, you'll probably have better luck.
  13. You are right, 400 watts is overkill for just the computer. But 400 watt inverters are inexpensive, and I'll run the computer, printer, charge the cell phone and PDA, etc., and still have power to spare. In my case, I leave the inverter in the truck, so the portability in the laptop case isn't an issue. Just depends on how much power you need, or want.
  14. 4 miles or so Check out this thread from his previous attempt. The pictures are great.
  15. Many public libraries also offer free wi-fi. North of you here in King County, all the County libraries have wi-fi, and many can be reached from the parking lots. Your county may vary.
  16. I have a couple 5/5 cache animals that would probably meet the distance guidelines. DNF
  17. No, ammo cans should not be used on anything smaller than a llama. Lock n locks work well on dogs. Nanos can be used on anything down to the size of a mouse. Of course, the animal must not move more than 528 feet from the posted coordinates without approval of your local reviewer.
  18. The reality is... ...that the vast majority of the better-known accounts that post frequently to this forum are my sock puppet accounts. Just for the record... I am not Vinny's sock puppet. In fact... he's mine. That's the darkest secret of all. Well, nearly. It's such a dark secret, Vinny doesn't even realize he's a puppet. Hey! Why did the account name on previous post say "markandsandy"? What the heck?
  19. I'm using an inexpensive Coleman inverter that takes the 12 volts and converts to 120V AC. Then I plug the laptops standard AC supply into it. Never had any problems with several laptops and other devices. You are right though, that if you are converting directly to the voltage the laptop uses, you would need a better quality inverter.
  20. The reality is... ...that the vast majority of the better-known accounts that post frequently to this forum are my sock puppet accounts. Just for the record... I am not Vinny's sock puppet. In fact... he's mine. That's the darkest secret of all. Well, nearly. It's such a dark secret, Vinny doesn't even realize he's a puppet.
  21. Pretty much describes my setup. I got the Street Atlas bundle with the LT-20 GPS. The current one is Street Atlas 2009 with the BT-20 Bluetooth GPS receiver (approx $85 for the bundle). I like having the separate receiver in the truck so I can leave it running when I grab the handheld for quick finds. The 400 watt power inverter gets used all the time for charging my cellphone, pda, bluetooth headset, etc. Don't need to buy all those car chargers. I also keep a towel or jacket or something to cover the PC at stops. Long stops it goes behind the seat of the truck.
  22. Hex values of ASCII characters. 6e = n 65 = e 61 = a 74 = t neat Someone is trying to be clever.
  23. Try a 2nd hand shipping container... they are big enough (some), and weather proof if you shop to avoid rusted out ones... Just paint them whatever you wish... Heck you might get some US Army surplus already in camo. Good idea! Just think of how much swag that would hold
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