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  1. So is that why we never hear from Chad? He had short legs?
  2. Off-topic: Didn't have a clue about the interjections. Thanks?! On-topic: Kar'sandy' has her foot in a boot for achilles tendonitis, so 13.4 miles of hiking isn't going to happen. We've gotten 7 of your target 22 caches, the rest will have to wait. Have fun all.
  3. After poring through every record Seattle says they have on the issue of geocaching and letterboxing, I've seen no evidence that that was anything more than a myth. If it happened, Seattle has absolutely no record of it. That's a mighty thin reed upon which to build policy, but neither that fact nor anything else seems to have lessened their commitment to it. Yeah, but when has Seattle let facts get in the way of policy.
  4. Yes. Since the first part of the riddle states that it IS in the forest, it must exist. If it did not exist, it could not be in the forest. Note: just because I answered the riddle, it does not mean that I am asking to be a reviewer.
  5. Are you planning on coming to GeoWoodstock next year?
  6. One can never be sure. I've been very careful to keep my tinfoil hat duct taped on but recently my cat started to look at me funny so I thought maybe it was time to wash my hair. I lined the walls of the shower with foil since I would have my hat off for a few seconds but there was nothing I could do about the shower drain, so his evil mind control hex could have gotten in that way. You need a tinfoil hat for the cat. Direct eye contact with a posessed cat will do it, even with your tinfoil hat on.
  7. This is taken from our profile page: My philosophy on DNF - DNF = Did Not Find A simple statement of fact. No details. It doesn't say we looked for 30 seconds; it doesn't say we looked for 30 minutes. It doesn't say we knew the cache was still there; it doesn't say we thought the cache was missing. It doesn’t say that we reached what we thought was Ground Zero. It doesn’t say we failed. It doesn't say any of the things that some people assume it means, other than that we Did Not Find the cache. The DETAILS are in the logs. We've posted a DNF because there were too many muggles near ground zero to safely search for and expose the cache. Why a DNF? Because we Did Not Find the cache. The details in the log could alert other cachers that they may want to choose their time to look for this one carefully. We've been caught looking for a cache by someone who knew where it was. He even told us we were close before he left. Even with his clues, we couldn't find it. Logged the DNF. Not because we thought it might be missing, we knew it wasn't, but because we Did Not Find it. We've logged DNF's on a couple of micro's in the woods. One was last logged over eight months previously, the other even longer than that. Both had occasional finds before that. Has nobody actually looked in all that time? Or have they just not logged the DNF's? We'll never know. If I were the CO, I'd want to know if anyone is even looking. We even hold the first DNF on a cache that had 114 previous successful finds, and other finds after us. We logged the DNF, because we Did Not Find the cache. The details let other cachers know that sometimes you don't find them, even easy ones, for whatever reason, and that's OK. If we have started heading for the cache, and something prevents us from completing the find, even if we have not reached Ground Zero, to me that is a DNF. We started for the cache and intended to find it, but Did Not Find it. If, however, we start heading for a cache and have not reached Ground Zero, and we choose to not continue to that cache, the intent to find is no longer there, and in most cases I would not consider it a DNF. DNF's are part of our caching experience, and the logs are where we document that experience.
  8. it is not sad, and it is patently true. today i picked up a hitchhiker. a guy with some serious mental or developmental disability. i took him to where he was going, not on my way. it pleased me to do so. last week i baked bread to bring to a homeless woman and tracked her down to give it to her because it pleased me to think that carefully crafted bread might bring her strength and hope. the week before that i gave half of the food i had to a homeless couple because it pleased me to do it. something like four days' meals for them. one can hope to be the kind of person who is pleased to perform acts of kindness, but in the end it really does come down to what pleases us, ourselves. everything is, ultimately about us. if you have faith in a present and living God, do you think he is more pleased by your obedience out of fear or duty, or because you are intrinsically pleased to be obedient? if you have children, do you want them to behave decently because they think you're watching, or because they have an internal sense of decency and they are pleased to be that way? smaller scale: everyone who's left a trade item in a cache that's worth more than twenty dollars, raise your hand. more than fifty? and you didn't own up to it in the log? and left an anonymous note telling the next finder to just trade the nicest thing they had and consider the added value a gift? ah. that's what i thought. see, when i did it (and i've done it more than once) it was for my amusement. it pleased me to think that someone would enjoy that surprise. now tell me i have a sucky attitude. flask, for me you are still amusingly strange and strangely amusing. What you are also is yourself and I truly admire that. I find many truths in your posts and I thank you for sharing. Thank you. I'll second that. Thank you.
  9. Funny you should bring this up now. Even as you were posting this, sandy was at the doctors office because of foot problems. Diagnosis: achilles tenonosis. Her foot is now in a brace. Looks like we'll be doing some park-and-grabs for the next few weeks, no hiking.
  10. You want the USGS website instead of the NOAA website. There is a link on the NOAA page you linked to that says 'U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Data and Site Info for Chester'. Unfortunately, the data you want is the 'Real-time data', which is only available going back 60 days. For that river gauge, it gives you hourly readings. You can still retrieve the 'Daily data', but that gives you an average level for the day, which can be significantly lower than the peak level, which is what you really want. We live in a flood-prone area, so I'm very familiar with these websites, as I use them to guess whether we can get to or from home during floods.
  11. Is it just me or is that link actually taking me to the forums for GWVII? Look further down the page.
  12. So, can I park in your driveway? In other words, make your hotel reservations NOW, yes? My driveway is becoming popular . You're not the first to ask. There is room for lots of parking at the site - they just have to move a few cows and horses out of the way As far as hotel reservations - There aren't any hotels in town. There are plenty nearby in Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah, etc. Our Fourth of July draws a large local crowd from in town and the surrounding areas - people who drive in for the day - so they don't have much impact on the hotels.
  13. It appears to me almost as if an occult hand has reached down from above and placed the golf balls like pawns upon some giant chessboard.
  14. That's covered by "Hide the types of caches that you like to find".
  15. NOT IT! Too close to home. I want to get a little bit of a vacation out of it, not just drive over and back the same day. Well you don't have to drive, just walk to Remlinger Farms. lol, that's too funny Funny, but true, It's about a 5 minute walk. We will definitely be there. So no vacation trip to get there this time. This is a great location for the event. The fourth of July is a big celebration in Carnation. Stick around for the Fourth of July parade and fireworks.There's usually a carnival in town as well.
  16. WOW! Easy walking distance from home!
  17. NOT IT! Too close to home. I want to get a little bit of a vacation out of it, not just drive over and back the same day.
  18. Combine someone acting suspiciously with an object that resembles a grenade and I think you've got yourself a the perfect setup for a visit from the bomb squad. But just think about how much fun it would be watching them blow up a lamp post.
  19. I would log it every time I attempted it. Some cache owners like to see DNFs, it shows them either they make a good hide or there may be a problem with the cache. We also log every attempt. They are all a part of our caching history and the history of the cache.
  20. 1225 Since the shape of the area was not specified, and the most efficient packing method for cache density is an equilateral triangle, I used an equilateral triangle as the shape. An equilateral triangle would need to be 4.8 miles to a side to enclose 10 square miles. Starting from a corner and working along one side, that allows for 49 caches along that side to form the first row. The next row would contain 48, etc. until the last row had 1. 49+48+47+...+1 = 1225. Starbrands method which gives 1273 as an answer is a good approximation, but I know there's a flaw in there. I just haven't been able to come up with a good explanation for it.
  21. Oh well, it was a fun day anyway. Thanks
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