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  1. Uh huh. Thanks. I read something on a forum about OSGB36 (the Anquet standard?) vs WGS84. Curious though that it worked perfectly a week ago and has done regularly since January. GPSUtility have just brought out a new version but the problem occurred with the old. I tried upgrading last night but this didn't cure the problem. So what has changed. Maybe I should just reboot :lol:

  2. I use Anquet but it seems that most people use Memory Map for caching. AFAIK neither will load onto Garmin GPSr's which will only take Garmin maps which are not as good as OS.


    I use anquet on the desktop for planning etc. and on a PPC in the field. This was discussed on the forum a month or so ago but I have just tried a quick search and cant find it.


    A related question (sort of). I've been capturing tracks on Etrex Legend HCx, converting them to .arf files using GPSUtility and opening in Anquet v1. All fine until this weekend when suddenly the imported track is offest approx 100m WNW. This was Wales. Just tried it around Peterborough - same effect. Importing as gpx into Google Earth the position is correct. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

  3. TVM for all that :grin::grin:


    Agentmancuso reminds me there is free UK mapping here: http://www.ukgeocachers.co.uk/garminoverlays/index.php


    Topo mapping isn't a must-have, but probably would become one the minute I bought a non-mapping device...


    I'll probably go with Legend Hcx or Vista. The only difference being Vista has electronic compass and barometric altimeter? Neither of which sound v useful even to a hill man.


    PS I got round to checking out (thread originator) davenjulie's Flickr page - some interesting images!

  4. A friend of mine borrowed my spare GPS last week when he went paragliding in southern France. Last night we loaded his tracks into Google Earth so that he could see how he'd done on his various flights. I knew Google Earth could plot GPS tracks onto the ground, but I didn't previously know you could get it to show the altitude. (I knew the GPS tracks contained altitude information though).


    I suspect my friend will be buying a GPS soon. I've already introduced him to geocaching, and now he has a second reason to buy one. :(


    Hillwalkers / baggers use the altitude feature quite a bit, either for producing nice graphs of where they've been, or occasionally to measure altitudes - sometimes to sub-metre accuracy with very fancy [borrowed] kit: http://www.nuttalls.com/news/0027.htm



  5. Just checking out Memory Map website and prices. Whole of the Nat Parks at 1:50K is £30. At 1:25K each is £100. Whole country at 1:50K is £200. Prices at retailers would be less than this so Garmin's prices are really expensive - OK, so you get the road atlas scale but that's not a lot of use for country walking!


    Chris (MrB)


    Anquet whole-UK mapping is a similar price: £400ish (including their hardware which retails at £200ish) http://www.anquet.co.uk/anquet-hardware-bundles.htm


    Again, if you already have Anquet on PC and a suitable PDA you still pay again for the licence even if you've already bought it once and also paid your taxes.


    As for 1:50k mapping, it's all I even use, although I must admit to sketching in the field boundaries from 1:25k on OS getamap for some low-country trigs. 25k is too much paper, too much cost, except maybe for a few special areas.


    You honestly think things have improved?


    The YHA is supposed to provide good basic cheap accomodation. They stopped doing that years ago you they moved to smaller rooms and carpets everywhere :(


    Yeah, they've closed a lot, but the ones that are still open are worth visiting. And smaller rooms = lower snoring impact potential. 'cept I use them mostly in the winter when they are mostly closed ...

  7. A geocache is represented just as waypoints. A waypoint is a co-ordinate so where I am, caches tend to be N53 nn.nnn W3 nn.nnn. All geocache mode is that when you find a geocache, you mark it as found and it will then offer you the option to find the next nearest geocache. This does tend to be (I may be corrected) a Garmin feature.


    This geocache mode method works for me - but other cachers (Hazel!) find this odd! :ninja:


    But if you upload / enter co-ordinates into a GPSr (GPS receiver) , those co-ordinates could be for a car park, a hotel, a tree, a building, a nice place, a cess pit. But YOU know it takes you to a geocache. When you get to GZ (ground zero) you know you have about 10 - 15 metres of GZ to find a little mouldy plastic box full of cheap trinkets. But it has a log book and maybe a (and if not, ALWAYS carry a spare) pen to show that you have found the cache.


    The eTrexH has been a popular starter unit. But this does not have the geocaching mode. Which may or may not be a big thing. The cheapest model with geocaching mode is the eTrex venture HC I err on the Venture HC to be honest because it has a USB interface to link up to your computer so it just makes life easier in general. But at the end of the day money talks. More money, more bells and whistles but you can still cache (because it is only co-ordinates) on the cheapest units out there.


    Look out for bargains on eBay too.


    Thanks - really useful post.


    Geocache mode - is it usual/necessary to delete Found caches or does the unit just ignore them once marked as found?


    I've been looking at Etrex Legend Hcx, which I notice gets a few mentions on this thread - and is slightly cheaper at handtec than on GPSW - and handtec has a few more related products.


    Does anyone know if South America (Ecuador) basemaps are available anywhere?


    Some dumb questions :( :


    I'm slightly confused that there is "no" internal memory yet it stores waypoints - does this mean you must buy an SD card to store anything .


    And is the turn-by-turn routing on roads any good or is the screen a bit small? And does it accept postcode and grid refs for this feature.


    Feel free to answer any other questions I was too dumb to ask...


    Thanx - Rob


    PS I might need to change my autosig :ninja:

  8. Yes, dry out indeed!


    Thanks Mark and Liane for organising the event and to all who braved the elements to attend.


    That was a brave route on Saturday, Paul :) I was happy to settle for that line of Flush Brackets conveniently lined up along the A44 en route :). Thanks to all for turning out, the Hopper (now off earthcaching in Pembs I believe..) for setting up the Event, and to Superted for the nifty little commemorative trig :huh:


    BTW the REVIVED TRIGPOINTING FORUM is here http://gagb.co.uk/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=19

  9. Good luck with your trip, but I think you shall be lucky to find anyone to accompany you. It appears that weekend is a busy one on the Geocaching calendar. Why not put off your trip and come and join us at the Mega Event instead?


    OK, good point. Replanned for Sun 10 Aug. To involve S6561 Red Hill (SO1550) and S5656 Colva Hill (SO1955), and a pub and Hundred House (SO1154). Details and order t.b.c.


    Now, how to change the thread subtitle ?!

  10. ... Obviously they also say that the trip can be cancelled at short notice (with refund) if there's a cancellation.

    Indeed! A group of 8 of us from the South East were due to be going there today, but the ferry was cancelled because of forecast high winds.


    I was booked on that sailing too - for the Trig.


    My brother and I are now rebooked for Sun 28 Sept (of course it's never windy late Sept :ph34r: )



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