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  1. I can always count on you Timpat but I still am confused... This tracklog is in a gdb file with all the maps, waypoints etc. How do you just save the tracklog? I don't know why I am having such a problem with this LOL. Also, how would I save it in gpx format?
  2. Hi gang, I couldn't find this by searching, and maybe I'm having a brain cramp but here it goes. How do I take a track log that I have saved and dumped into mapsource and export it as a file so that I can email it to a friend so that they can download it into their gps and use it so that they can follow the path I took on a hiking excursion? I really believe I'm missing something simple here...
  3. Most of the usual retail places you see listed here still sell it at $349, but I have routinely seen them sold on ebay for $279 from powersellers with great feedback.
  4. The total time doesn't add up? It's off 1 second!
  5. it's a firmware limit, i assume they could increase it if they feel like it
  6. You won't see anymore new handhelds from Garmin until next year if their release cycle stays consistent. I wouldn't worry and purchase what will make you happy now.
  7. looks like spam and blatant advertising...thread should be closed.
  8. I agree with red90, get the VentureCx. I already own a 60CSx and have multiple cables and transflash cards. No need to pay extra for something you already have. The VentureCx is exactly the same as the LegendCx except it's yellow I just bought a VentureCx as a backup gps unit. I have owned an original Legend and LegendC and I can vouch that the new C and Cx units reception are excellent. You will not be disappointed.
  9. After further consideration, I've decided to ebay the item. Thanks for looking though!
  10. OK, but that still doesn't answer my question about the pre-programmed cards. Will they lock themselves to a specific unit once installed?
  11. I have been wondering about this and wanted to see if anyone who had 2 x units (60Cx or LegendCx etc) could try this out. I know that Garmin is selling pre-loaded transflash cards with mapping data. For obvious resaons, they can't marry these cards to a specific unit id as far as I know. Unless somethings happens to them once you install them and somehow the unit registers it, thus preventing use in other x capable units. What I wanted someone to try, was to take a card that has loaded map data from their mapsource product which is unlocked to one of their x units and then take this card and put in another x unit and see if it works. I'm assuming Garmin has already thought about this, but has anyone actually tried this to see if it works or fails?
  12. I know you want to sell it, but I'll trade you my basically new Forunner 305 for it See my post in forum.
  13. LOL, if I could get my 60CSx accuracy to go over 30+ feet I'd give it a try, but it just works too darn good. Seriously though, I suppose I could try to shield the antenna and bury it in a backpack or something.
  14. Hi all, I'm willing to trade my basically new Forunner 305 with heart rate monitor ($349) for a LegendCx. I've only used the Forunner 3 times and it has only been charged once. Comes in the original box with all the stuff. I can post or send pics to anyone interested. Post reply here... I tried to get back into running but I suffer from shin splints and it's just not worth the pain
  15. Thanks gang, I think I'll wait for CN9 next year...
  16. I just wanted to say I had a VistaC until I got a 60CS and 60CSx. If I could grab another one on ebay for a decent price I probably would. I absolutely loved mine...
  17. I was looking at the map viewer for CN8 for my state of Massachusetts and didn't notice a big difference between that and CN7. Does anyone out there who has upgraded from 7 to 8 recommend it or should I save my money for CN9?
  18. Hmmm... now this makes me wonder if this is a possbile design flaw in how the memory card is held into position. If vibration from a car hitting potholes or bumpy roads is enough to jar it loose this could cause problems down the road. I wonder why they didn't reverse the hinge and card so that it went in the other direction so as to not succumb to gravity Maybe a little tape on the hinge will give enough pressure to hold the card in?? Anyone else run into this problem of the card coming loose?
  19. Well, I have re-formatted the transflash card and reloaded all the maps. So far so good I really wonder if somehow the card came lose and shorted out. Probably all these crappy New England roads full of potholes and bumps that shook the GPS to bits LOL... If that's really the case, then Garmin may have to re-evaluate how they hold the memory card in place.
  20. Things are always well for you...lucky bas@#$%
  21. This is a good one! Last night I updated to ver 2.90 on my 60CSx through the WebUpdater. This morning I turned the unit on in my car and proceeded to work. About 3/4 of the way into my commute, I noticed the accuracy ciricle suddenly turn on and the display only showed the highway with no other roads. I had CN7 and Topo maps loaded on my 512MB card at the time and was using CN7. When I finally arrived at work, I went to the map setup and there is nothing there except the base map. I tried re-seating the memory card and still no maps. One of the guys here at work has a card reader so I put the card in and it's empty. This isn't a good sign. I hope it's not the firmware and possibly a bad transflash card but who knows. I'll have to try re-loading the maps when I get home tonight.
  22. If memory serves me right, metroguide does not have auto-routing features that the 60Cx is capable of doing. Hence the need for City Navigator. I believe you can still use the metroguide software on the 60Cx, but you just won't be able to auto-route.
  23. I'm sure you all have calibrated the compass too I hope
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