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  1. I still have plenty of these left for sale. I will be shipping almost everyday. Thanks
  2. Thank you everyone for the kind words, thoughts, prayers and help. I had been dealing with other medical issues over the last few years but this was so unexpected as one year ago my lungs and chest where clear. I had smoked some over a year ago but i did ceramic tile for over 30 years and i do not have a answer yet as what caused this. I am only 44 years old so i have alot of fight left in me to kick this battle. The hard thing now for me is my treatments are five days a week and it is over 60 miles from home and the kids school. The doctors are making me stay at a motel next to the hospital and i do have a lap top and printer so i was able to get caught up on a few orders that needed shipped. Some family has stepped up to help out with the kids but i have a five month plan of treatments here so i may have to move closer so the kids will be able to stay with me and my 20 year old daughter will be moving in to help out. It looks like i will stop buying coins and sell off ones i have to help out with moving but this may take awhile. I am still hanging on to some of my special ones but i will be letting go of a lot. The biggest thing i can use from everyone is Prayers and Positive thoughts to make this easier on me and my kids. My doctor does know about Geocaching and he thinks it is a wonderful thing for me even during the winter because i will need excersize and stores or gyms are to full of germs. Thanks again everyone for helping us through this.
  3. This is on the way to Kini_ont His Milestone is 300 Hope it was all good.
  4. All sales close late tonight. Thanks to all that have ordered.
  5. One more day to get your order in. All invoices have been sent out. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  6. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR FIRST GEOCOIN TODAY ONLY!!!!! Please add .50 or 1.00 for additional coins.
  7. Please let me know if you have not received a invoice. I had 2 people i know of not get theres for some reason. I have one of the Trackable Sample Edition Geocoins that will not be minted for sale HERE
  8. I am sorry there was just copper and a few gold AE made. I did not think Nickel would look good on a football but i may have been wrong because the white and blue may look sharp. Maybe in the future some Nickel ones can be made.
  9. Yes it is White. Some team writing is white so i wanted to try it on some. The next order will have the writing changed on them. White this time will be black next time and black will be white. I hope you enjoy them.
  10. I was lucky enough to get 2 of these. Cant wait to get them. Thanks
  11. Trackable Geocoins are now in stock. These are. Length:1.5 Thickness:3.0mm Soft enamel with Epoxy coating. Custom Icon: Yes as long as 150 are sold. Minted: 40 each of Copper and 10 AE Gold for 300 total. These axcact coins will not be reminted. Remint of 300 with different color of writing will be minted and then no more will be made of these colors. Cost is 9.00 each or 6 for 50.00. Limit of 2 per color. US Shipping is 2.50 each and .50 each after. Out of US is 3.00 each and 1.00 each after. Please send your order to. mikedavistile@yahoo.com #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  12. Just 4 days left for your chance to grab these one time minted State of Idaho Geocoins!!!!!!!
  13. Got my order. Thanks for the nice package
  14. Sounds really interesting. Since i had issues trying to be involved with the 9-9-9 in my area i would love to be involved with this. I would gladly host one in Idaho or Oregon since i am on the border. Idaho would be my first choice. Thanks for taking this on if you do. Mike
  15. Well, they were no use to me...covered in drool and cooties such as they bacame!! Haha...I'm glad you were surprised!! Congrats on the sticky coins LOL
  16. I think you can put certain things on your coins for a very small fee that goes to the event.
  17. Well like i said in an above post i attempted to contact the company both via phone and support email given It looks like you wrote down the wrong phone number. Are you sure you did not write down a wrong number on your address????
  18. Some events have apecial request on what to do or not to do. This really needs brought up to the event staff. Hopefully they will post on here so we will all know for sure. I will be watching the thread to see. Thanks for bringing this up.
  19. Well i don't consider getting ripped off a minor detail. as for dealing with the company, they make it pretty tough. no reply through their "support" email: red flag #1[yes i checked junk/spam folders] tried calling their number given on receipt: its been disconnected. red flag #2 I am so suprised to read all of this. Oakcoins / Geoswag has outstanding customer service that does reply to emails and there phone calls. I just called them to see if there was a issue with the phone and it is working just fine for me. It is sad to see you are having issues on your order getting to you. This is not Oakcoins fault the mail is lost or ? You need to contact the mail and be rude to them and not Oakcoins. You ordered items and they shipped them. Why are you mad at Oakcoins when they did there part. To me there is more to the story here. Glad to see Oakcoins does repond to emails and Phone calls. Thanks Oakcoins for all of your outstanding service to many of us.
  20. Not to split hairs or anything. I've seen "hobbyist's, amateurs" fulfill "contract obligations" better than some of the "professionals". That is of course., a personal observation and opinion. It is my thought that the size of the vendor is not exclusive as to how one handles their geocoin sales but the person(s) behind the "hobby/business. On a more serious note, how many times are you all going to let this happen? Unless you are a complete newb, if you honestly have your eyes open and have watched the history with some geocoin vendors, the writing has been on the wall. I still don'[t understand how some people keep missing it with all the drama we've had over the past year and a half. Sometimes I just want to bang my head against the wall when I see presales go up and watch the "order sent" being posted every 5 minutes. How many times is it going to take before people finally get it? Don't buy preslaes folks!!!! I'm sure I'll take a hit for this but come on, demand that the vendor have the product in hand before you part with your hard-earned money. Don't send your money off and cross your fingers. You ever hear the saying; "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"? I'm of the opinion, if you can't afford to mint a coin on your own, you shouldn't be minting coins with other people's money. There are vendors who will mint your design for you in exchange for some "special editions". I know that sounds harsh but when it comes down to money, be wise. The only people who can afford to throw money away are the wealthy and I can imagine that there aren't too many of them who are geocachers or coin collectors Unless the vendor has several employees working for them, don't buy presale coins. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I wouldn't suggest buying a presale coin from me (although I don't do presales), if something happened to me and I had your $$$ in hand, guess what, you ain't getting your coins because I don't have anyone who would even know where to start in working through the process. If you are going to try and argue the fact that "vendor abc" hasn't had a problem before, does it really matter? You send your $$$ away to someone without product in hand, you are taking a risk. It's simple, quit doing it. If you still buy on presale, when something goes wrong, look in the mirror. I'll even offer a better solution, if you don't mind getting your money taken and getting nothing in return, heck, just send it to me I buy alot of dog food and treats, so I can always use the extra cash. Wow, I feel so much better for getting that off my chest tsun I agree with this. I do make one exception on pre-sales. I will still buy a pre-sale from a State org or group. I hate to say i am in the middle of a pre sale due to it being a State coin and personal engravings are involved. I do not want to pay for someones coin with there name on it then they never pay me. Besides this i do not think Presales should be allowed. I know it helps out on the amounts to be made but there has been to many issues to keep doing this. I do not think it is smart to loan people money to make coins. What happens if they are stolen from there car or etc. They need to take all liability of making the coins. The Idaho coins i am helping out with i have paid for all die sides and i have held off on making some other coins until this is over and done with so i have plenty of money to refund just in case they get lost or anything. I am making other coins with money out of my pocket but not as many until this is done. I would be having a issue right now on my new football coins if i would have pre sold any. They have not shown up as fast as normal and people would be upset if they had paid me and i was unable to deliver when said. It would be nice to see Groundspeak put restrictions on this. Does anyone know of anybody who has had criminal charges filed on them or has anyone ever followed through on a complaint with police??? From what i see nobody ever does anything. Maybe one day someone will follow through on complaints. It is sad to see there is people out here like this.
  21. Got all invoices out. Thanks for all the orders so far and all the kind words
  22. Sounds Great. I tried to click on the hotel link above and it does not work. I was able to get there via the Geocoinfest site. I plan on joing in on the fun. Thanks for taking this wonderful event on.
  23. These coins came out great. I was able to get one of these dropped off Interstate 84 in Oregon. Hope to see someone grabbing it soon. Thanks Robert for adding so much fun to Geocaching for us all.
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