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  1. If you notice the 2009 River Cacher Geocoin is flowing a smooth sail down the river and then all of a sudden he is headed for a waterfall.


    Life sure can throw chnges your way at anytime.


    The waterfall is just another rough spot in the river and together i will be able to fly right apast this to add another a wondeful geocoin in 2011.


    No more Red white and blue versions will be made.


    There was 20 AE gold made and 30 Nickel made for a total of 150 made.


    Who knows this may be the last of them made.


    Thanks and please enjoy!!!

  2. Here is your lucky chance to grab a few coins i have left over from Geowoodstock.


    This is a very special Geocoin for me to be making with all my ups and downs in life.


    I made a 2009 River Cacher Geocoin and paid for a icon i never activated so now it will be up and running for both of these.


    The icon and little story with the coin may be changing each year so the icon may change from 2009, 2010 and etc.


    This years geocoin is larger then last years and i hope you all enjoy this.


    There will be a few more of these made for Geocoinfest in different colors and etc.


    1.75 Geocoin cost is 10.00 each.


    United States Shipping is via Pay Pal with conformation and is 2.50 for the first and 1.00 each after.


    Out of United States will be guaranteed to receive a email with the geocoin tracking number only!!!


    Canada 3.00 for the first tracking number via email and 1.50 each after.


    All other countries are 4.00 for the first tracking number via email and 2.00 each after.






    Black Nickel limited to 100 made.


    2009 and 2010 River Cacher Geocoins




    Custom icon



    There was a few Artist editions that will go up for auction at a later date.



    Please email me at mikedavistile@yahoo.com

  3. Here is your chance to grab one of these wonderful designed Geocoins.


    These where made for the 3rd annual Fly the Owyhee CITO.

    GC23EHJ Link Here


    They are 1.75 inches.

    100 Black Nickel minted.

    Soft and Hard enamel.

    Each coin comes with a chain to attach tags or etc.

    Tracking numbers are large to make reading them easy.

    Cost is 10.00 each.


    United States Shipping is via Pay Pal with conformation and is 2.50 for the first and 1.00 each after.


    Out of United States will be guaranteed to receive a email with the geocoin tracking number only!!!


    Canada 3.00 for the first tracking number via email and 1.50 each after.


    All other countries are 4.00 for the first tracking number via email and 2.00 each after.


    I will not and can not guarantee shipping of geocoins unless you purchase insurance.


    As most of us know shipping can be slow out of US and i have enough stress in my life to worry about and getting bad and negative emails over slow or lost geocoins (Very Rare) is not what i need to deal with on ebay or or the forums so this is the way it will be from now on.


    You may want to add some of the following Geocoins to your order as well.

    2009 State of Idaho Geocoin Antique Nickel or Antique Gold 10.00 each

    Hazardous Geocoins Radiation or BioHazard Glowing Micro editions 7.00 each or 3 for 20.00.

    2009 Black Canyon Beach Luau Tiki Geocoins Antique Gold 10.00 each. 2010 will be released in August.

    2009 Go Team Football Geocoins 6 colors to choose from 7.00 each or 3 for 20.00


    Please email me your order mikedavistile@yahoo.com

    I will send a pay pal invoice upon order conformation.

    Have a wonderful day. Mike / River Cacher






    I had taken some of these to Geowoodstock to get rid of but i still had a few hand fulls sitting at home.


    Here is your lucky chance to grab one of these before it is to late.


    I will have a Gold Artist edition going up on a auction soon to help fund one Idaho's funnest events of the year.


    Please keep a eye for updates.


  4. Big news for all you coin fans! Two incredible packages showed up in the past week at Geobash central. :( I'm not sure if I can direct link our homepage, but on the front page of www.mwgb.org, you'll find the full description of what we got from Garmin and Delorme.


    Garmin donated a box of their brand new 62 Series geocoins (among other things) for us to use as prizes. You'll find them in our Treasure Hunt, Silent Auction, etc. I'll try and get a photo posted soon. If anyone from Geowoodstock has a photo of theirs, please feel free to post it here. They're super cool, and made along the lines of the Colorado Wherigo and the Oregon versions, if you've seen those.


    Delorme donated a whole bunch of stuff, including their brand new PN60 GPS Unit (which Chip Noble himself will be demoing at the event!). But you wanna know about the coins. We got a brand new silver 3D Eartha spinner! (picture below). We also got some 2D copper Eartha geocoins (pictured below), and some of the brand new silver 2D Earth geocoins. If anyone from Geowoodstock has a picture of their silver 2D coin, please post it. I'll try and photo that later as well.


    You'll find the Silver Spinning Eartha in our Silent Auction, as well as at least one copper and one silver 2D versions. Where to get the rest, well. Come and find out :( If you can't make it, you better find a proxy to bid on the Garmin and Delorme coins for you. This year's Silver Spinning Eartha coins will not be made public where they will be given away or put in caches, so they'll be very secretive and hard to find. :)


    A special thanks to both Garmin and Delorme for their generosity!







    Sorry i will be unable to help out with a few coins like this but i can get 6 other trackable Geocoins your way that may help out some.


    Thanks for all you are doing to support the event for us all to enjoy.


    Who knows maybe i can sneak away and show up at the event :?)


    Good luck on it all!!!


    Please sned me your Address so i can get the items off to you.


    I am sure the kids will make a few things to add as well.

  5. The official name is Geocoinfest 2010 - Twin Cities. That has been it's name since last June when we started our proposal. It is what the cache page states, the web pages and it's on the coins that way. It is a little late to be trying to change it.


    The Twin Cities encompass our great metropolitan location of two great cities, Mineapolis and St. Paul, lots of surburs and seven counties. Come and check it out!


    I can finally be at 2 cities at once :blink:

    It has taken me years to figure out how to do this.

    Count me in for the event for sure.

  6. Ohh... Time for new Bookmark on my Geocoicoins Collection animation Bo.T.L.'s Geocoins Collection


    I would like to get all versions to my Collection as usual. :lol:


    Thanks for Help in a future.


    Hope, see you on GCF Twin Cities before.



    aka Bo.T.L. Czech Geocacher and Geocoins Collector

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful collection. :lol:


    Cant wait to see your next series :blink:

  7. ~ seems I was volunteering at all the wrong places or spots. Would loved to have gotten an "Eat Mor Ckn"

    one and as I saw him, I don't believe I got one from RiverCacher . . .

    OH MY GOSH!!!!


    As much as i saw you we never traded.


    I am so SORRY for this.


    I get a break from doctors on Tuesday so me and the girls will head your way the 8 hour drive to make a trade.


    The funny thing was you where one of the first ones to get one of my new River Cacher geocoins i made for GW.


    I actually gave it to you the weekend before GW at the Pre event for GW :?)


    See you next week as long as i am feeling up to the drive. :)


    I do have a few Cows left to trade as well if you did not get to trade with me.

  8. What a busy busy month on geocaching events.


    I finally decided i had enough come Monday and then all of a sudden the mail showed up to perk me right back up.


    It was so nice to see a a shiny silver package in the mail.


    This is one cool coin and i am so thankful i was able to get one of these.


    I have #163 safe and sound.


    Thanks so much :laughing:

  9. Congrats to Toojin....I know she was happy about the coin in such a hard time for her .... glad it all worked out for you Lenny :laughing:




    Lookie who else got one of these beauties!!! I think he found it a few days late but better late than never huh??!!!! Talk about a happy guy!!! (and you shoulda seen him looking thru the rest of his coins after that LOL)


    River Cacher and his Goofy Geocoin


    I went to a geocaching event tonight and decided to look through my bag from Geowoodstock and look at what i found :?)


    I looked over at LD and said i do not remember getting this and then now i wonder how the heck did this get all the way in the bottom of my Geocoin Geocaching bag. HUMMMMM


    What a way to end off a rough day for me.


    Goofy sure added a smile to my face on a day that i needed it.


    Thanks so much and congrats to the rest out there for getting this wonderful Geocoin.

  10. Sorry for the slow reply but things have been a little hectic and busy in my life.


    I was out of town last month and i got a phone call from home about a package in the mail from me to me and of course i knew what it was right away but not sure which coin it was so i had River Tinkerbell open it up.


    It was nice to get home awhile back to see it in person.


    Thanks so much for the wonderful Geocoin.


    This is my 4th Mystery coin :?)

  11. Yup, finally broke down and made a trackable coin.


    Come with its own icon, too.


    If you wanna see it, come to GW8, and find me. I'll post a picture here when I get a chance.

    It is about time you broke down because these came out GREAT!!!!!


    I was lucky enough to be in town when these showed up :?)


    I hope everyone else gets to see these soon.


    Congrats on the wonderful coin and design.

  12. Me and some others from Idaho have a vendors booth so it will be easy to find us there.


    I have a few new coins for the event.


    I have been out of touch on the forums lately due to my life being so busy and it would be great to have you stop by and say HI!!!!!


    I hope everyone has a safe trip and a time of there life :o

  13. I sell on ebay and i have been shocked myself on some of the coin sales of coins that are still for sale out there that people bid on real high.


    I have told customers to stop bidding and go to Oakcoins before to buy them and they they responded by telling me no that that was no fun and they enjoyed what they where doing.


    I felt bad for some of them until i tried talking to them.


    It is a thrill to beat someone and it gives people something to do.


    I am sure this is not all the cases but it is for some.


    As a seller it does not always go well for us either after we pay the listing fees and etc.


    Some you do good on and some you lose on so it is a chance for us both on ebay as a seller and a buyer.


    Bidding or selling on ebay is so fun for many of us and it adds a little excitement in or life :?)

  14. We had a blast at our event tonight.


    We got so lucky on the weather as it was being on the edge of being real bad for our outdoor event.


    I will post photos and more details later.


    I do have a few coins left to trade.

  15. I may have a few Idaho Geocoins to trade if Da_Muggle is done with his trading.


    I will let you know for sure after the event tonight.


    I hope everyone is having fun at there events :?)

  16. Is that Pflueger reel? I love flyfishing... sweet design.

    Thanks Steph for the kind words.


    This may be a little closer to the Prestige series.


    It is kind of a one of kind reel.


    You would have loved coming to the CITO event to cache and fly fish all in one trip.


    Maybe next year if you have time :D

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