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  1. Some people are real slow at logging them out also. i had one sitting in a cache for just over a year and it got logged by the person that picked it up over a year ago. I would suggest if you release one that you are ready to loose it. My first one went fast and I was bummed and did not send anymore out for a long time but now I have 78 and over 70 are moving. Good luck on this and they are fun to watch move from cache to cache.
  2. Here is my first Geocoin i made for a event and got earlier this month. just got posting pictures figured out. Now I am working on several more and i can not wait for the next ones to show up in my mail.
  3. I got a Map@Syst Geocoin to set loose in the geocaching world.
  4. you should be able to go to www.oakcoins.com/activate Good luck
  5. picture http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/displa...8f7b05fcfb0.jpg
  6. I will try and post a picture. I have not done that yet on this site. The coin is already activated and I will be placing it at a cache Where the Snake river and Payette River meet. Rivers Collide Cache and it's goal will be to travel along Rivers. I think the goal will fit for mine since I am River Cacher No luck on my pcture yet
  7. Got mine in the mail today. I will check it out and post more in a little bit. Thanks Amy
  8. I like to see when cachers log there own hides. It tells me alot about the person. HMMM I could add several hundred to my finds tonight if I did this. Oh wait if I would log my finds that are not my hides I would also add a ton to my totals. I hate to log finds because i do not care about the numbers. All i care about is having fun and meeting great people.
  9. I was shocked to even see a post like this. Your cost is a gps and you can use it for other things. You do not have to drive out of your way to find Geocaches if you do not want to. this is the cheapest sport I have ever found. I have saved so much money since I started geocaching. Fishing cost a lot for poles and you need several types and if you have kids like me you need a ton for all The different type of fish and all the other goods you need to fish. Skiing is real expensive. The kids always grow out of everything. When we go out caching this meens we are not spending money at resturants or anything and it is great excersise.
  10. We just held an event and had a Geocoin made and it came with an event icon. I had great luck with getting the coin made and customer service was outstanding. The event was Black Canyon Beach Luau GC1EABW. the price was great and time was prompt. I am not sure if i can post who it was on here???????????????????
  11. I too am interested in a Santa's mission. Will consider organising it, BUT would prefer not to, as am so busy this month & next! If nobody takes this on later i will be willing to if someone tells me how to run it as I have not done one yet. I do have all the time to take care of it. The only thing I have going on is raising a few kids and geocaching.
  12. Try and see if you can discover it and if you can't there is some type of issue and if you can it seems like he is typing something in wrong. If you discover it will not mess up the tracking.
  13. I have one turning 8 on 1-19-09 and she would love to do that. I will make her wait to open hers and let me know when we need to send it out and what they like because i have hundreds of coins to choose from.
  14. I am up for that. I have a cache movers geocoin i could attach to a Giraffe Pencil pouch or i may have a Bear Pencil pouch. Do I put a gift in it and see if it stays in there and ask others to do the same Or ? I am in Idaho and this may take awhile to get to you. Send me a email if you would like.
  15. You may have a number or letter that is hard to read. Try all close looking numbers or letters and email the owner if needed to help you. I can not read the logs to see if there is issues. Good Luck
  16. I think a Santa one for kids and adults would be great to see and get started on. I hope some one is planing this soon.
  17. I have had issues in the past and it was due to my yahoo account. I fought with yahoo over this and now i get 99% of them. I still have a few that get lost but not many. Everyone I know has solved the issue by switching to Gmail. I now have a Gmail acoount and will be switching soon if it gets bad again.
  18. Welcome to the fun and i hope you many more fun and happy trips for years to come. Local events are also a blast and a great way to meet local cachers and share your stories. Just wait until you hit your 100th find.
  19. I am wanting to join in on some Missions as I have extra coins and would like to get me and my kids involved with these? Does anyone Know of new ones in the works? I would like to join a few first then i would like to try doing one on my own. Are these hard to start and has anyone done one for our soldiers? Maybe a Pen Pal Soldier type of one?
  20. The car ones would be great to use on the way to events or just out caching. Hope to see them on sale soon.
  21. Why are your Locals not signed up? Why no members signed up? Why did you start this? Who are you? Why? Why? Why?
  22. If you have any events in your area it would be great for you to give them away there.
  23. I would post a needs archived and then once that is done reactivate it under your name and do all repairs upgrades or what ever you would like. This will take about 30 days so he does get a chance to come around.
  24. I would advise you to look into joining local Geocaching Orginizations or go to local events to meet other cachers so you are not out on the trails by yourself if it is a issue in your area. If there is no local clubs or events then this may be the perfect time for you to host a meet and greet. I am a single male and I get the creeps in some areas when i am out by myself. If your were to get hurt or anything this could also be a issue. If you ever need any input on holding a event to meet locals just send me a email and i could give you some advise if you would like.
  25. Is there a place where we can get info on how to put in a bid, and what is involved in hosting the event? We are very interested, but need a few more details before we commit! I am 5 hours away but I would help anyway possible.
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