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  1. I think i got the design figured out on this coin and what a great Idea. It is going to look great.
  2. HUURRRAAAAYYYYY HUURRRAAAAYYYYY I Got Mine I Got Mime I Got My Bag of Brachs Indian Corn. It is the ones with the chocolate on the bottom and they sure are gooooddddddd. Now I can not wait to get the Geocoin.
  3. That's too restsrictive. I have an Alabama Geocoin that uses tracking from another site. They also track non coins using the same numbers. A geocoin is more than the tracking number though SOME coins that's the only thing that makes them a geocoin at all. True geocoins don't need a tracking number of any kind for a cacher to recognize it as a geocoin. Some coins need some help for cachers to make the geocoin connection. I did not meen to put it so restrictive. I just meant when it shows up on a cahe page it states there is a TB there and I thought it would be nice with the cache movers geocoin attached to this coin it would then show up on the cache page as a geocoin. I also like how the California TB above looks.
  4. My question/s is how high will the price go before we see it all?? and will it arrive prior to the 31st of Oct-08? I have no idea on the price but from what we know is it is 1.75 inches and .35mm thick with glowing ghost and what you see so far. This looks and sounds like a high Qaulity coin as normal with them.The ship date I can not answer for sure either but I was told I will get my order before Halloween. from what i see the coin is going to be going up on cost more so you had better get one soon. Get Your Halloween Mystery Coin Right Here From Geoswag.com
  5. Nice looking coin. I wish there was some Girlscout coins. I have found some Geocaching patches but no Geocoins.
  6. Thank you for getting My name on there. I will be keeping a good eye on this to get some.Keep up the great work.
  7. Geocoins are Travel Bugs. Very well dressed TBs, but still TBs. I agree it would be nicer to have tracking numbers from coins, but those coins have their own unique identities whereas a TB has a clean slate. In the end we're really talking about sending a coin out traveling in caches and any tracking number can accomplish that edit to add: The advantage of a TB tag also would be having all the pertinent information printed right on the tag. The military coin isn't going to tell you to log it online and would likely end up missing in very, very short order. I was not thinking about info on the coin and that is a good point.They could attach a liminated note to the coin and use the geocoin or they could attach the cache movers Geocoin but it only says this on it. Move This Traveler From cache To Cache ###### Track at Geocaching.com. The other side says, Cache movers. This would give it the cache movers Icon and you can clear the slate off and put what you want on the page and say what you want. I used to be a firm believer in TB's but I love attaching items to the Cache movers Geocoin so It shows up as a Geocoin. I do agree that the TB's give more information on the tags. I do also agree that he needs to attach something on it so it does not just have numbers that may not look normal and then end up being muggled. Also his coins would have to have track at Geocaching.com ingraved on them. I would still like to know if you can Purchase Numbers 6 at a time from Groundspeak.???? Thanks for the great points fox-and-the-hound. This is what is nice about this forum is the input. I know I am not always right and never will be.
  8. I hope it just the Geocoin that glows and not the things you are giving him to snack on. HUMMM is there Glowing candy???
  9. That would make it a travel bug and not a geocoin. I would ask to see if you could purchase tracking numbers from GC and I know they have to approve what you put them on and I am not sure if you can just buy six. If you have to purchase and take numbers off another item i would do it off a Geocoin as they are just as cheap as TB's and it will show up as being a Geocoin not a TB and you can change the name on the geocoin to whatever you want but it would have the icon from the Geocoin you get. There is a Cache Movers Geocoin that has a chain like a tb and you could attach that to your coins. you can get them for under 4 dollars each at this link GEOSWAG.COM Good luck on this and It would be nice for me to know if there is a way to purchase 6 generic tracking numbers for Geocoins ???????????
  10. This is looking great so far. Keep up the great work.
  11. I'm a candy corn freak!! I absolutely love them!! In fact, I was munching on a pile of them when the idea for this coin came to mind!! That sweet sugary taste can be pretty overwelming though, after about a half a bag!! I also love Caramels! A few weeks ago I found a bag of "Brach's Milk Maid Caramel Candy Corn". I thought "HEAVEN!" EEEEK!! Now those things have a definate sugar overload!! 5-6 pieces and even "I" have to stop eating them. That's the reason I knew the exact name of them. I read the bag because I haven't eaten them all just yet. Anyone for a PEEPS Ghost? D-man Look at this: Brach's Milk Maid CHOCOLATE Caramel Candy Corn To keep this post on topic, looks like glow-in-the-dark ghosts to me. Thats it I have had enough of this candy stuff and it is making me hungry for some. Now I am going to have to go and get some. But i will not buy to much so i can save some money to buy more of these Mystery Halloween Geocoins. They are starting to look better and better. Visit The Presales At Geoswag For Your Mystery Halloween Geocoin Right Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I thought I found 2 in 1 day to join LOL
  13. Are you considering other mega events that have been or will be in some of these areas? I mean, Huntsville is only a couple of hours from next year's GeoWoodstock. Should that area "get" two mega events in the same year? Also, GeoWoodstock was in Texas last year, so you have a similar issue with the Dallas bid. Why not "share the wealth" and put this mega event somewhere else to give more people the chance to attend one? I did like the video approach to Salt Lake's bid, but of course I have to be partial to Denver's overall bid - there is a lot to do here! This is a great point. I would love to see the larger events spread around more.
  14. Here is the link to purchase your coin. Presales at Geoswag Hurry the price keeps going up.
  15. You better hurry before the price goes up.
  16. Thank You so much for taking this on. The kids are going to so happy and enjoy doing this. Me Too! Mission #1 River Cacher 1. Participating: E-mail sent 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received: Mission #2 River Tinkerbell 1. Participating: E-mail sent 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received: Mission #3 River Princess 1. Participating: E-mail 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received:
  17. I got e-mail too Your coin will be on the way shortly. The mail will be coming airmail I assume so to the Netherlands and other non US locals it will take a little longer. Let everyone know we are working as fast as we can :-) So everything is oke, thanks River cacher for take care for me. Not a problem, I am always ready and willing to help out a Geo Friend
  18. So, is this an official clue and the price just went up ? It was a small bump.... Anyone ready for another clue . Yes We want to know more. I bought all i can for now as i am saving my money to make some new coins.
  19. Well, thats why I was confused! Can someone help me get to the pre order page??? please! I will try and post it on just incase anyone needs it. I got 2 of each so it is Ok to start showing more
  20. I have been caching for several years and when I started everyone was so into the number of finds and it drove me crazy. I made the choice to find a cache and enjoy the area and not just run off to the next cache. If I did take a TB or the cache had issues I would log the find and post notes. I hate when all caching trips are GO GO GO for the numbers. I decided years ago the numbers do not matter. I do log DNF's to make sure the owners can check on there cache. I have several hundred finds in the last few months that have not been logged. I do now realize it has been causing some issues as some have been not found for awhile and when i do pocket quarries the same caches show up I have found. I do not see why cachers would get upset with others for not logging there finds as many of people out there do not have the time to go through and log there finds or just do not care like me. When I hide caches I do not expect the cachers to log there finds if they choose not to and there should not be any rules that say they have to. My hides are my hides and it is up to me to check on them and maintain them and I should not expect others to take care of them for me or to report issues. I have several hundred caches hidden and I make sure I place them in areas that I go to. I have had some that have not been logged for a long time but when I check on them there is logs in the books and it makes me happy to see that Cachers are finding them and having a great time with the sport. I have found caches in several states that I have not logged and I am sad to see this offends other Cachers. One of these days I may change my ways but until then I will be out enjoying and having a GREAT time geocaching. Sorry if I have ever offended anyone.
  21. This is my email I recieved back from Amy today. Mike I believe that he also gave me his address for the coins, we had many, many requests so they are all going out at a bit of a different rate as we are able to get them off. Hopefully they will all ship by the end of the week to their addy's and will begin to show up for everyone. However, if you have his last name handy I can look it up quickly. The secretaries have sorted them by last name, not by request date so that they could work with them easier. Amy If you would like I could respond with your last name? To make sure you are on the list or you can make sure you ask Amy via your last name. I would hope that everyone else does not contact her to see if there last name is on there. Please let GeoError find out about HER'S and not flood Amy with emails. Thank You and Good Luck on getting a Coin.
  22. Wow that is amazing. Can anything be done?
  23. I just sent out some nice emails to them and asked about Geo.Error getting a coin so I hope they look into it. I would also like to see Him send another email to make sure he gets one and see what the reply is. Good luck
  24. I am not in the list I can not believe you are not on the list it sounds like we all need to email amy. I will make mine a goal to get to you If I need to. Thanks for the info on getting this and I hope to see you get one.
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