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  1. My doctors are shocked to se i am heading to GCF the day i finish some treatments so i am sure if you asked them they would agree i was LOONATICK.


    It would be great to find on of these in a cache while in the area but then again you never know where ticks can end up at :D

  2. Got my 20 ordered.


    These are perfect for raffle items at future events.


    I host events all the time and to be able to get 20 trackable items for 60.00 is AMAZING!!!


    If there is more left at the event i am sure i will take more off your hands.


    Thanks for the great deal on these for us all to enjoy.


    Mike / RC

  3. Here is one i will be taking along for the event only.


    I hope you enjoy this.



    How many made?


    Being sold or for trade only?


    He has booth 11, so I bet he's selling them B)



    Here is some info for you.


    100 Black Nickel Reg Edition

    75 Nickel LE

    50 Gold XLE

    25 Antique Gold AE Harder to get from me.


    They will have a custom icon after plenty have sold.


    The cost will be 12.50 each due to stand up rolling action and donation factor from coin sales for local fire fighting fund.


    Yes i will be at both 11 with my oldest daughter, Son in law and another wonderful friend to help me out.


    Trading is very doubtful on these since i use money raised to help fund events i am involved with and partial from these will be donated to a local fire fighter fund.


    I am going to take a bunch of traders with me BUT I do not want to commit to any trading for anything because i may not be feeling the best to do any of this.


    I tried to get some animal shaped coins done up for our build a bear business and GCF but i ran short on time due to my hectic life and put them on hold. ( They will be out before Christmas :?)


    I do have a different little round animal micro one for GCF that people may like and i will post picture later.


    Hope to see many of you there.


    Please stop by and say HI!!!

  4. Got mine yesterday. Demented in a good sort of way!

    I have to agree here 100%


    I am so against most demented and evil things for me and my kids but there is just something about this coin that makes it different in a good sort of way like you stated.


    Now take a flashlight to it and then turn the lights off and watch how bright this thing glows.


    They are kind of fun to play with. LOL


    I still have some Nickel and Antique Silver left but you may need to hurry.

  5. 01. Avroair --- Seattle

    02. BAT --- Northeast Illinois

    03. ELTADA --- Ontario

    04. Crowesfeat30 --- St. Louis, MO

    05. Lucecitka --- Praha, Czech republic

    06. gorfner --- Fayetteville, NC

    07. LadyBee4T & TeamEccs21--Southfield, Michigan GC2BBQ5

    08. kayakerinme - Portland Maine

    09. NOSNOW - Minnesota (Twin Cities) GC2C0TP

    10. Space Coast Geocachers Merritt Island, FL

    11. hjnielsen - Kaysville, Utah

    12. LionsLair - Forgotten Coast, Florida (Apalachicola/Mexico Beach)

    13. AlliedOz - Perth, Western Australia

    14. JoenSue - New Jersey

    15. AtlantaGal - South Carolina (Myrtle Beach)

    16. mmacgown - Long Island, New York

    17. anne.and.eli - Santa Cruz/San Jose, CA

    18. Cache_in_Hand, MustangJoni & Hedge Hopper - Dallas, TX

    19. fatkidsOTWunite - Georgia (Columbus)

    20. Vanelle - Ithaca, NY

    21. Atwell Family - Denver, Colorado

    22. mar-elendili - Switzerland

    23. GeoGerms and 808ladybug - O'ahu, Hawai'i

    24. WebXXI & Fraldinhas - Portugal

    25. Lizzardman - UK

    26. Lag Pins - Ft Myers, FL

    27. mattfamily - Akron, Ohio

    28. Cache Kitty ---- Lafayette, Indiana

    29. Lost-A-Pair - Bend, Oregon (Central Oregon)

    30. Gelugon - Emerald Coast, NW Florida

    31. DresselDragons - SWPA

    32. Frank AZ and NJ Girl - Phoenix AZ

    33. Oaklakers - Sweden

    34. Tomar - Portugal

    35. Lloret de Mar - Spain


    Now i'm not missing :)



    Are you sure ?




  6. I missed the sale since i was out shopping with the kids for some new school pants since the weather went from 100 degrees to the 60's and most of there new school clothes are shorts dresses and capris.


    I got the email but my new phone was not all the way set up to deal with everything so i decided to stick with the shopping for the girls.


    Congrats to the ones that made it in time.


    I am looking to trade if anyone has extra.

  7. I did get my order in finally.


    I will be doing trading with event host.


    My emails have been going crazy due to me being involved with so many things so i have not been on top of all the responces to the trades.


    Now the kids are back in school i will have more computer time to stay on this all plus i got my oldest daughter ( Age 20 ) to help me stay on top of some of the things better.


    If you do not hear from me in the next week or so please contact me agin so we can have trades ready to go.


    I still have one trade i am missing from the last 10 year multi event trading that i am not getting replies over. Has this happened to anyone else ?


    You should see how nice Idaho's geocoin looks :)

  8. a friend brought me a very large 10 years anniversary coin back from GW8 but there is no slip of paper telling me where to find activation codes. it is a colourful coin with lots of circles on in with different geocaching symbols. beautiful use of translucent enamels!


    does this sound familiar to anyone? i did a search on coincodes but since i didn't know the official name for this coin i didn't have any luck.





    If this was the three inch version it was sold by Groundspeak there.


    They should be hosting the code as well.


    If not you can email them with your code.


    Good Luck :)

  9. All orders have been completed.


    I was able to take these to a event last weekend and it was so great to hear the different opinions on these.


    I was able to hear story after stories on clowns.


    Some people refused to even talk about there fears and or stories of clowns. WOW!!!!!


    Then there was the ones that did not care about the clowns and they loved the cat design on the back.


    I just hope we where able to please some of you out there.


    Hurry and get your order in before they are all gone.


    I will try and save some for Geocoinfest.

  10. Still have plenty in stock.


    These where a hit at the last event i went to.


    I am sure you will enjoy them as well.


    All orders have been completed.


    Please contact me via email if you did not hear from me.


    Thanks Mike / River Cacher

  11. Still have a few left.


    These are not going to last long so you had better hurry.


    All orders have been completed.


    Please contact me via email if i did not contact you.


    Thanks for all the orders and i hope you enjoy them when you get them.


    PS I have 10 Black Nickel Versions to get rid of on a first come first serve basis!!!!!

  12. Today is the Last Day (8-27-10) to get you hotel reservation at the reduce rate!!

    Thanks for the notice.


    I just got mine made but i may need to find a new motel if my doctor does not sign my medical companionship form for our cat :?)


    They are so close to signing the forms for me since i have some medical issues, I am keeping my fingers crossed.


    I also have decided to drive the 1500 miles with my oldest daughter and son in law.


    We just took a road trip and it was a blast so we can not wait to head out to this one at our own pace and if i am noit feeling well we will take our time or if i am feeling good we will be able to hit some fun geocaches along the way.


    Cant wait to see many of you there, River Cacher, River Dancer, River Boarder and River Ziggy.

  13. I got this coin in a couple of days ago and my son LOVED it!!! Thanks again

    I am so glad you and the kids enjoyed the package.

    You where one of the first ones to get your hands on these.

    Thanks forfthe wonderful emails on these as well.

    There is still. Plenty of these left for others to enjoy.

  14. Starf

    Easy folks, everybody is entitled to their options. As you can see, Milkbone15's post was clarified with a later post but keep in mind that a LOT of people do NOT like clowns. Whether from childhood trauma or just a fear of clowns in general.


    That, and not every design will appeal to everybody so if you're going to post a design or sale in here, be ready to have thick skin because you won't please everybody.


    Personally, I like scary clowns.

    Sorry if I sounded a little a little rough. I was on the way out the door heading to washington for a geo luau.


    I know you can. Never please everyone and I think it is great to see people post there thoughts.


    There is so many ideas that can be used on a coin like this and it is nice to see peoples thoughts on this.


    I use to have a big clown velvet type picture on my wall and it use to give me the creeps if I fell to sleep and woke up to see this staring at me.

    I hated the picture after awhile and was so happy wwhen I golt rid of it.

    Atleast the coin can get dropped in a cache if it gives me the the creeps to much.


    When you see this glow you will really get the creeps.


    I hope some of you will enjoy this like me and the kids do.

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