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  1. I thought all trackablke items have to have ( Track At Geocaching.com ) Or other approved sayings to be trackable. Wil Taking the number off the TB be alright then without using the proper quotes ?????
  2. Congrats on all the wonderful gifts and your Birthday. It is amazing how Geocaching items spice up a Birthday.
  3. By random draw, these two posts were chosen as winners. Please send me a note with your address and a choice of Red, Green, or Blue. The prize coins will be sent after they arrive from the mint. Thank you all for your help and input. Is there another color choice as well????
  4. I am planning on doinmg one of these caches for my personals so i get them off my page but i did not plan on dropping other peoples in there. Some people do this so they do not show up in there inventory so other do NOT see how many coins and tb's they are hanging onto. I have had several of mine end up in caches like this is how i found out about this. It is a cache that has not been approved and only the owner can see it and edit it. It has its positve and negatives to it but i think it is more positve.
  5. Left is the NEW Antique Gold and right is the regular Antique Gold. I was told they may do away with the regular antique Gold and i want to make sure i have the same Antique one every year for the event and this was part of the reason of making this coin the New Antique Gold as it will be done every year in the same.
  6. I am confused too. In one spot it says the event sold coin was new antique gold and in another ant gold. Not sure which is which in the pictures either.... I am sorry i did not post it on the upper picture of it being the Antique Bronze and the Lower picture is New Antique Bronze. I had planned on doing New Antique Gold for the event but we went with Antique Gold. I now have the New Antique Gold in hand and i think it looks much better then the Antique Gold. There is not a lot of diffenece but i think the translucent paints show up much nicer on the NEW GOLD. They say it is more of a copper look with the New Antique Gold. Sorry for the confusion but that is just the way i am sometimes.
  7. We now have the next metal choice in hand and availible. We where unable to do these in Black Nickel for numurous reasons such as removing black paint and etc. We have done the the last version in NEW ANTIQUE GOLD and it is ready to ship. Next year we will be doing another style of Tiki Coin for the event and the NEW ANTIQUE GOLD will be the main one for the event and we will not be making the regular antique gold. The New Antique Gold Compliments the colors the best of any so far. Free shipping on the second and third coins to any order. 2.50 US shipping up to 3 coins. .50 each after 3.50 out of US shipping and up to 3 coins. 1.00 each after I do have a few of the Regular antique gold Tiki coins and some Firetruck coins as well and they can be added to this order with special shipping rates.
  8. I leave coins all the time in caches and i always make sure they are in the sleeve with the activation site and i always write PRIZE. I have heard of a few people having coins and not knowing how to activate them so they dropped them in a cache so someone else may be able to figure them out. I do not post where i drop coins. There is five to ten i have dropped and nobody has been to the cache since then and i do not log i have been there :?) I am bad at looging finds!!!!
  9. Once i get caught up on a few things i will get some out for me and my kids. Thanks for the fun
  10. I see a red one ending tomorrow on ebay. Good Luck
  11. Hope i got my order placed in time. Forget waiting for mail i will just drive up to get them plus i am going to the Geo Luau this weekend in Washington.
  12. Congrats to all. This was a fun post to watch. Cant wait to see these at GCF.
  13. Congrats on getting this wonderful coin. I got mine on the day of hosting the Black Canyon Beach luau event and i forgot some items at home so i ran back to the house only to see the mail lady at the house with my wonderfful coin :?}
  14. OH MY Gosh you coiners are the best. Thanks for watching out for everyone and adding some laughs to the day
  15. I just happened to stop at a restaurant with the kids to eat dinner and out of Nowhere these coins appeared on the table. They look so much better in person and it was even better when i turned them over
  16. I would be happy to get one if it was used. Most designers charge 50 to 100 to do a design a coin so this is way more then anyone should expect. I think to have the privilege of being able to design it should be reward enough. Thanks for giving us all a very rare chance to design a Geocoin that is a once in a lifetime chance to do so. Now what to do HUMMMMM
  17. Thanks everyone for helping us make this a huge success. What a wonderfull world of geocachers out here. It is great to everyone join together to help out
  18. Me and my kids love to host CITO events to help teach and spread the word about protecting the future of our forest and earth. We try to be the last ones left behind any events so we can do a major cleaning to insure it is left better then we found it. On the way to host the Black Canyon Beach Luau evnt on 8-01-09 i had forgot something in the house just then the mail lady was there to give me a a bubble mailer that contained one of these wonderful coins and it really helped brighten up my busy day. Of course we where able to be the last at the event to make sure it was cleaner then when we arrived and i had a wonderful time showing off the new coin i received. Thanks Mystical GreenMan
  19. The event is now over and i have a some coins left of the Antique Gold version. These are Trackable at Geocaching.com 100 Antique gold. For sale at event. 50 Shiny gold. Committee members Only purchased. 14 Antique Gold. Committee members volunteer coin. 100 ?? Max will be made in different metal for a total of 264 made. Maybe new antique Gold or not Gold ?? Coin has a custom icon and some translucent paint. The coins are the Antique Gold 2.0" inches x .4mm thick. The cost is 12.50 each. Limit 4 2.50 US shipping. .50 each additional coin. 3.50 out of US 1.00 each additional coin. You can also add some RC Firetruck coins and save on shipping if you would like. Please send me a email and i will send you a Pay Pal Invoice. It may be tomorrow before i return emails since it is getting late and it was a long weekend. Thanks to all that helped make this a wonderful event.
  20. I thought this was done and over. I may have to head out a few days early to the Geo Luau Event to get this done. I will have to make sure my kids ( 6 & 8 ) will be able to handle these caches. They did just go on a hike with me to hide two new caches and it was over 5 miles of hiking so we should be good to go i hope. Thanks for letting us know about this.
  21. I also got a wonderful package of American Cacher items from Landsharkz. Then i got a few Buff cap sig items from Holy Palomino. It is so great to everyone join together to help us make this years Luau one to remember. 4 Days to GO
  22. Thanks heaps! Sometimes our long term plans have to be changed or dropped as life alters course! Apologies - I've not been in the forums much. E&Cplus3 volunteered for Sept / Oct. And have now stepped forward to July / August. Would anyone like to volunteer to take over the mission co-ordination for the next period - Sept / Oct?? I would be interested to coordinate the Birthday Mission for September and October, if we still need someone. I've not done this before but am a quick study! Great to see you step up to the plate.
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