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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! I had not ben on the forum umtil now. You are all so amazing. This is my first time reading on the thread and i will be back later to read more. I am going against what the doctors tell me and i am getting better again and not worse. I will be posting more soon. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers. Mike / RC
  2. Please let me know if you have not got your mission yet or if you have any other questions. I will do evereything i can to get back to you asap I was guilty myself on getting a few of these out very slowww Please enjoy Mike / RC
  3. I hope everyone enjoys there mision. I did have a few delays on getting some of my familys missions out due to some medical issues, It will be worth the wait on your missions :?)
  4. This has been fun for the River family so far. I have agreed to fit a couple more US people on the mission if anyone has time to shop fast and get your order off right away please contact me. Mike
  5. I got the rest of the missions out earlier today. Everyone should be set to go. I am fine fitting a few more in if anyone is up for the fun :?) I am going on vacation to Disneyworld in Florida so i can try and find some fun things for my mission there. If anyone has any questions on there mission please feel free to ask. I wish everyone so much fun!!!!!
  6. I have most of the missions out. I am waiting on a few replys to finish these off. Have fun on your missions
  7. I have a few of the missions sent out. The rest will be out a little later today. Wow this is hard to choose who goes where. I hope everyone enjoys this mission.
  8. There is 4 hours left to sign up. I am going to go try and rest awhile so i can get up at midnight so i can start sending some emails out. If not it will be first thing in the morning.
  9. Last day to sign up. I hope you can join the fun!!!
  10. Yes i got your info. I have sent conformation emails to all i have got. If you have not got one from me Please email me. Thanks Mike / River Cacher
  11. ONE DAY LEFT FOR SIGN UP!!!!!!! I have been out shopping for Halloween and i keep finding my self in the CHRISTMAS sections I have found some really fun things to add to our missions that people should really enjoy
  12. I am so excited to get going on this. I have been out shopping and finding some really neat stuff :?)
  13. I was just there Sunday :?( I could have taken a few hour break and found these if i would have known then. Maybe i can get back there again. Looks like fun :?)
  14. Just a few days left for sign up. Suggestions have been helping out on who gets who on the missions. I am signing up my 3 River kids, River Boarder 22 years and i know of 2 other young ones signed up as well. I cant wait to get the shopping started!!!! This is going to add so much fun to our Christmas :?)
  15. Making sure you see the deadline is 10-29-10
  16. I have sent out emails / conformations to all that have signed up. If i have not returned your email then i may not have got it. I do have one confirmed email that i did not get. Is it time yet to have some fun
  17. Thank you for catching the error on my part. DEADLINE IS 10-29-10 FOR SIGN UP!!!
  18. I am sorry the DEADLINE for sign up is 10-29-10 NOT 11-29-10
  19. What a day. Bad night sleeping last night and then went to get chemo and the nurse said you need to go to the hsopital and get some new blood before we do chemo :?( On the way to the Hospital i decided to stop by the house and i found one of these in the mail to brighten up my day. Off i went to get my oil changed as i wondered am i a Loon or a Tick HUMMMMM What was i thinking??? I am a Loon-A-Tick
  20. I am getting so excited to do some SHOPPING!!!!!
  21. I have decided to take a shot at hosting a Advent Christmas mission. This will cost a bit more then your normal missions so you will need to be ready for this if you decide to join. A few years back i joined in the regular Christmas mission and received a Advent Christmas package from the Chur family and me and the kids enjoyed it so much we have decided to take this on so other can have a special Christmas like we did. HISTORY! An Advent calendar is a special calendar which is used to count or celebrate the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Some calendars are strictly religious, whereas others are secular in content. Today, most advent calendars are made for children. Many take the form of a large rectangular card with many "windows", one of which is opened every day during Advent. In less elaborate calendars, each window opens to reveal an image, a poem, or part of a story such as the Nativity story itself. More elaborate Advent calendars have a small gift concealed in each window, such as a toy or a chocolate item. The origins of the Advent calendar come from German Lutherans who, at least as early as the beginning of the 19th century, would count down the 24 days of Advent physically. Often this meant simply drawing a chalk line on the door each day, beginning on December 1. Some families had more elaborate means of marking the days, such as lighting a new candle (perhaps the genesis of today's Advent wreath) or hanging a little religious picture on the wall each day. This mission will include the following. 25 presents. 5 Geocoins. ( 3 Must be trackable at www.geocaching.com ) 20 other presents like Candy, Caches, GPS, Sig items and etc. Please number your gifts #1 to #25 ( Multiple #25 will make the day more special if you wish to do so) Deadlines for sign up are 10-29-10 Shipping by 11-15-10 Please send the following information via my profile. Cache Name: Real Name: Age: Adult or Child note is fine. Out of Country shipping: Yes or No, These missions will be sent out asap Address: Email address: Please remember you are liable to make sure the other person gets there mission and if it does not show up you will be required to send another asap. Insurance is a GREAT idea on these packages. Anyone who has a issue with not completing a mission in the past will not be allowed to join. Merry Christmas to all from the River Family!!!!
  22. Since the little rivercachers are doing this I'll let Indiana Anthony do it as well. He has started collecting coin as well and I know would love to trade with other kids. Indiana Anthony Email Sent: Oct 16th Name Received: Mission Sent Mission Received I am glad to see this :?) I almost emailed you about this. My kids LOVE doing this.
  23. Email has been sent. Sorry i just noticed the post ofr this. Please enjoy. I still have some Nickel and Antique Silver versions left. Great for Halloween
  24. The kids have missed doing the missions so i have decided to add them as well. They love the winter time so this will be a blast for them to be involved with. Thanks for adding some winter time fun for me and the kids . River Cacher Email Sent: Oct. 15 2010 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: River Tinkerbell Email Sent: Oct. 15 2010 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: River Princess Email Sent: Oct. 15 2010 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  25. First off me and my kids are sending the warmest thoughts and prayers for Lorca and you. This will be my first mission in awhile due to not getting my last few missions i was involved with and lack of follow up on what happened to my missions or the people where that never sent them or etc:?) Time to put all this behind and get on with some fun here. Thanks for hosting this wonderful mission and i hope many people will post photos of there mission so Lorca can enjoy this Wintertime FUN!!!!!!
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