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  1. See there is just a different purpose here for me. Your post for example PandyBat. THIS is what I see:
  2. Ringbone? What a minute! Are you me? I give up.
  3. Google my real name and I get a ton of hits. Just because some best selling author chooses to use my REAL name as his pen name. Pretty sure I'm due a few royalty checks. Google my cache name and I get 333. Johnnie Stalkers poops up in a few interesting places. Google my drag queen name and....well, that is going to be a secret. PS - I'll be autographing my book outside the Barnes and Noble on 5th and Vine from 12 to 2 today. $20 a pop, no book required.
  4. My Hooker Locationless would have been interactive had it been approved. Darn anti-locationless approvers.
  5. Lost Signal Strong Signal Weak Signal Mixed Signal Crossed Signal
  6. You sure that wasn't the Hamster escaping?
  7. Don't forget Mixed Signal. What tease she turned out to be.
  8. I had considered one of those 4 digit combination padlocks for a cache I'm working on. My idea was to make the cacher decode a clue to get the combination to open the container. Eventually decided to go another way entirely.
  9. Not satisfied with the wet cat now you want a wind blown wet cat? We might as well go ahead and roll the feline in mud while where at it. Then he'll look like he was caching.
  10. Hey I resemble, uh... resent that! Doc and I had a little Avatar war a during Smurf day. I don't exactly remember who won, if either of us, but it was a good time. I may need to go on another Avatar rampage today.
  11. ...or, you could always retitle it: "Abject silliness II" BRILLIANT!
  12. Ah crap...someone beat me to it. Sorry. other thread.
  13. Just heard a commercial for a certain soda company's contest. Winning cans actually contain a GPSr and a cell phone that allows the company to track down the winners. Interesting. LINK I do not intend this to be an advertisement for this product. I am not endorsing this product. Any resemblance to products, good or bad, is coincidental. Void where prohibited. No warranty is expressed or implied. Subject to terms and conditions. Limited availability. No purchase necessary. Any flaws in this post are to be considered a natural by product and are meant to enhance the topics character. Officially unofficial.
  14. That is the worst pick up line I have ever heard. Mind if I use it?
  15. BURN HER! CROWD: Burn her! Burn her! Burn her! Burn! Burn!... BEDEVERE: Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science? ARTHUR: I am Arthur, King of the Britons. BEDEVERE: My liege!
  16. Wake up and smell the coffee. There are already people that do that for relatives and/or friends for free. hmmm coffee. <wanders off to coffee pot with cup in hand>
  17. How about starting a caching service? All these cachers who are 'about the numbers'. For a small fee you sign them into the log books of each cache you visit. It's Cacher for Hire. Higher difficulties and terrains cost more. Say a dollar per star. Get 30 or forty customers and you could make a nice little living. By the way if this lame idea works I expect 10% and free cache logging for life.
  18. I once chartered a member. He was slow, couldn't carry much and cost me a premium. Since then I do my own caching.
  19. I would like to publicly declare myself as THE Official Dynamic AmmoBox Recovery Technician for Southwest Ohio. All bow to my magnificent self importance.....And you will know my name is ODART when I lay my vengence upon the! Lighten' up Francis.
  20. Brilliant! Hmmm...wonder if I could hold a cacher for ransom on eBay? Hey, Johnny, wanna get kidnapped? Sure. Sounds like a good time.
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