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  1. This is a great topic and has really got me thinking. From a seated position, small child next to me. Assuming I first notice the dog at 40 yards. Give 10 yards of him at full run for me to assess the situation (OK he looks like cujo) 10 yards for me to draw my weapon (assuming its holstered with 1 in the pipe). I am most likely on a knee at this time in front of the bench, if not standing. Dog is coming at me I've got 20 yards to get the shot off, 2 if I take bead, maybe three if I fire on instinct. Then he is either dead at my feet, on top of me or trying like heck to reverse tracks. If I miss and he is on me then I have lost the advantage and the best opportunity to protect my child. Not sure, but having the time to think about it: pick up my child and then draw the weapon. I have not been military or police trained. Been around guns and dogs my whole life, even owned a pit bull (he was my childhood dog, and one of the best I ever knew (miss ya boy)). wouldn't trust my aim at that range with that kinda time frame and a dog with that much destructive power. Give me 40 yards with a rabid charging Hermit Crab and I'd blow his head off. LOL


    Understand what? My purpose? You know that. To find the Tower is my purpose. I'm sworn.

    -Roland, The Gunslinger

  2. My throat is scratchy, Head aching and side in a stitch. I also have a fairly serious rug burn on my left knee that I received from falling out of my chair, laughing. Someone please stop the madness. OK, I'll read one more.


    Understand what? My purpose? You know that. To find the Tower is my purpose. I'm sworn.

    -Roland, The Gunslinger

  3. Wow! I am both humbled and enlightened. The "Ambassador of the Sport" attitude is refreshing, Thank you all.

    The "Whats REALLY in your pack" thread was VERY informative. When we stretch our legs a little and get out of the city I will definately be breaking out the full pack and adding some essentials.

  4. There may already be a list for this so sorry if I am out of place. We (2 adults and a 4 year old) begin caching this past week. Through trial and error we have come up with a few "must have" items. Like to know what other cachers carry with them. Heres what I've got now.


    GPS (of course)





    bug spray


    extra zip-loc baggies

    pencils / pencil sharpner / paper

    cache goodies


    Also like to know if anyone has used the Cobra GPS500, I get the feeling a lot of cachers are skeptical of it. It is my first unit and so far I think it is great. Of course, I have nothing to compare it to, soooo.


    Thanks to all of you for ALL that you have contributed to the sport!

  5. I just started Geocahing this week, so i have no frame of reference here but I bought the Cobra GPS500. I like Cobra and really didn't do much research, just bought the unit. Never used a GPS device before and I was finding caches my first day. Some loss of signal in heavy tree cover, but will reallign after 20 seconds or so back in the sunlight. Has literally walked me to within 10 feet of my target cache 4 times in a row now without a problem. It does have an 'optional' cord and software. Again I have nothing to compare this to and I may very well be a fool, but so far it has been a great experince. I would like to hear some personal experience from veteren Cachers on this unit.

  6. I have moved around a bit in my life. It is second nature for me to nod and say hello whenever I pass someone (hiking / caching / sidewalking) I moved to Cincinnati several years ago and like a fool walked around all day saying hi to strangers. People here are a little reserved and more than a few acted as though I was bleeding from several orafaces and wielding a hatchet. Body language tells it all. I don't consider it rudeness for someone to ignore a hello, I just assume they are more culturally guarded. For some reason some people treat a friendly hello as though a rock was thrown at them. All that being said, I say HI anyway. icon_wink.gif

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