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  1. geocaching for love is ahead by 14 so far. c'mon people go vote!!!!!
  2. Yes we take our 5 yr old and our 2 yr old twins.The twins are not really into it but my oldest just loves it as long as we keep it to about 3 or 4 in a day.She has used the gpsr with my help and she has spotted more caches before me than I care to talk about. And she loves them mctoys and refrigerator magnets .
  3. You gonna have a discussion forum on your website? Who's gonna moderate it? I think there is a misconception as to the scope of what I want to do, even though I have made it clear down to the fourth grade level. I am not looking to mirror this site. I am looking for a way for responsible adults to hide a cache for other responsible adults. I will post the lat/long and a brief description on my site, people who know about my site or are invited may peruse the available caches and make the adult decision to hunt them or not. For example: If you have a problem with that cache concept, stay home. Not to difficult. EDIT: Typo I love this idea I hope it's not going to be just for your area. Keep us updated so we can start posting our new caches.Thank you.
  4. So is it set for 2'oclock.Well thats when i will check in
  5. Great idea, I want to be first to have a flag put up for all the parks around my local area and as soon as I get around to putting caches there i'll let you know I have permision
  6. now thats got to be one of the best sugestions i have seen around here.I hope you guys consider it.It can only bring good things.
  7. hey how about a off topic area where we can talk um off topic.I am just trying to throw around some new ideas.
  8. That is great thanks for the link.i'll be using that for sure
  9. it just means that whenever any activity happens to that particular cache like someone logs as found or not found or whatever, they get an automatic e-mail notification letting them know.It is usefull to find out about TB'S or just to read the logs or maybe to find out if it comes up missing maybe so you dont go looking for it. Just click on watch this cache on any cache that you are interested in and you will be notified every time that cache page gets any type of log.
  10. im in for the 26th is there any certain time.is someone going to open a geocaching xmas party thread?
  11. "as for caches on private lands" did you actually ask him if it was allright to place a cache on private lands. these two letters from some park official sound like they just got done reading a letter from someone that was very anti-geocaching.maybe im reading it wrong. idont know.
  12. I really think you guys are stiring something up here you might wish you didnt.I'd be willing to bet that when asked, these people are gonna take the easy way out and say no, then theres no liability on their part, if they say yes then they accept liability,some things are just better left alone.I think the parks are pretty much there to enjoy the way you want as long as its not illegal. if your really concerned about it just try to get a list of the rules and regulations and if there is nothing about caching then there ya go. If people keep asking for permision we wont be able to place caches anywhere but our own private property.
  13. For some of us that are stuck with slow dial-up connections one heck of a long wait time for the picture to down load. And not much gained in what I see. Large pictures viewed on computer monitors gain very little. Large pictures printed on large paper, now that's a different story. dial up what's that?
  14. hello, im pretty much a lurker i have posted a couple times.I feel kind of intimidated to post sometimes, especially now with these warn meter thingys.I dont want to get kicked out of here for saying the wrong thing(though i have never seen that happen)Anyhow we have been caching since july and really enjoy it alot, we cache mainly as a family, when we have the time.
  15. I have a gecko and my 5 year old daughter can and has found caches with it, with my help putting in the coordinates.She loves to cache and we are going to hide one of her x-mas presents in the field out behind our house and let her find it with the gps.we are going to wrap the coordinates in a box from santa and let her go on her hunt for the gift that she wants the most, a green machine bike.
  19. Our last name is bears and there is 5 of us that usually cache together
  20. Very well put criminal, i couldnot agree more. thank you for that great post
  21. i might just try and find a cave now to place a cache.it will be really easy though just follow the line of paint all over the ground and look for the big orange arrow on the cave wall pointing towards the cache.i think ill just leave a chisel so people can leave logs right on the wall.
  22. i have the garmin gecko it costed me around 110.00 and it works fine for me
  23. quote:Originally posted by Renegade Knight:The ones that say that generally get excited over mowing their lawns. It's all their wives will let them do. This is so true and funny..
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