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  1. Sort of makes you wonder how the Timbits Cache and Krispy Kreme cache were able to be approved given the logos on the cache pages and the requirement by the cache owner to go in to the stores in question and purchase a donut. These two caches are clearly commercial caches that, while it may not have been the owners intention, promote the stores they are named after. I guess different approvers have different benchmarks...

    I cant believe that person got away with that. You have to buy a doughnut!!!!!! If that is not comercial then nothing is.

  2. I'm from the Syracuse area. 3 of my caches have been approved by NJAdmin, and one by Keystone Approver. I'm not sure how new New York Admin is, but the caches I hid two weeks ago were not approved by him/her. It is good to see New York get an admin, and if you are hiding a new cache, I look forward to searching for it!



    New york admin aproved mine quick and easy. I just had to claify 1 thing but that was my own fault for not providing that info in the first place. Hats off. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  3. Boy Im glad that I dont come hear enough to get on these peoples bad sides. If you guys dont agree with something you want them banned. GROW UP! get some thicker skin people and relax. By the way if someone does get banned do you get banned from just the forums ot from the whole site?

  4. You know, I never really even looked that closely to his name. I didn't realize what it was even meant until someone said something about it. I would glance at it and all this time I thought it had something to do with yachts....LOL  :lol:


    What's a yachit anyway? :)

    Don't feel bad. I had to have it explained to me in the forums.


    I had to have this one explained to me also. Then I laughed my butt off. Someone had it as their sig line.


    Eye ham we Todd did.

    Sofa king we Todd did.

    Eye ham sofa king we tod did

  5. Give me a break! Some of you people are wound too tight or you need to quit smoking the poison ivey. You cache police sound like a bunch of PTA members trying to control every aspect of a game that already has set guide lines. I think water proof matches as a trade item for an activity that is based on being out doors in the wild is a great trade item.


    I have been catching flack on a recent cache because it had a bottle of bubbles in it. The bottle of bubbles were sealed in a plastic bag. The cache police quickly removed the bubbles citing that bubbles should not be left in a cache since they may leak and spoil the cache. These cache police also indicated "Bubbles" were an illegal cache item. Give me a break! It is the responsibility of the cache owner to maintain their cache.


    You don't want children finding knives, matches and BUBBLES?!?!?! A pocket knife and matches would come in handy while camping. Bubbles are just fun.


    If you don't like a trade item but it does not violate the stated guid lines don't take it. Just be offended and go away.

    OMG bubbles in a cache what are you thinking. What if a little blind kid stumbles across that cache and thinks those bubbles are a drink and he ends up drinking the bubbles and he walks out of the woods foaming at the mouth and a hunter stumbles accross this mouth foaming little boy bouncing into the trees and shoots him out of fear that he has rabies and doesnt want the whole town to get infected or worse yet killed by this little rabbid boy. Then when the cops find out the little blind boy wasnt rabid at all and just drank some bubbles that a wreckless GEOCACHER left behind in a cache and they execute this guy for trying to protect the world from a ferocious rabbid monster, you can say good bye to your caching days.You people better start thinking about the consequences of your actions when placing these dangerous items in your caches.

  6. The mention of the police scanner got me thinking. I wonder if it would help to avoid being hassled while looking for a cache. For instance, you might hear the "suspicious person" call go out before they actually arrive to interrogate you as to why you are feeling aroung in the shrubbery. Might be a good thing to have while driving.

    I dont know about where you live but in ny it is illegal to have a police scanner in your car so I would look into it before doing it. just a thought.

  7. All,


    Thanks for the great discussion, it looks like we're heading in the right direction.  There are a number of cavers who are also reading discussions like this, and such positive steps can only help our respective goals.


    With that in mind, postings such as that by '5 little bears' make me, and a great deal of other cavers, wonder why on Earth we bother.




    "Maturity is knowing when to be immature" - Randall Hall

    Did you miss my little smiley face I was being sarcastic.Sorry if you took it serious.

    It was not meant to upset anything or anyone. Besides we all know we can't burry caches.

  8. I was thinking of setting up a cache for trading used dvd movies.I would start it out with like 10 of my dvd's and hopefully people would trade the ones they saw for ones they had not.Has this been done before and if so,did it work out? What do you think of this.Would you trade some of yours?

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