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  1. No worries,

    But you may want to post this in the Northeast section instead of the Northwest section so the Washington DC people can see it.


    Washington, as in Washington DC or Washington State,

    and if the State, which region? West, Central, or East?



    Sorry about my lack of knowledge. Maybe I have to visit sometimes :anibad:


    Of course I don't have the coords yet, but I have a suspicion that the cache would be close to the NZ embassy, so that would be washington DC


    Thanks for asking

  2. Washington, as in Washington DC or Washington State,

    and if the State, which region? West, Central, or East?


    Is there anyone, preferably in and around Washington, who like to team up for a multi continent cache from New Zealand?

    So the first cache is in New Zealand, second in The Netherlands - The hague, 3rd stage will be in USA - Washington - and finally will have the final back in New Zealand


    Look for this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5PG6V_nz-around-the-world-a-3-continent-cache


    SO who likes to team up.

    Nice Challenge.....

  3. Maybe it is just me, or this infernal work computer, but this draft doesn't seem to open properly. Draft One does, Draft Two, not so much.





    The second draft is posted. Thanks, JHolly, ACFunk, and Captain Trevos & Crew for the advice. Got any more suggestions? I plan to post the final route on Monday.


    I've got a room at the Days Inn in Yakima ($126.86 for two nights with free cancellation, through their web site; $3 less non-refundable through Hotwire). They're #14 of 25 on TripAdvisor, but it sounds like they finished a remodel job within the last month, and two of the three reviews since then are both 5's. (The third one was ranked a 3 due to loud amorous noises from the room next door.)


    For $6 more, I'm considering the Sunnyside Country Inn ($132.36 on multiple travel sites), but it seems like it's slightly lower quality for a slightly more convenient location.


    I was somewhat surprised that Priceline wasn't able to find something for a $50 bid.

  4. I think it would be a great feature. When we go to certain areas there are some cachers that we know will have unique or good caches, or cachers who we are friends who we would target their caches. There's also a challenge out there in Idaho where if you find x amount of caches by this person, y by this person, and z by this person that you can log the cache. It'd be faster and easier to sort for those caches with your idea.


    Right now putting all of their caches into a bookmark list to become a pq can be troublesome because I forget to update them regularly and miss the new caches published and the ones that got archived. To run a PQ based on their name or geocaching id or even as a Friend feature would be awesome.

  5. I am new to geocaching and I was wondering if there are any clubs or groups specific to the Spokane, WA. area that anyone know about. If not would ther be any interest in starting one?


    Hi Chiefroy,


    The Inland Empire Chapter of the WSGA is based out of Spokane and we have get-togethers officially and unofficially throughout the course of the year. We currently have an official event planned GC33BQM the IEWSGA Ghoul-N-Grub 2011: The Return. It is our annual Halloween event and is taking place 10/29/2011. It's a meet and greet with costumes. We do have other events coming up as well.


    If you are interested in non-event group get-togethers there is a group of locals who also go out night caching about once a month weather depending. You may want to contact Lookout Lisa for more info on that.


    Another fun group (same people, different group name) in our area expands into North Idaho and there is an event there this weekend as well in the CDA/Post Falls ID area.


    We hope that helps,


    Trevor and Kate

    IEC Quartermaster

  6. We got it too and are trying to figure out if it is real or a hoax/scam.


    I recieved an E-mail today from the GSA. It was an invite to go on this Antarctic cruise. It sounds really cool. Did anyone else get this? Is anyone gonna go?


    Here is the E-mail I recieved...


    Dear EarthCache Master,


    GSA has an exciting opportunity to present to you: An invitation to participate in our 27 December 2012–20 January 2013 Southern Ocean cruise, “The Antarctic Peninsula and Scotia Arc: Tectonics, Climate and Life.”


    As an EarthCache Master, you have a taste for outdoor adventure. In this fascinating and critical part of the globe — where the largest oceanic current, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, sweeps through the narrow Drake Passage between Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic Peninsula — lies a unique interface of tectonics, climate and teeming life. Join us for an opportunity to discover or create one or more of the most mysterious and highly-prized EarthCache sites on Earth*.


    The expedition is co-sponsored by The Geological Society of America in honor of our 125th Anniversary, and The Jackson School of Geosciences in the University of Texas at Austin. Planned in cooperation with the highly experienced Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris, it will cater not only to geoscientists, but to all persons interested in the Earth system and its future.


    Distinguished scientific leaders, Ian Dalziel of The Jackson School of Geoscience, Richard Alley of The Pennsylvania State University, Rob Dunbar of Stanford University, and Rudolph Trouw of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will lend unprecedented lecturing expertise to complement the Cheesemans’ experienced staff of wildlife, photographic and historical specialists.


    We all hope that you will join us in what promises to be an unforgettable experience, and contribute your own varied background to lively discussion and debate at sea and in the field.


    For more information, visit http://www.cheesemans.com/gsa . Current pricing reflects a $500 discount to the first 30 participants. There are only a few discounted berths left. Start planning now for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!


    Gary Lewis

    Director, Education & Outreach

    The Geological Society of America



    Paradise Bay on the Antarctic Peninsula, on the itinerary


    Pendulum Cove on Deception Island, South Shetland Islands, visitation possible


    Signy station, a British Antarctic Survey (BAS) station in the South Orkney Islands; visitation may be possible

  7. Just a little something I sometimes put together a few days before a CM. Central Washington sure does seem to be a popular place:


    Some people just won't RSVP, will they? :smile:


    My guess would be that some of it is "maybe my work/spouse/other" will let me go at the last minute...the other may be a caching family...main account says they will attend but then 5 other log-in names pop up later for spouse and kids, and sometimes pets.


    Looking forward to this weekend. We missed your cache machines TravisL. They quite didn't understand the concept in Texas...


    Trevor and Kate

  8. A family oriented thing could be the Hiawatha Bike Trails... http://www.skilookout.com/hiawatha/ or going up to Glacier National Park http://www.nationalparkreservations.com/glacier.htm?gclid=CMOAz4TCqKYCFRhCgwodmT1cpA .


    Or climb Mount St Helens and/or Mount Rainer.


    Lots of places in WA/ID/MT to ride 4-wheelers and camp. Deep Sea Fishing along the coast...


    that's all we can think of for now...


    I have begun to plan my sabbatical and was thinking about what to do. I love the northwest and have completed many amusing and fun adventures in the region. However, now that I have about a 2.5 month free time available (in the summer months), I find that it is rather difficult to come up with new and exciting adventures. It is then I realized I have a great big group of extended friends here who may know about some cache or locational activities that they find excellent. So I will give some details then beg the GC group for their input as to what I might find adventurous, amusing, or amazing.


    So here are my details:

    I will have 2.5 months available. I don't have exact dates (I can choose them when I am ready).

    The usual activities I do are caching, biking, kayaking, hiking.. and some unusual activities as well.

    I will either be solo, or with my family (wife and 2 children), or with a group if I can join one.

    The areas I am interested in playing around are the Northwest, including parts of Canada if necessary.


    I am not interested in returning to work 2 months later being well rested and clean cut.

    I want to return smoldering, covered in muck, with a strange limp while speaking a foreign dialect and swatting at imaginary bats.


    At least that is mostly my goal. Do you know of any caching and/or adventures out there that you think would be excellent for me to attempt?

  9. I heard there was a actual Geocaching store, maybe around the Kirkland area. I would love to go there but can't seem to find any info online. Does anyone have any info on it or a website?


    Thanks! Teamfox4


    The only one in WA that we know of (besides Groundspeak itself) is in Eastern WA (Spokane).

  10. Thanks for all you have done. You have always been very quick, reasonable, open-minded, and fair and we appreciate all the work, time, and energy you have given this sport.


    Now, go enjoy it in another light and play more.


    Happy retirement,


  11. We are somewhat behind and are in needing of catching up on congratulating some Inland Empire folk.


    Congrats to the following milestones!


    Kidvegas19 grabbed #400 :D


    Bulletshot bullseyed # 400 :D


    Illumineon lit up #600 :P


    Onewheeler cycled up #700 :rolleyes:


    Love2Ski blasted her way past #700 and #800 :o


    TheDiver splashed his way passed #800 ;)


    Big__Don scored #900 ;)


    Plewdawg found #1000 :D


    Hockeymomz netted #1000 B)


    YAYA sought out #1000 ;)


    The Riley's gained #1100 B)


    Quadsinthemudd skirted up to #1300 :)


    ISplash rode the current passed #1400 to #1500 :D


    Ogeo crossed the #1600 threshold :D


    clh-fighting-duo flew passed #1600 :(


    Lookout Lisa advanced her way passed #1700! :D


    Bikely & Wifely rode passed #1900 :)


    Chumpo rocked on hitting #2000! :)


    MtnGoat50 climbed passed #2100! B)


    Jennifer&Dean used the force to obtain #2900 :D


    Keep up the good work!

  12. Congrats to the following Inland Empire Milestones!


    SpokaneGeoCachers 200! :huh: Greenstone Fanatics


    The Riley's 900! & 1000! :) The FTFers


    Clh-fighting-duo 1500! :) On Fire!


    Ogeo 1500! :) Cacheaholic


    Chumpo 1900! B) Aptenodytes Chumposquawkus Unite!


    LLCOOL 2400! :D "Two" Cool


    Jennifer&Dean 2800! :D The Montana Crew

  13. Congrats MtnGoat50 on 2000!


    We have missed a few here and there. Ok. We miss a LOT, but late is better than never, right?


    Nice job on your 2000th, MtnGoat50! We might never catch up to the master, but we're going to give it our best shot next week :rolleyes:


    Another notable milestone is Hockeymomz's'z's. Wow for 900! You know, if you cram those caches in, you could make the campout number 1000. :rolleyes: We're looking forward to seeing you all again!

  14. Congrats to Kidvegas19 on hitting 300! :P


    Congrats to Antiqueman on hitting 500 & 600! :D


    Congrats to stoneman88 on hitting 600! :)


    Congrats to Liwolf on hitting 1100! :D


    Congrats to Quadsinthemudd on hitting 1100 & 1200! :angry:


    Congrats to ISplash on hitting 1200 & 1300! :D


    Congrats to Ogeo on hitting 1400! :D


    Congrats to Lookout Lisa on hitting 1600! B)


    Congrats to Yellow Alligator on hitting 1700! :D


    Congrats to Chumpo on hitting 1800! :D


    Congrats to Bikely & Wifely on hitting 1800! :P


    Congrats to MtnGoat50 on hitting 1900! :D


    Congrats to LLCOOL on hitting 2300! :)


    Congrats to Colbridge on hitting 2700! :D

  15. Whoohoo! to Dmagoo who hit 200! :D


    Antiqueman is on fire! He hit 300 and 400! :D


    Stoneman88 is on a mission! He hit 400 and 500! :anibad:


    Congrats to ChrisNScott on hitting 800! :D


    Fantastic! YAYA hit 900! :D


    Great going Liwolf on hitting 1000! :D


    Kudos to Lookout Lisa for hitting 1500! :)


    Way To Go to Yellow Alligator on hitting 1600! :D


    Great Job to Bikely & Wifely on hitting 1600 and 1700! :D


    Groovy Caching to Jennifer&Dean! They hit 2600! :D

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