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  1. Wouldn't your farthest unfound be somewhere on the opposite side of the globe, or potentially 12,400 miles away? LOL.. but I never searched for a cache that far away. would be kinda cool to try and find one that far away though.
  2. Ya I'm sure Mollymaerue is also to long. That be one cool birthday gift though.. Dec. 1st ... happy birthday to me..happy birthday to me..happy birthday to me.. LOL
  3. Picked up two coins at a cache yesterday. Just found out one is a geocoin, but the other was from site named pathtags.com Not sure what to do with it, I just hate to sign up on some other site just to log one tag (so they are called)., then have to move it to another cache.. Or just sneak it back to the cache tat i retrieved it from.. ........ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I also have problems with downloading; to my Colorado 400t. I guess I never noticed file changing with my gps. got fustrated with and removed. lol, now maybe have to get it again to see if it does the same for me. I really like the idea of mass file download, I've tried easygps and also found one called gpsbuddy. Both seem same to me. 1. I can't get easygps to send all at once, just get pretty much a empty file. 2. I can get geobuddy to do multi file download, but has like a 90 day trial. The thing the thing that bothers me is I can't get ether one to send the cache description to the garman, no mater how I send the file single or multi. Is there a way to get the description also? Only way i can get the the cache and descirption is through the site directly. one file at a time Hope any ideas can help us both out. Thanks to bodet328 for starting this post on the program < MollyMaeRue >
  5. Well I did some searching didn't see anything about a dropped bug, but i did find this in another cache. "I found this cute monkey TB in Henderson, NV in cache "Summer Fun" (CGGCXF). I'll move it to Colorado to a TB hotel, and see if it can get closer to Costa Rica. It was not logged as begin present in the cache where I found it." How it ended up in Nebraska, I'm not sure.
  6. Last travel bug log was on 4/24/2008
  7. Thanks guys, that was a quick response.. Kinda feeling sorry for the rest of them little bugs lost out there.
  8. Help!!! I'm kind of new at this, so bare with me.. Wife and I went geocaching today (6/8/08) and I found a travel bug. Found that it wasn't logged as being dropped. Could it have been forgotten, or just recently dropped? How do I log the bug? I went to TB log found that I could only use discover it or grabbed from holder. The last post for the travel bug was 4/24/2008. Thanks for any help
  9. Bad! Vary bad!! Very very bad!!! Talk about maintaining your own cache, (even though I don't have any yet) I think this would be the wrong way to place a cache, do to the fact persons creating these types of caches would have to check on them almost daily. Who replaces theses caches of they get ripped out or the whole book comes up missing?
  10. Nearest found is .4 miles. Nearest unfound is 24 miles. How about the farthest. LOL.. Went on vacation to Colorado for a couple of weeks. Glad me and the wife brought the laptop and for WIFI. We looked forever for a multi cache, turned out we had to come back empty handed.. Farthest unfound 427 miles. Sorry if this got a little off topic. (Also looking forward to becoming a premium member in the near future.)
  11. Wife and I bought our Colorado 400 to use when we go camping and on the trails. Well anyway her friend/coworker got us (or should I say me. lol) into geocaching last month. Wife has only been out with me once.. I just love this Colorado 400.
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