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  1. I’d like to make two suggestions about uploading pictures:


    1) I suggest it’s better (ie more logical) to sort the pictures in the gallery according the date taken. In that way it would be possible to see the pictures in the gallery on a chronological way.

    [Now the pictures are sorted the way they are uploaded, as far as I found out. So not always a useful order, in my opinion.]


    2) I realised that the date one uploads a picture is automatically used as the date the picture is taken. In my opinion it would be much more logic & easy to change that and automatically insert the date of the log instead.


    When I found out about that discrepancy, I changed many pictures’ taking dates manually. Bit of a dull work to do… ;-)

  2. And what if one of my pictures is chosen. Will I be informed about that? Would be pity to have one of my pics on the homepage without knowing it myself (or anybody else, of course). :D With other words: do you inform the person whose picture is selected do appear on the homepage?

  3. Just a little lay-out idea:


    The stars above of a cache that indicate the Difficulty and Terrain of a cache could be even more appropriate if they turned from green to yellow to orange to red - according to the difficulty (= amount of stars).


    To make it more specific:

    If a terrain is supposed to be easy - there is now one red star. I think it would make it more visual if that star was green.

    If a terain is supposed to be hard, the filled stars could be red.



    1 filled star = dark-green

    2 filled star = light-green

    3 filled star = yellow

    4 filled star = orange

    5 filled star = red

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