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  1. Some do, some don't. This topic was also recently discussed here. That's what I get for posting before morning coffee. Thanks for the link.
  2. Sorry if this strays a bit off topic... do you (or anyone wishing to respond) file a Recovery with the NGS for each mark you find? I'm of course aware of the gc.com method for logging a mark, but that usually was the end of it for me. Should I be logging my finds elsewhere too? If I can help in some way by doing so then by all means I will.
  3. Thanks, but I'm already in one, it's called the Cubs. You know, I used to believe that too until my beloved Angels won it all in 2002. Now, you just have to believe. It's going to be a Red October again this year. Angel Red. For those of you that sent emails today, I'll get back to you when I get home to send you the information. Oh barf! That was the worst series of all time. We blew it in game 6 and you know it. Pretty much served it up on a silver platter... Haven't received an email Web. dubs@runbox.com
  4. dadgum, that's some grip to hang onto the wing AND take the picture! What're you, a gremlin? Do-de-do-do Do-de-do-do...
  5. Software engineering/system design often requires diverting your thought process away from a particular issue or problem. Browsing the forums provides the perfect opportunity to distract me, while still keeping me close to the computer for the "ah hah" moment. It may be hard to believe but some of the greatest thoughts/ideas I've ever had were when I was completely involved in something else. Odd how the mind works... Oh and it helps being the boss too =)
  6. Words to live by. Thanks for the reminder.
  7. Ahh there we go! You expect to much Criminal. Lower your expectations, and I think you'll find yourself far less angry. In this case, he is dealing with someone who clearly works for their $40,000 a year, goes home and forgets about their "job". How can you expect someone like that to "care". The answer he got was perfectly in line with what is to be expected, given the level of employee. In other words, if you went up to the groundskeeper and asked permission from him, would you get all upset when he gave you a blank stare and waved you off? I'm not excusing this, I'm simply pointing out a reality. When you climb the chain, what are you doing? Your connecting with someone who has more and more public exposure and responsibility (read accountability). If this email was received from the person directly appointed by the Governor of the state, now you can get pissed. You'd have every right to take that response to your Governor and yell and scream at their office. Watch the response you get. I think we do agree after all. However, I have yet to be disappointed, because I've never set my expectations to high given the situation. When you think about it, it really is a sad commentary on our society, no?
  8. True, to an extent. The difference is you don't leave the Frisbee behind. You take it home with you. If you did want to leave it behind, it would only make sense to ask permission to do so. Otherwise, you can bet groundskeepers will either take it home with them or trash it. Case in point: the last cache we placed was in an area where the permission requirement was at best fuzzy (to us anyway). We went ahead and asked anyway. It turns out, that was the best thing we could have done, as there is a standing order to remove any and all "foreign" objects from this area. There is even a book that they keep, cataloging everything that should be there, and everything that was removed. As a result of asking, our cache was added to that book, and has become a fixture of the area. As mentioned above, who you talk to makes all the difference in the world. This isn't the military in that you must follow the chain of command up. You might try just finding the highest level official (ain't the web great?) and go directly to them. In my case, I shot too high: I initially spoke with the President of this organization, who directed me to the correct person, with a blessing by the way. True enough regarding compromise. I think I meant that it behooves you to show a willingness to work with the person. The compromises made on both sides are as unique as the situation. Its hard to dictate hard fast compromise rules here.
  9. That certainly would reflect a positive light on geocaching! So, let me see if I understand your position, Criminal. One should never ask permission to place a cache because, well... 'fudge them.' After all, if they didn't want caches in their parks, they should have made it known that that was their policy, right? On the other hand, if they ever do let us know that they have a policy not allowing caches in their parks, place one anyway because, well... 'fudge them.' Seems logical. Uh oh. As much as I disagree and deplore Criminal's apparent stance on this particular example, lets not derail the thread. I applaud the permission attempt and think that if you felt permission was warranted, then it was. Request a meeting. Take the education approach. Show that you are willing to compromise and work with them, and I can't imagine they will out right reject you, especially once you've had a chance to explain the benefits of geocaching. Its a whole different ballgame when its a person standing in their office, expressing an idea than a computer screen filled with words. Good luck! Stay level headed and persist. Its worked for us, and made a few new cachers in the process
  10. I also took the opposite approach. I bought a digi camera that will do limited video. I settled on the tiny and cheep Minolta Dimage x20. The best thing about the bugger is that it used SD cards. Wouldn't ya know it? So does the Dell Axim X5 I use for paperless caching! Also, it uses 2 AA batteries; the smallest camera I could find that used AA. Since everything else I use is on AA bats, this was a natural choice (carry only one type of replacement). We are getting there. The line between digital cameras and digital video is becoming more and more blurred. Being a professional on the bleeding edge of technology, I'd estimate we are 3-4 years away from a fully integrated digi still/video option that compromises on neither at a price point that makes sense, in a package that fits in your palm.
  11. Well if log lore can be trusted, Kermit the Frog, the first travel bug was dropped off by Jeremy himself in Adam's Moon View Cache. We had the chance to visit this historic cache in Nov03. It would seem this cache has almost become a mecca for travel bugs. Can YOU say you've logged the birthplace of the travel bug?
  12. Awesome idea. As a mark hunter, I too would run out and grab this puppy if it were anywhere close. However, the idea doesn't necessarily need to be tied to a benchmark. In fact, it really might be worth two bugs. For the first bug I think I would probably laminate a pic of the old school, attach a blurb about the history of the school and about the goal. This would be just like your idea. For the second I would take a pic of the mark, laminate it and attach a bit about where I found it. Its goal would be to visit other marks attached to old time schools. I would ask that loggers post a pick of the bug with the mark they found, and perhaps a bit about the history of the place. In either case, I wouldn't attach the mark itself. Unfortunately, I bet it would disappear rather quickly.
  13. For fun. Everyone geocaches for different reasons. While stats mean squat to some, others like to keep track.
  14. I'd benchmark with you in the day I'd cache with you by night As long as you are with me every things alright Keep looking in the bushes Did you peek under the rocks? All I really want.... is that camo ammo box! Happy Geo-Valentine's Day Everybody!
  15. Would love to find a giftcard. I like the idea.
  16. 1 2 1 2 3 4 noinch noinch noinch shcmokin weed schmokin wizz doin coke drinkin beerz drinkin beerz beerz beerz rollin fatties smokin blunts who smokes the blunts we smoke the blunts rollin blunts and smokin... <interupted during his hunt> uh let me get a nickel back 15 bucks little man put that sh*t in my hand if that money doesnt show then u owe me owe me owe -Jay logging Nicklebag cache [cache log edited by cache owner]
  17. Wow! I am exhausted. This multi-cache was evil. I fell through a hole...should really watch where I am going while reading my GPS. With all the tree cover it was a little difficult to get a good fix. Then I found an experienced cacher named Cheshire. He was a little elusive, but helped me out. Stopped for tea before hitting the last leg of this hide. Took Blue Pill, Left Red one, Signed Log Alice - Paint the White Roses Red Cache p.s. That Mad Hatter is always FTF in our area!
  18. Thanks again for all the info guys. This mark hunting thing is right up our alley. It combines what we love about caching (getting out, seeing things we normally wouldn't, being together) with a bit of adventure, a touch of intrigue and an exciting education.
  19. Rosco, as always, your complete and helpful answers are much appreciated. It worked wonderfully today. Thank you!
  20. Sorry if this has been covered. I searched a bit and didn't find a thread dedicated to it, so where we go! Mrs. CC and I have only been stopped once. It was during a virtual that was just off a main road. It was 12:30am Christmas Eve (comin home from a family party ). The police man pulled up behind us, and basically wanted to know if Mrs. CC was ok. She gave her trademark big smile and immediately put the officer at ease. As he left, we both thanked him for checking. You just never know and we appreciated his efforts. Our most notable muggle experience was during one of our first caches. We were hunting around on some public property opposite homes. Over around 15 minutes, one lady peeking at us moved from hiding behind her car, to behind a tree, to behind a light post, to on the curb, to the middle of the street peeking around nothing but air. Finally, I just abruptly turned around and said "Hi there! Whatca doing?" You should have seen her face when she realized where she was (middle of the road) and what she was doing. Share your stories!
  21. Fair enough. Based on the past logs for this and the other 2 bugs though, its obvious the owner doesn't care to follow up. I think I was asking a more general question: is there a procedure in place to breath new life into unwanted bugs? Or, like in this case, since its clear the owner couldn't care less, do we just dump them in the trash? (of course I realize thats not a good idea, but passing around a pointless bug doesn't really make sense to me)
  22. Very interesting! So, is this, not the disk seen in our log pic, the actual mark HT3818 is referring too? Or, perhaps, are you suggesting this is a very old mark that was replaced by HT3818, but not removed for some reason (and there is no catalog record for it)? Or, rather, are you suggesting this is a completely separate mark located only a few feet away from a USGS disk, used for different reasons altogether (maybe a private company/land owner?) We ran into a situation like the middle question just yesterday. We found HS3917 right where the description said it should be. However, as we were leaving we basically tripped over another disk with the same designation 50 feet away, marked "Reset". Our guess is this mark was to replace the original disk, and the original disk wasn't removed because it was expected to be destroyed during the as of yet not started road construction (expansion). Is this a fairly common practice? That is, is it typical to replace/reposition a mark and leave the other behind, assuming it will be destroyed either through neglect or construction?
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