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  1. What the... The only thing i gathered from that is the ? picture is in .png format. Beyond that, I've got no clue.
  2. Our avatar says it all. We will find something from the immediate cache site area, add a couple of googlie eyes, maybe paint it, draw a mouth... and finally sign it "CC '0x" where x is the year. Doing this affords us the opportunity to spend a bit more time at the site than we normally would have. It also allows us to be creative and have a little fun. Just this weekend we found an old coyote jaw bone near a cache site. Stick a couple of eyes on that thing and you've got one weird sig item!
  3. I second that. Back on topic... I've said this before; for the money, we've found the Pontiac Vibe to be an outstanding choice. Its cheep, made by Toyota*, has plenty of room for 4 plus a mid size puppy, has a roof rack, great gas mileage (we average around 30mpg), optional all wheel drive (although ground clearance isn't all that much)...hell the thing even has a standard 110 outlet to recharge your batteries... I can't say we went looking for the Vibe. It was more of a happy accident. But, it has really become the standard by which we measure other cars. If you have even the slightest interest, go drive one. It wasn't until then that we saw and felt the posibilities... Good luck! edit: * The Toyota Matrix is the sister car to this. Both are made at the NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA. The Matrix trim, though, is far less utilitarian in look and use.
  4. Not good... I'm in a meeting (that I called), supposedly listening to some very important people talk about some supposedly very important and serious stuff, and here I am reading the replies, busting out laughing... thanks for getting me in trouble you bastids So we ended up taking the Vibe. It was cramped, and Angie had very little room, but it worked for the day. We too like the idea of a crate/carrier for the back of the truck. She's getting on in years, so with the crate, we need to have a ramp so she can climb up into the bed. I should have mentioned that I'm 6'9" tall (you should see me fold into the Vibe!), so something as large in the cab as a truck is a requirement. I loved the Subaru's that I looked at... that is until I actually test drove... I should say squeezed into one... and realized my knees didn't feel too good in my throat.
  5. So, what do you all do? I own an extended cab Sierra 1500 (read truck). Tomorrow, we'll be caching with another duo and thus all four seats will be filled. I don't have a shell, so our rather large retriever pup has no place to be. We could stick her in the bed of the truck leashed to a tie down, but that just makes us nervous... (we'll be doing a lot of freeway driving). Looks like we'll need to leave her home Is this a reason to own an SUV? I hate the idea of buying a 12MPG behemoth (the truck at least gets 15 or so) just for the occasional space problem. What vehicle/setup works for you?
  6. Answering my own question: Tools...GPS...Show Log...View...Summary How cool is Mapopolis? It has truly become the ultimate caching tool.
  7. Hi all, Anyone know how to get Mapopolis (PPC v4.33) to tell you the distance traveled, as recorded by the current GPS log? I, of course, can do straight line distance, however I'd be fun to see how far I've traveled hiking for a cache. Anyone know to make this happen?
  8. You and Yellow Dog are in are thoughts. Please remember that you are surrounded (virtually and otherwise) by those of us who understand this is a REAL loss and like missing anyone you love, will effect your life. So sorry for your loss. As a vet tech I can tell you there is nothing more frustrating than cancer. I am with you...I HATE IT! Good for you for going the extra mile in his medical care. I understand how difficult it all can be. Sounds like you gave him a wonderful life full of love. I don't think I can think of a better way to have Yellow Dog go then to spend the day in a favorite place with his favorite person. Wish all of us can be that lucky. He may be gone from your home, but will never leave your heart. Joyce and Jason CacheCreatures
  9. Mind elaborating Rubberhead? Best / worst you tested. Hours? Did you find accuracy to be a problem? Any noticble communication delays over the bluetooth connection?
  10. Alright, I love my Fortuna CF GPS. Its accurate, fast, reliable, easy to use... however, the thing is just huge sticking out the top of my Axim x5! Not to mention that the slot is beginning to show signs of wear (the GPS is getting a bit loose in there; I need to take it out every day because its just to big for certain situations at work). So here is the question: buy the Fortuna Clip On Bluetooth version? Money is not a concern (already got a buyer for my beloved CF one). I've read all the reviews, and all the opinions. However nothing I've read directly related to geocaching with bluetooth and/or bluetooth on PPC 2003 (I hear there is some concern regarding that?) On the surface it seems like a heck-of-a idea: stick the Axim in an Otter box, the gps in the backpack and away goes the happy cacher. But, will the battery last a full 8 hours of caching duty? Is the interface between the PPC and the GPS as responsive and accurate as the CF? Common guys, help me out here!
  11. ...spend twenty minutes putting together a post in response to a post. Common Sparky, live and let live. Not everyone's been here for years.
  12. Hey Jeep, How much room is left from the top of the iPaq to the end of usable space. Think a CF bluetooth card would fit? What about sound? Can you hear the speaker thru that case? Thanks!
  13. Suprised this hasn't been mentioned: Aquapac: click on the PDA & Palmtop link. Its thicker than a std ziplock, it locks closed, has a place to hold the stylus on the outside, and has a lanyard so it can hang around your neck. It even provides a small amount of impact protection. Expensive when compared to a ziplock, but IMHO very worth the price.
  14. Here here Sparky. Fear is the gut reaction to the unknown. What separates us from animals is our (sometimes lacking) ability to govern that fear.
  15. Interesting indeed. I use a Fortuna CF GPS on my Dell, and Mapopolis is the only app we've ever needed to locate the caches. (We've also hidden a few using this setup with no issues.) I have noticed that, while entering coords manually, they will usually translate to the map 1 or 2 1000th off. But in real world terms that has equated to about 7 feet; never enough to be of concern. Are we thinking this is an issue specific to bluetooth gps's?
  16. I give up. Let the Palm vs PPC war commence! All innocents, take cover!
  17. Dr. Getting, an IEEE Founders Medal Winner, was truly a visionary. His contributions will be realized for generations. Thanks for posting this. edit: sp
  18. Yeah, cause they are all packing heat Neat idea! However, I'll agree with Marky on this one. The value of the thing is not why I cache =)
  19. Sorry. Thats basically what I was referring too; certain areas of the park were closed.
  20. Covered here Hopefully people won't yell at you too much for starting a new thread when one is already going on the subject... just acquaint yourself with the search feature of these forums and you'll be fine
  21. Interesting discussion. A thought I had... if I understand the story correctly, it was the local law enforcement that brought in their bomb squad. I cannot imagine this decision to close the park was made by Disney officials alone. In fact, if I had to guess, I'd bet it was the recommendation of the law enforcement to close the park. They may have even made it a requirement. I'm fairly certain the commanding officer on the scene didn't look at the director of the park and say "Well what do you think we should do?" PS: Just my passing thoughts. This is not an attempt to defend nor justify the parks/police actions.
  22. Ah hah! I was just wrestling with this yesterday. The things they don't teach you in school... Thanks for the info.
  23. In your zealousness you have forgotten to mention one thing... Exactly what are these more things that you can do with a PPC that you can't do with a Palm? Off the top of my head I can't think of one. JeremyA Uh oh. Lets try and keep this on topic guys Can we all agree that each device will do what its designed to do, very well? And that its differences in users that account for most of the debate, not actual device discrepancies?
  24. Are we talking the same mapopolis - I don't see how to use the .mlp on my Mapopolis Navigator 1.31 for the palm ? I'm on the PPC version so I can only speak to that. However, I have heard mention here that the .mlp file works just as well on the Palm. Maybe a Palm expert can answer for you specifically? On the PPC, you would choose it as a map to load, just like any other map. It automatically shows up on the screen that allows you to select maps. Sorry I can't be of more help
  25. I too come from a Palm background and agree with your statements wholeheartedly. GPX files are files geocaching.com will send you if you are a premium member, and have configured the gpx generator. If you're a premium member, you'll find the generator on your My Cache Page -> Member Features. Read the directions and make yourself a "pocket query"; the term given to the search criteria used in creating your gpx file. Once you have the gpx file in hand, you can use this cute little application from Mapopolis: GPXToMaplet This will convert the gpx file into a maplet, which is Mapopolis' file format for showing landmarks. Load the newly created .mlp into your device, be sure to select it on the Choose Map screen, and you'll see a whole lotta dots indicating cache locations. As mentioned elsewhere, you can also use that GPX file with GPXSonar for a complete paperless solution.
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