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  1. Knights In Satan's Service?? What did he mean by K.I.S.S., anyway?? Edit: Nevermind. That last "S" refers to me.
  2. No harm in asking. I would have asked, too... it's understandable that an accurate start date would be important to you.
  3. If the cache is out of reach and out of sight I'd rate the difficulty pretty high... maybe about four stars. I think most people would spend some time searching the area before they decided to shine a flashlight in tiny hiding spots. (...unless there really aren't any other hiding spots in the area and there are only a limited number of spots a micro could be hidden.) The four star difficulty rating would also cover the bit of inventiveness that is needed to retrieve the cache once it's spotted.
  4. It’s unfortunate… A few bad apples so easily tarnish the reputation of all joint-smoking idiots.
  5. Are you my old geology professor?? Many times I've picked up a rock sample only to learn that it's "leverite." The darn stuff seems to be everywhere...
  6. A download link for Picasa 2.0 can be found on versiontracker. Edit: Or just go to Picasa.com.
  7. Welcome to the game and congratulations on your first finds!! Have you visited the Wisconsin Geocaching Association's website, yet? You might want to check their forums regularly to stay updated on Wisconsin events. One big one, the 2005 Geo-campout, is being held near Chippewa Falls. Feel free to email/pm me if you have any questions about caching. Enjoy your new hobby!
  8. Edit: Ah, who cares... my real point was that I felt your post was a little too harsh.
  9. DING! We have a winner, I think! I definitely disagree, but thanks! Great pictures, peoples. I love this thread!!
  10. After thinking about it for a day, I'm not sure why I even posted this! It certainly wasn't my most brilliant moment. Thanks, everyone for not jumping on me for it. Are these forums getting friendlier?? I’m convinced that inaccuracies in max speed are because the unit can’t pinpoint your exact location. If your speed is determined by comparing where you were a millisecond ago to where you are now, unless it uses exact locations to calculate this, it will not be entirely precise. I did a quick search of the web and couldn’t find a good explanation of how max speed works using GPS. Oh, well.
  11. If you are in a car traveling 70 mph and quickly move your GPS forward towards the windshield, the GPS is technically going faster than 70 mph for that one fraction of a second. Are these units sensitive enough to pick up this small burst of speed? I know that mine has read a max speed of 80-some miles per hour when I was sure I had never gone faster than about 70 or 75 mph. …Also, what effect does going around a curve have on the speed of your GPS? When there is a change in direction, there is an increase in velocity (I think I’m remembering that correctly from Physics class), but from the perspective of your tires (and therefore your car’s speedometer) the speed remains constant. Could this account for the discrepancy?
  12. Maybe this topic can provide some ideas for you.
  13. I took a wrong turn while driving to the next leg of a multi-cache. These guys were on the side of the road, tripping all over each other, making a cute chirping noise. I just had to stop. They cautiously followed me back to my car after I snapped some pictures... the fact that I do not now have three mischievous new pets required a lot of restraint on my part! Man, I hope they didn't get flattened.
  14. My favorites have been threads like Has anyone ever happened upon their worst nightmare?, or Found Satanic Ritual Site, or (sorry, it's been moved to the Off Topic forum) Cool Pics From A Lost/found Camera, AKA Lose a camera in the Carskills?, even though this last one... well, maybe I shouldn't tell you about this last one.
  15. Subterranean


    No it doesn't. Just kidding. You're right, it does. Let me be the first to welcome you!!
  16. According to research undertaken by A Ach, (see:Biodegradable plastics based on cellulose acetate. Jour Macromolecular Science-Pure & Applied Chemistry. 1993;A30(9-10):733-740.) "Cellulose acetate filters may persist under normal environmental conditions for 18 months or more." "...can take decades to degrade" "...may persist under normal environmental conditions for 18 months or more" So, the site I linked and the article you referenced are in agreement then.
  17. "The system cannot find the file specified." Have they removed it? I can't seem to find it myself on TexasGeocaching.com, either.
  18. Here's a link for one that's available from TexasGeocaching.com.
  19. They've recently added the capability to pay using a credit card. An annual membership can be purchased through Groundspeak's online store. This link will take you there.
  20. Yep, this is true, exept that the boolean operator "AND" is used instead of the "+" sign. One thing that annoys me is that none of the search terms can be shorter than four letters. It's actually impossible to perform a search on "DNF," for example.
  21. I suppose that as long as common sense is used, it shouldn’t be a problem. There is a disclaimer on every cache page that states that the logs may include spoilers. If a cache owner tells you that they think one of your pictures gives too much away, simply remove the image. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that images are added after the log has been submitted. The owner receives notification of the new log, but isn’t notified when there are accompanying images. Unless the owner reviews their cache page, they won’t even know that images have been posted. So, I think you should be careful (as it sounds like you are) not to post pictures that are complete spoilers.
  22. I’m sure luck plays a significant role in which caches get muggled. The most out-in-the-open cache could sit undisturbed for months while some kids playing Transformers instantly discover the cleverest hide. I’m not sure the “mine” idea will really give you a true idea of each hiding spot’s vulnerability. It’s a really interesting idea, though… it might be kind of fun to try.
  23. I have a Mountainsmith Wraith. It's incredibly comfortable to wear and is designed to be easily converted into a hydration pack. Its size is perfect for day hikes and I use one of the little elastic loops on the shoulder straps (meant to hold the drinking tube) as a hands-free skyward-facing GPS-holding apparatus/device-type thingy 9000. I think it's important for you to go store hopping and try on many different packs. A pack may have all of the features you want, have the perfect internal capacity, and look great, but the moment you load it up and put it on your back, there may be some little, annoying, plastic thing that pokes you in your side every time you walk.
  24. There's actually a website devoted to this! www.cigarettelitter.org From that site:
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