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  1. On further reflection, I think that it certainly is a sport... if you choose to make it one. It really is a question of attitude.
  2. When going out backpacking for 2 weeks or more, it is necessary to purchase a minimum amount of "sporting equipment". Furthermore since a day on the trail usually amounts to about 25 kilometers carrying 30 kilograms and changing altitude as much as 500 meters it usually requires some physical training and preparation. Especially if you work a sedintary job as I do.
  3. Well my Jeep is a 4 cylinder. Sure is slow. Wish I had a 6 or 8. To me, you don't have a real Jeep unless the doors come off. Doors and top come off and fold up in the back seat.
  4. For me the answer has to be outdoor activity. I love to hunt, hike and backpack. All of these I consider sports. Caching is just an excuse to get outside or make unscheduled stops in unfamiliar places. Adds a small challenge to the otherwise ordinary routine.
  5. My '78 renegade was ALL JEEP! It also had A 308 AMC V-8 engine. Never has been a jeep like the C-J.
  6. I have kids (teenagers now) but I hadn't heard of them since I was a kid maybe 35 years ago. I didn't know they still made them.
  7. I agree, I think they are more fun to do without GPS, with one exception. In and around cities or other very public areas I prefer the GPS.
  8. use this page. once you enter coords you can go to topos or street maps http://jeeep.com/details/coord/
  9. Found the cache easily... I already knew where it was. Didn't read the log ... I already know what it says. I took nothin left gifts of Love, Compassion, and forgiveness. I also left a book detailing my most intimate thoughts, if only someone will read it. Jesus Christ
  10. I have to use it to repay the money I borrowed to feed my family through the winter. It is a bi**h being self employed. I have to loan the feds money, interest free, if I don't they put me in jail. Then because they have all my money tied up till next april or so, I have to borrow at usery rates from the bank. Let freedom ring!
  11. And judging from some of my cache hunts, they are correct. inaccurate is a relative term.
  12. Indeed there are lots of grey areas. We are dealing with civil law not criminal. Until it is tested in court, who knows what crosses the line. As one who is engaged in a business involving intellectual property and copyrights (photographs) I am very much concerned about the cavalier manner in which people treat them. If it were their work, they would not be so quick to rationalize or justify the theft!
  13. Jeeze, I feel older than dirt! They're givin' you a number and takin' away your name
  14. An excellent point. Here in southern Ohio, there are very definite and pronounced terrain features. This no doubt makes it much easier. In flat land I would add one more instrument we used to use in the military. A good measur or scale. An accurate ruler would serve well.
  15. I often use maps and compasses. I teach orienteering to an outpost of Royal Rangers (10 to 15 year olds). I find geocaching to be one of the most fun and instructive ways to do it. I use only a topozone map and a silva compass. Many times my boys accuracy is better than my etrex.
  16. So you're his sock puppet. I wondered if you would notice that. If you read his posts backwards at 78 speed they say "I AM DEAD WHITE MAN"
  17. Googlism for: white man white man is killed white man is a filthy beast white man is a criminal white man is killed the telegraph david blair in karoi july 25 white man is entirely disinterested as a race in taking up the white man's burden white man is written in the imperative white man is the devil i'm working on a pro white man is the devil white man is that he didn't take the time to ask about what the little figure he was so taken with really meant white man is poor and lives in slums white man is very much alone in this world of women and gays whining for equality and yelling discrimination white man is trying to temp the black man all over the earth to take part with the white man in evil and filth white man is now angry because allah white man is left grounded white man is in front of the line and the black man is waiting in the back white man is the strong so thinks the white man white man enslaves innocent human beings because of color man is so ignorant enslaving many men whom have white man is the evil one white man is very clever white man is always the alien white man is blasphemy white man is not physically stronger than the black man white man is now a tiny minority in the world white man is allowed to lord it over the colored man so long as the coloreds are white man is condoning on his own home territory white man is responsible for white man is falling hourly white man is an absolute sweetheart of a guy white man is not relevant to white man is this guy talking about? white man is a little white man is called baas white man is again trying to sell the black man his dirty cotton white man is making him play the game with no respect for his team or fans? white man is the cross we bear white man is very shrewd and very tricky and he uses all kinds of words saying 'we want to help the indigenous people white man is to tell him a lie white man is back white man is the greatest source of evil and white man is coming from allah white man is inevitable white man is still in control of the game white man is the leader white man is imbedded in our culture no other interracial couple is shown as much white man is the only real white man is mighty "onsartain white man is keeping him down white man is dying white man is here as a second citizen white man is by far the most important white man is the enemy white man is simply a tool of the conman white man is his standard bearer and white man is concerned white man is shivering white man is the assumption on the part of most people white man is refered to as the devil white man is doing a good job white man is married to a black woman white man is dead white man is to sing white man is to blame white man is frantic with fear and speaks of more security and more laws white man is evil" haven't paid attention to the very last part of his life white man is incapable of thinking for himself white man is my street name white man is made very glad white man is up to no good white man is aided by the maiden of the woods white man is gonna say about them white man is constructed of solid materials white man is now paying california indians for their land white man is a science white man is behaving like we do white man is angry white man is gonna combat this expected mulatto threat and thinnin of their milkass blood and vanilla pearl culture is to clone white children and white man is in the land where he is white man is to tell white man is de ruler of everything as fur as ah been able tuh find out white man is white man is getting screwed white man is moving in white man is feeling weak and needs a drink white man is unable to cast any speaking image to this day white man is always trying to keep me down
  18. I have to agree with Criminal and BP.............. OH NO!
  19. I just went and read this thread. Scary as it may be, I agree with J5's stated reasons. Caching for me is about the experience, not the numbers. Most of my hides are the kinds of caches I would like to find. Changing the caching experience of MY cache from what I intended is rude, plain and simple. If I want parking coords on MY cache, I will place them in MY cache description. If I want to suggest the finder parks at a certain place to seek MY cache, and someone else changes that, it's rude. It's no dfferent then someone changing the way my cache is hidden, or moving it to a "better" spot. I also read the thread. Bothe sides make some very good points. But reason would dictate that people behave in a civil fasion. Perhaps the finder should encrypt the co-ords. and perhaps the cache owner should not be so quick to delete the finders log, but rather simply ask them to change it. This game does'nt have to be confrontational.
  20. I think parking co-ordinates are fine. If i don't want to use them, I can ignore them, Unless I make an effort to use them they are useless. If however the cacher has a good reason for not wanting them posted, it is a simple matter to email the finder and ask him to remove them. Treat others as you would be treated and everyone stays happy.
  21. Can't reply too quickly without reading carefully. All we who are gullible get caught sooner or later.
  22. Instead of photographing it on a white towell, you should photograph it in the setting in which you intend hiding it. Possibly some of these rating recommendations might be higher.
  23. I like the wristwatch. Maybe I'm just a troublemaker
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