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  1. You can't unsubscribe fast enough to keep up with the new spammers. Sometimes you have to change your email address.
  2. I concur, exept I might add this shoud be published periodically to remind people.
  3. As an additional note, and speaking as a historian, cemetaries provide some very interesting (and sometimes little known) information. Furthermore they are very often located on high hills providing terriffic views.
  4. Because even after you brave the -17 wind chill. Poke frozen fingers thru the snow into every stinkin stump and tree crotch. Get broken wrist from tring to turn over rocks frozen to the groung. You finally find the ammo can and the darn thing is frozen shut so well that a sledge hammer wont open it, I like winter camping, I like winter hunting. But cacheing weather should be at least 30 deg. F.
  5. Cache containers.... duh .... ammo boxes.....duh... what am i missing?
  6. We've strayed a long way from amo boxes in the forrest, not necessarily for the better.
  7. It isrepeatedly, repetitiously, redundant over and over again.
  8. The anonimity of the internet allows people in forum to be slightly more rude than in "real" society. Don't let it bother you too much. Roll with the punches.and all is well.
  9. Most posters are very helpful. There are of course 1 or 2 who get teir thrill by belittling other people, but they can do you no real harm... so post away!
  10. So many things come into play here. I have neither a high post count (136) nor a high find count (125) or even a high hide count (4) I am able to be on the forum only in January and February for the most part. I live in an area with not alot of hides so I must travel now sometime a good distance to get more finds. But to say it makes me any more or less a geocacher than others would be wrong. The same holds true of others.
  11. Something must be wrong with your GPSr! I went to Baskin Robbins today and it was at 840 elevation.
  12. I like to carry only a topo map and a compass. I like to take a gpsr to verify coordinates if there is a discrepancy or if I am totally unable to find it with a map.
  13. I heard that dick cheney made a secret deal with Haliburton to set off a nuke and move the north pole back where it belongs!
  14. At this point in my life, I don't give a harry potter who thinks I'm a geek, or nerd, or dork. After raising my teenagers (finally) to honorable manhood, I can no longer be concerned with how others view me. I have been called everything.
  15. I found the following log in an empty ammo can. "I am not sure how this game is played, but it looks like fun. I found this by accident. Me and my old lady @*#*ed on the back of my harley behind that sign over there."
  16. I smoked a pipe for 14 years. (quit in 1981) I used to swear that it stopped mosquitos from biting me. After quitting though, I still don't get bit. I probably just taste bad.
  17. Actually that symbol is used in a wide variety of ways, has a lot of meanings, and is really useful for finding your way around washington DC washington DC huh? That proves it's satanic!
  18. yes http://www.m-w.com I believe the remark was regarding my (mis)spelling. Even if I keep that dictionary open in my browser, it is highly unlikely that I am going to check my questionable words ( of which there are many). If the forum had a built in spell checker it would help, but I think I will just have to ask you all to forgive my poor spelling mistakes and I will forgive yours.
  19. this really is an interesting question. I believe there are such things as international copyrights, but I know NOTHING about them. I would have 1 question though. How would you have obtained this music. Is this something you purchased while in another country? Grey market means a lot of things. In my business when a supplier offers me grey market material, it is usually a domestic product which has been produced for a foriegn market. usually, then labled in German, French, or Japaneese. I don't know that that makes any difference in your situation.
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