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  1. I agree, I think I am going to make it a project for this year and probably next to obtain the coorinates of as many of the burial sites as I can. I just did a search on interment locations in my files, I have 972 of them. Maybe I had bettewr make that a five year project
  2. They will be there, Stay quiet 1 day, maybe 2. But when they can't hold back anymore and put in their 2 cents, you can bet it will be $3.99
  3. Wherever it is.. make sure to take your hunting bow!
  4. I'm old enough... but wasn't that north Georgia?
  5. Well said! My apologies if I sounded harsh. It is my sarcastic nature.
  6. Micro? No, a big one. Buried deeply... Against the rules to bury it
  7. Well let's see. The Home Depot near me employs 70 people. They paid $240,000 to the state of Ohio to have the roadway expanded. They pay county property taxes out the ying yang, from which we all benefit. Also each of those 7o people pays municipal income tax, state income tax, federal income tax. I could go on, but you get the point. I hope that answers your question as to where the money is going. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, The stock holders get a share too. But then, shouldn't they? They are the ones who are risking their hard earned capital. Lest you think that stock holders are a bunch of rich fat cats who reap where they don't sow, keep in mind most stock holders are just ordinary people like you and I who maybe own an IRA which happens to be well invested and diversified.
  8. Well, I've never found a DEAD body. But here is a log post from someone who found a couple of bodies near my area. This actual log can be seen here BRWGL1800
  9. I can understand being upset over your uncles demise. May I extend my sympathy. But I have never been upset by my childs or grandchilds smile. I would only be upset by the kiss if she kissed another man. Of course it is your oppinion. That is what a forum is all about. In the free country in which I was reared, there was something called the first ammendment to the constitution. We all had to learn it in school. Destruction is not as easy as most people thinf, and few things we do or build are as fragile as that. I have read and re-read it. Although it uses alot of touching, emotive, poignant, stirring, tear-jerking, tender language, it says very little that is discernible.
  10. I say go ahead and make it, those who like it, like it. Those who think it is lame, stil lwill log their find I'll bet.
  11. Baseball, Frontier Camping, Hunting, History and geneology, and photography(athough that is my livlihood)
  12. If its dangerous, I'd just trade it out. If some kid sliced his hand open on a broken piece of glass while looking through the cache and I knew it was in there I'd feel responsible. I'd do the same thing (actually, I have done the same thing). Trade the dangerous item for something else. With the addition that, if I knew who left the item in the cache, I e-mail them with a polite explanation of why it wasn't a good thing to leave in the cache. I found a cache with 2 claymore mines, 500 rounds of .223 ammo and 50 pounds of yellow cake uranium. All I had to trade for it was a broken McToy and a golf ball.... so guess what I did?
  13. At our local Wal-Mart there are a lot of "woodchcucks"! Rats are everywhere!
  14. ****Side Note*** I have found in my experiences that the worst violators in this respect are case workers for Childrens Protective Services.
  15. Now there is a little phrase designed to add weight to a statement that has none.
  16. I suppose it all depends on your location. People farther south call one thing cold, my idea is quite another. Any time you are north of say 40 deg. lat. winters can get bad, and the bugs in summer usually aren't bad. Farther south, it is just the opposite... At least that seems to be true in the eastern US.
  17. There are lots of theme caches. If I find one and don't have the appropriate trade item, I simply sign the log. SL LN TN TFTC This keeps them "on theme"
  18. Once again, RK, you have nailed one of my pet peaves. I find the use of fake clues, fake caches and decoys to "send me in the wrong direction" detestable. Unfortunately I know 2 local hiders who rutinely use thes tactics, so I have resolved to not hunt any more of their caches.
  19. Although this sarcasm sounds perhaps bitter, I agree with it. There was a listeine packet cache hidden in a city park here. It was a terribly annoying cache. It was "temporarily disabled" more than it was availabe. It kept disapearing. I presume because it is litle different from the rest of the litter in the park. Furthermore, it's listing gave no hints, and no description other than "micro" . Since it can litterally be hidden behind even a piece of tree bark.it is a very un-realistic cache. Within 25 feet of this cache in every direction. there were 19 trees, 64 shrubs, 8 park benches, 6 guardrail posts, 2 street signs, 1 flag pole, 2 monuments, 2 storm drains.... I could go on, but you get the Idea. My personal feeling about micros is much like groundspeaks policy on virtuals. That is, they should only be used when a regular cache can't. Don't get me wrong, I am not opposed to micros, and I use them in some of my placements, but they should have a purpose other than making the cache impossible to find.
  20. Stick with the little yellow etrex. It's fine. If it works..... don't fix it.
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