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  1. While caching last weekend, I came across another lame micro in a small roadside park. This park had several acres and some nice wooded land and older landscaped area. But this was a film container in the bark of a tree in the lawn. When I logged it, I posted this statement; "There are plenty of good places here for a regular size cache, why did you place this silly micro." I got an almost immediate response from the owner saying "Could you please refrain next time from the harsh uncalled for negative remarks from the cache and delete it and put something not so opinionative. If you have a question and opinion on one of my caches msg me dont put your negative remarks on the cache log. Thank You " After reviewing what I had written, I thought it was very polite, except for 1 word. So I edited to delete "silly". Was I too harsh??????
  2. This is all true, wal-mart will do the same. almost any processor will. Furthermore, although they give you back the negatives, they are rendered unnecessary since few labs are actually making optical prints from the negs. If you take them a negative they will proceed to scan it then sen the file to a digital LED printer which will print it obn high quality photo paper, just like the negative, only quicker and with a more accurate color balance. Therefore you are better off taking the disc back in to make reprints. Also the disc is copiable so you can have back-up.
  3. The traditional answer to this question, regardless how it is meant , also is true here. emphatically YES!
  4. I fully agree. Just PLEASE make sure you rate it appropriately.
  5. I have not seen outlet boxes or junction boxes used around here. Switch boxes and small breaker boxes are sometimes used quite well. Because you don't have to take them apart but merely open them, they are quite safe.
  6. I'll second that third which should make a sixth......I think.
  7. I had totally forgotten about the warn meter until now! Great memoriies huh?
  8. Those are just guidelines... nfa-jamie except of course when they are rules. I'M SOOOO CONFUSED!!!
  9. I agree with your thinking, but I am not able to just leave and forget it. I am compulsive I guess.. The only ones I can leave alone are those annoying ones that say "worlds smallest micro" (edit spelling)
  10. 1) I was not trying to justify copyright violation, I just thought the wording was strange. 2) Copyright violation is not, legally speaking, stealing. Copyright violation is illegal it is called "theft oif intellectual property".
  11. That doesn't sound right - record stores, book stores etc don't own the copyright to the material they make available (for a fee). And I don't own the copyright to the material on CDs I've bought - does that mean that I can't sell them or give them away (without keeping a copy)? I believe he meant "copies of" copyrighted work. In making CDs available for sale from the copyright owner, they create a license of ownership that does not remove the copyright. It's the legal term: "First sale" doctrine. For each copy the owner makes, if they sell it, they can't control its distribution thereafter...only it's duplication (in whole...or enough part that it's a derivative work). So you can sell, destroy, lend, etc. a legally obtained copy of copyrighted material. You can't duplicate it and sell or lend that copy though. I can't tell you how much my wrath gets stirred every time this subject come up here. I am literally disgusted by the number of people who will rationalize and justify stealing! Speaking from the position of one who derrives his living from creating and distributing intellectual property, I can't believe the dishonesty of people. Make no mistake about it, stealing is stealing and cannot be justified. One who participates is a thief! Thanks ju66l3r for attempting once again to clarify that for people, but I suspect that it falls on deaf ears. Those who steal, will probably continue to steal because they have warped ethics!
  12. Please understand, I don't mean to excuse rudeness and poor behavior only tolerate it!
  13. Ok--You old guys on the forum have just gone too far this time--Insulting my family. Just because I married my niece and can play the banjo . . . . . Why in the world did YOU marry her? Did your nephew get tired of her?
  14. Do ya need a security clearance to find this one??
  15. You are absolutely correct here. Groundspeak being the owner of the forum can and does edit where they like, just as a newspaper edits as they see fit. along that vein however, every publisher knows that when you impose too many restrictions, then your column no longer has interest. That being said, I want to point out that the whole reason for a forum is the FREE exchange of ideas.
  16. Woah! Woah! Woah! While I agree with the basic oppinion of your post.. You went way over the line right here: If you lived in some country where free speech is forbidden or restricted. I might excuse that statement as uninformed. Since I see by your profille you live in North Carolina, I cannot find a reasonable excuse for this type of naive ignorance except to perhaps blame it on our failed educational system. The right to free expression should NEVER be taken lightly. Freedom is fragile. A person will give it up so easily for mere comfort. Free expression is what these forums are all about. If the founders of this country had not intende to protect ALL speech, there would be no need for the constitutional guarentee. You don't need to protect non-offensive speech. Clearly they intended to protect even the most offensive speech. Offenseive speech, although often in poor taste and rude, is and should always be protected.
  17. No, that gets no credit. They don't have a way to document your "lurking time" so you aren't verifiable . Hey, I don't make the rules.... Why not?
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