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  1. Just to let you know, you cannot 'win' geocoins that are out in the 'wild' unless their is some specific contest for that specific coins. Generally, any geocoin you find out there should be logged and moved on.


    Happy caching!

  2. Woohoo finally a reply!!! anyway, gba card might work if you have a passme/2 or nopass, but i would suggest that you just get a m3 simply. I have one, and i LOVE it. The original passme prolly wont work on your firmware. Anyway, here are the links:



    Can you recommend a trustable vendor for teh M3 Simply? So far everywhere I have looked they have been 'backordered'. :surprise:

  3. Hi dontpanic II! I have a Nintendo DS Lite. The only flash card I have is an old one I bought from Lik-Sang (*shakes fist at Sony*) that I used to play homebrew games on. I have not tried it with my DS (only the GBA SP). I have considered buying a M3 Simply.


    Anyway, I would be willing to help with testing your software. If the compiler & libraries are open source/public domain, please post a link to them. Meanwhile I will dig out my old flash cart and see if it will work the DS.


    Thanks! :surprise:

  4. It is Geotrash essentially - grab it and contact the owner for instructions on what to do with it. He may or may not wish to have it back.


    It is possible that he believed it to be muggled and then archived it too.

    Alternatively, it could be listed on a different geocaching website and archived on this one.


    Don't just take it without trying to contact the owner.

  5. So are we talking about the little chocoate hollow eggs, about the size of your fist? Inside is a little orange plastic egg holding a toy?

    Here in Canada those are available everywhere, and I assumed they were in the U.S. too. Are we maybe talking about the big ones, about the size of a baby's head, that you can only get overseas?

    I'm just a little confused... Thanks! :laughing:

    Yes, they are both illegal in the US, according to Wikipedia. Some 1930's era law that said you can't put non-food items into, well, food items. I'm sure it was originally meant to keep antifreeze out of whiskey and cardboard out of ground beef, but bureaucrats have applied it to Kinder Eggs as well. Stupid, I know*... however, I might make a road trip to Canada someday. :anibad:


    *Of course, in todays (US) litigious society, some kid would probably swallow the toy in one and dimwit Mommy would sue everyone on the planet.

  6. Do your geocachers use the build in base map the gps comes with for geocaching or you need map cards?


    I started with my Garmin eTrex Legend WITHOUT the extra maps for a while. Once I got the maps, they were a great help, but they are not required.


    There are some people who geocache with no maps AT ALL - just numbers on the display.


    Though I will say, extra maps are very, very nice. If you can afford them, get 'em. I had to save for a while.

  7. If you add a "Bug Drop" note to the cache page, in addition to your "Found it" log, delete that note afterwards. The Bug or Coin will stay in the cache and deleting the note will clean up the cache page making the last five logs more useful for "paperless" cachers.

    Ooh, I didn't know that... Will try that the next time..

  8. I live in a very rural area. I am too far away from a telephone building for DSL and there is no cable way out here. Satellite Internet is possible for people who can afford it, but I cannot afford the equipment and the $60.00/mo fee. This ISP, which until last Friday, has been very reliable (I never get a busy signal), only costs $100.00 per year.

    Doesn't DSL run on your home phone line? Do you have to be close to a building for that?

    I looked into that before we got cable. You need to be no more than a certain distance from the nearest telco substation in order for DSL to work on your line. We were out of luck.


    Ever Considered ADSL, HSDPA or 3G?

    I was always under the impression that you folks in the USA and other First World Countries had massive bandwidth (in excess of 2mb) to your houses for a very small cost? ^_^

    I wish. Unfortunately we are spread out pretty well here, except inside cities. The costs to run fiber (heck, even copper) lines generally doesn't give the companies any real returns. It is expensive to lay, and if only a few people on each street use it, the line won't pay for itself (it actually loses money for the company).


    At least, that is what they (ISP's/cable companies/telcos) tell us.

  10. We found a geocoin and sent a message to it's owner. Now we want to put it in a new cache but I don't know how to show that. Any ideas?

    Yep, if you've already logged a Find on the cache you put the coin into, make another log (a NOTE type), say you are dropping off a coin, but DON'T SUBMIT IT YET. At the bottom of teh page. there should be a list of all the geocoins/travelbugs in your possession. Simply cclick the one you put in the cache, then submit.


    If you drop more than one bug or coin, you can hold down Control (CTRL) while you click several bugs/coins, then submit.

  11. 1. Its perceived as an dangerous adult item not suitable for kids or morons, thus its not good for the family friendly image.

    2. If you try hard enough you can probably get one to go off without a gun, which would probably be a safety problem (and again not family friendly looking).

    I understand how people perceive them.


    You would have to try very very hard to hurt anyone with one if you didn't have a gun.


    Putting live ammunition in a fire would do nothing but make a popping noise like a firecracker. Although i doubt it would be that loud.


    I doubt the hammer and vice but i have no proof either way.


    I guess used brass would be ok for a sig item.

    In at least one US state, even spent brass requires a permit. :)

  12. This could be a system error on your end. I know that after opening 20 pages or so I get a page file error and the pages all start coming up blank. Check your page file usage by typing ctrl+alt+del and then clicking on the performance tab.

    It's not an error. The system has a throttle control, which locks you out if you try to access too many pages within a certain time frame. This is to foil screen-scrapers. If all you get is a white page, with the page's URL address as the page title, then you've been throttled. Come back in 10 or 15 minutes, and the throttle should be released.

    Heh, my middle mouse button automatically opens in a new tab. I can click fast. So just clicking my last few (3-10) log entries in a row and *poof*, throttled like Bart Simpson after egging Homer. :angry:

  13. Filter out Terrain 5 caches and you should be good to go with that type of issue...

    It is not uncommon to see for example T3 for caches requiring a boat. Lowest I've seen so far has been T2.5 ...


    Also, there are tremendous differences between caches having same T ratings.


    Really? I'd report those to your reviewer. Anything that requires special equipment (boat, climbing gear, whatever) is supposed to be a Terrain 5*. With the sheer number of caches submitted, I can believe an oversight like that would be pretty easy.


    *Last I knew, anyway.

    **Also, I dunno if there are variations of that system outside of the USA. Check with your local reviewer.

  14. After finding a few caches, I like to go to my profile page with logs and re-open those recent caches to follow-up. I like to see if subsequent finders have an issue that I might have caused - Just checking up and trying to be a better cacher. Anyway, I run into an issue dong this. I am a Firefox user, and open those cache pages into new tabs. I am allowed to do that for three logs, but no more - after three the system spanks me by blanking the pages out.


    I understand that gc.com is trying to protect the site, but would it be possible to either disable this safety feature only when such pages are accessed from the profile? Alternatively, bring the limit up to ten (for Premium Members, mayhaps)?


    Thanks for listening! Have a wonderful weekend (or have had one, depending on when you are able to be in the office)!

  15. Attitudes like this must be the reason some reviewers keep a "secret identity" separate from their regular caching username.


    Every reviewer I've met has been a great person and very helpful.

    Amen, brother. Sheesh.

  16. I don't know if there's been a change recently or not, but it's been my experience this week (as disclosure, I'm a computer guy, not using a wimpy internet connection, am using a laptop - not a 100 processor cluster, and I know how to operate a web browser without looking at the manual between clicks) that as few as five clicks in a relatively short time on the host site is enough to get you on the short term naughty list. Just looking at the new caches in an area is enough to get one booted.


    It's very frustrating. I realize the site has availability problems, but this is the ONLY site I deal with that throttles pages at such a frustratingly low limit.

    That's sorta what I was doing - clicking the last logs in my profile - I hit 7 or 8 one after the other (opened in new tab) so I could check up on the caches.

  17. Hi;


    I was going over past logs. Clicking on them from the page where it lists all your recent logs, the first two came up fine, but the rest were all blank pages, with no HTML source (tried View - Page Source in Firefox).


    I dunno if you are tweaking something, but it tweaked alright. :unsure:


    FWIW, the links appear to be correct (here is an example):




    Note that the first two that did work did not do so on subsequent clicks.






    EDIT: Well, it suddenly seems to work now... :)

  18. The limit is 2000 words if I am not mistaken. I would post a found it log with the last section of the text and then a note with the first section of text. Logs are not sorted by type but by the order that they are posted. What cache have you found that you have so much to say about?

    I found that the limit is 4000, and (by experiment) that the first log posted is the last displayed.


    As for the cache itself, I just saw some interesting natural features and got out of hand with it. :D


    EDIT: Thanks for the help, though. I found out a better way to use advanced searches ( a + sign in front of each search term requires the search to find that term. +cache +log +character +limit worked, if I remember my keywords right).

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