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  1. How about a thin wire between two trees, way up high. Then the cache on a pully with a cleverly hidden fishing line. It might appear the container is floating in air.
  2. We are all environmentalists. It is a matter of survival that you protect your "environment". If you value a big house and a monster truck then you will work towards that goal. It is your values that place you on somewhere on the scale between Earth First and the President of a third world strip-mining and chemical company. Do you value nature as where you derive your sustenance from and enjoy your recreation in? Do you protect rainforest because some day you might need the drugs it provides? That is an anthropocentric or self-centred view of nature. Those who value nature as an integral part of this world, often given the title of "environmentalist", see every species and every natural cycle as critical for the functioning of this planet and essential for our survival. Water and deer and slugs should have the same right to exist as people do. Humankind is one small part of the whole. This is an ecocentric or nature-centred view. Perhaps it is our duty, having an understanding of our world and the technology to affect it, to do more than just survive. Should we recycle our trash or the trash of our fathers and neighbours as well? Geocaching is not an environmental activity. It takes an add on called CITO to add some environmentalism to it. As for raising awareness of the natural world, what proportion of caches are in cities? What proportion educate as their main goal? Driving to the zoo is more educational and enlightening than most of what we do geocaching. Even staunch "tree-huggers" compromise their values. Reading books and using toilet paper still consumes forest. Whatever activity you participate in will involve some compromise. By virtue of our highly evolved/God given brains we should make the right choices. For caching I would like to see 1. More carpooling in better vehicles. 2. Linked searches to hit as many with minimal miles. 3. Avoidance of sensitive areas. and 4. Use of our technology in someway to better the world we live in through vounteer mapping of habitat, sensitive areas, areas that need remediation, etc.
  3. bobbarley

    Gps Rental

    Does anyone know of GPS rental places in Saskatoon, Regina or Moose Jaw?
  4. Not to protect it but to make yours unique.
  5. WAAS uses info collected from ground based stations. The closer you are to those stations the better accuracy WAAS provides. Up in nothern Canada the EPE (error) doubles when I turn WAAS ON!
  6. USB ports are powered and will recharge numerous devices plugged into them. IPODs come to mind but Ialso just read a blurb about cell phones and PDAs if USB connected will recharge. Article here
  7. I found this web site where you can design custom covers for you phones and PDAs and such. I asked about covers for GPSs and got a reply from customer service. I am going to submit my Garmin Map76. I imagine if enough of us ask they might put something together. edited to put tag in
  8. Beavers are North Americas largest rodent and hunt people just for the pleasure of it. Beware the beaver. Leg/foot hold traps are banned in this part of Canada. Most think they are cruel as they hold the animal by whatever part gets caught and it may be days before the trapper dispatches them. Most foothold snare no longer have those big sharp teeth that are shown in cartoons and are designed to hold with minimal damage. All but the largest should be of no concern for humans and even then a trapset should be visible enough not to put something soft in like your hand.
  9. I found the easiest way, thank to my brother for telling me, was to type it up in Word, save as an html document. Open with notepad and cut and paste onto the cache listing page. Its not fancy(maybe my next will be) but it worked.
  10. Holy cow JohnTee I commend your typing stamina. Thanks for you help and thanks to Zach too.
  11. I want to include a encryption key in my new cache listing. I have it typed in Word right now. What is the best way to insert it into the listing?
  12. As far as I can tell the puzzler has given you a location with the degrees from the celestial pole and prime meridian. These are also geographic coordinates. You will need to find the the location. From there I can't see as there is enough information to located a point. You have an azimuth(direction) and an elevation. Unless these directions point to a specific star or building or mountain. The coordinates that I figured fall on an interestingly named town. Email me to discuss more
  13. The adage of "cotton kills" is very appropriate. Wet jeans suck the heat off of you and you might be better of naked. There seem to be three options mentioned 1. Waterproof (coated)rainpants. Good for heavy rain but low activity. Anything you sweat stays inside and can be just as wet. 2. Waterproof/breathable ie Goretex or any number of imitators(personally I like the columbia version)- good for High activity skiing levels in wet and cold conditions(snow/rain/wet plants). More expensive but can be found on very durable fabrics. 3. Quick-dry nylon pants- not waterproof but do not retain water like cotton. Good for wet activities in warmer environments. Like canoeing, hiking. I have many pairs of both convertable and non. 4. Waxed cotton or other old time fabrics like wool, leather etc. All have their uses but shortfalls as well. Waxed canvas tough as nails but almost as heavy. Good for the nostalgic look. I heard a quote "there is no bad weather, only bad clothes" Good luck on your choice. Let your need dictate.
  14. Mark and map infected trees for removal, make trail maps, determine shortest bike route to work.
  15. I really wanted to be the 100th post. I got tired of reading after half the first page. Regardless of your beliefs, I think the issue is respect. Respect the opinions and beliefs of others. Respect that other may not want to be "convinced" of your beliefs Respect the guidelines of the activity/sport/hobby of caching and keep agendas to a minimum unless it furthers the basics of geocaching. IE Jeep travel bug are promotional. I would guess they encourage more caching as opposed to more purchase of Jeeps.
  16. Help the sanity of the neighborhood those are in. Micros in my nightmares!
  17. I have started printing up business cards, punching them and attaching a length of accesory rope. The signature part would be unusual knots tied in the cord. Most recently I am using a monkeys fist and zepplin bend.
  18. I heard about these clocks. On another part of the website the maker says Good luck and let me know how it goes so I can avoid this one.
  19. The setting on your GPS called "datum" allows you to match your GPS with the map. To properly place your postition on the map your GPS and map have to match Datums. Usually your GPS and the website use WGS84 but maps can have many different Datums and your GPS may be set to something else. Try to set your GPS to WGS84. If you borrowed your GPS from you folks and it was turned off for a long time it may take longer to figure out where the sattelites are(initialize). Same as if you moved it across the country it takes awhile to do the calculations. Take some time and just play with it. Don't expect to understand it right away. I have been using GPSs for 10years and still learn new thing all the time.
  20. How about "IgotoChurchandyoudon'tsoyoucangotoheckDave"
  21. Being a Bob, I think we take far to much abuse and stereotyping in comercials and the media. My elementary school years were spent learning all the bad words that rhymed with Bob. Stay away from Bob, it will cause you much pain. Edited for spelling
  22. This one was placed by scouts. It is in a pretty wild area and doesn't get logged much. Keep yours accesible or you won't have much to read at your meetings.
  23. Hmmm.....a thermos was mentioned above. One of those stainless steel models with two lids. Not much room but kind of cool.
  24. Thanks MarkandLynn I will probably whip one up in Word myself. I am looking more for formatting suggestions and ideas. (Borders, watermarks, wording) Edited for spelling
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