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  1. I live in a town with the "World Largest" Oil Can

    Name five other Canadian towns and the "Worlds Largest" thing that they contain. List must be limited to man made tributes to smaller things.

  2. Ahh the one I thought is two!

    1. Vancouver

    2. Graham

    3. Moresby

    4. Princess Royal

    5. Pitt (uninhabited)

    The coin was a mover so it was only in my hand for that tourney. I havent won since.

  3. Hmm. I don't believe you asked for them in order but here goes.

    1. Vancouver

    2. Graham

    3. Princess Royal

    4. Banks(uninhabited)

    5. Pitt

    P.S. One of your coins brought me luck in a poker tournament.

  4. It is sorted somewhat by date placed. It gives me some from 01 then jumps to 2005 to present then about 350 caches in goes back to 2001. Then procedes chronologically until 2005. It means newest caches are in the middle of the preview.

  5. When I generate a pocket query and then preview the result how are they sorted? I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and we only have 450 in the province. I can query all of them at once. If I don't designate a centre point, how are the caches sorted in the preview?

    As far as I can tell they are not by any date or alphabetical either by waypoint or name.

  6. I friend of mine was walking north through a community pasture, hunting. All or a sudden he was in Manitoba!


    How could he tell? :laughing:


    He ran into a fence leaving a section of land in MB. He had walked/hunted a mile in a province he didnt have a license for.

  7. The jogs represent corrections applied to allow for convergence?

    As lines of longitude go further north the distance between them shrinks continually. Using a township/meridian system of survey meant that surveyors had to continually "correct" for the decreasing distances. These corrections were applied on a fairly regular basis, at least here in Alberta, so I will assume that happened is SK as well.


    Correct! Sections of land were 1 mile square. As they got farther North with thier survey the section on the edge got smaller. Then a correction was applied.

    I friend of mine was walking north through a community pasture, hunting. All or a sudden he was in Manitoba!

  8. I performed a search for the answer to the next question and did not find it. So here goes.

    As I am from Saskatchewan I will throw a relevant question out. Most of Canada says our province is "hard to say but easy to draw". This is only true half way. The eastern border would be hard to draw as it actually zig zags every so often. Why?

  9. Just like burns, Frostbite is catorgized into superficial, partial and full thickness. As frostbite causes lose of sensation in the frozen part applying heat, either dry or hot may cause burns before the affected part is completely rewarmed. However the treatment in hospital or in the field where there is NO chance of refreezing is to thaw the affected part in very warm water. (102-105 F I think)

    Frozen skin will often sluff off like when that guy on Survivor Austrailia burnt his hands!

  10. I remember Ski Orienteering applying to be a demo sport. They were turned down because there was no way to have TV coverage of people going all different directions! I am going to stop training right now.

    Previous olympic medal sports have included motor boat racing, obstacle swim and rope climbing.

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