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  1. Great idea! I was thinking this today, while planning a trip and wondering if I had ever looked for a couple of the caches, since several in the area had similar names. This would have made it clear.
  2. If you do a search on nearby caches, there are several people with multiple hides in the area. You might contact some of them and ask if they are going to any bigger cities.
  3. Bump. Still waiting for a yay or nay on this request. Sorry to have to bump, but I have tried asking by e-mail and in the "changes" thread. Can we get an idea of whether this is in the works or not? Thanks, Jeremy. I would love to see this implemented.
  4. Been happening to me all afternoon, too.
  5. I just happened to be looking at Algonquin caches last night and noticed This Log. Given the date and the depth of snow mentioned, I don't think this type of digging would be harmful. I wonder if this was what they were referring to, with the "digging" comment.
  6. Nice work on all the new features, Jeremy, and your quick responses to so much feedback is amazing. Given all that, you may have missed my unfortunately poorly-timed questions about the Watchlist Checkboxes. Can you have a look and let me know if this is possible, or if it is already in the works? Thanks for all your efforts.
  7. The name search won't find it, because there is a typo in the cache name. It is called "Hitchhicker round the world", rather than "Hitchhiker round the world", as was probably intended. "Hitch-hiker around the world" would probably have been even more appropriate.
  8. FYI Toronto Sportsmen's Show
  9. Algonquin Bound


    Wow! Logger, I had the EXACT same thought, while caching in the Niagara peninsula last Sunday. I swear! I was walking down a hill, very, very carefully, when I thought, "Now I know how and where mud-wrestling was invented!" I've had a lot of fun, as well as a lot of frustration, with winter caching and I certainly didn't enjoy the mud-heavy boots, this weekend, either. Since I started so late in the year, last year, I have yet to experience the hell of mosquito-season caching and I am not looking forward to that at all.
  10. People have no way of knowing that, so many will simply not risk it. I was simply stating that if you want your ideas to be read, they should be posted on the forum. Fair enough! This was simply my disdain for corporate buzz-words, but your point is fair. Touche. Of course not. Partake, partake. That was my point. Reading about geocaching or talking about geocaching is not geocaching. We all have the same amount of time! <<<eg>>> I wasn't. On the contrary, I explicitly encouraged you to go caching. Not gonna happen! Which, since you brought it up, is where your other little discussion probably belongs. Anyway, I'm not at all surprised by your response. As I said, I am NOT trying to dampen your enthusiasm. I offered some advice. You are perfectly entitled to take it as an attack, though I don't know why one would choose to do so. The advice was honest and sincere. Take it. Ignore it. Your choice. I have no interest in a little flame war here.
  11. I don't wish to dampen your enthusiasm, but I must make a couple of comments. Find It Here - Personally, I'd rather not have to download a document to read it. If ideas are valid, this forum is the place to post them. If you are unsure of how to cut and paste, I'm sure someone can help you out, but I doubt if that is the issue. Not only is there a risk of virus, I just don't want to read it unless it is in the forum. White Paper - Do we really need buzz words like this? 2 Finds - 0 Hidden - 43 posts - I still think you would best serve yourself, this forum and the entire geocaching community, by going out and finding some caches. No amount of talking about geocaching can truly describe what this hobby is about, without actually doing it. Education - While I am all for educating children, wherever possible, I think it is way overboard to suggest that we send teams into schools to teach about geocaching. I don't really think we have the resources and even if we did, I'm not sure it would be appropriate. Thoughts - Clearly you have taken time to think this out and jot down some ideas, but most of these have been or are being discussed or organized already. As I said above, I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, but several people have been working really hard on a lot of these things for some time. It might be more appropriate to find out what has been done, what needs to be done and where you can pitch in. Snow - Welcome to Canada! Isn't it beautiful? Why not go and find a cache, in the snow?
  12. Yes, but the terms are not reflective of what has been intended, which is what I have been trying to point out. This is very specific and very restrictive and absolutely conradictory to what I have been led to believe was intended. My understanding is that the logo would be available to members/users for non-commercial use. The "Terms of Use" would not even allow me to use the logo as desktop wallpaper, or to advertise the OGA from my own web-site, or to make a T-shirt, "without the prior written permission... ".
  13. So, Jeremy... will these features be incorporated in the new watch-list page, too?
  14. I would like to see a Check-box beside each cache on our watch-list page, so that we can choose to remove multiple caches from our watch-list, without having to go through them all, one at a time. A similar Check-box on each cache page, would allow us to watch or un-watch each cache. This latter part could also incorporate a feature that has previously been requested, where someone asked if maybe the glasses icon could show up on the cache page, to indicate that we are watching it. You might consider this being an on/off switch on the cache page, where it shows the blue glasses if we are watching it, or a pale gray glasses icon to indicate that the feature is off, when we are not watching it. The Check-box system should also be incorporated into the "search results" page, similar to the box currently used to check caches for LOC downloads. If you wanted to watch several caches in an area, you can simply check them off, and they are added to your list when you click the "Add these caches to my watch list" button. I noted that Jeremy stated that he will soon be working on some changes to cache pages, so hopefully these can be worked in, too.
  15. Depending on the size you want, most people seem to be using tupperware-like containers, as well as some ammo boxes. Just about anything goes, though. There are some pretty inventive containers. Why not mark off 20 or 30 or 50 caches in your area, go and find them and see what everyone else is using?
  16. In keeping with the "nature" aspect of our hobby, how about simple earth tones, such as a buff or cream clour and maybe a dusty khaki green, possibly even a light blue?
  17. Congratulations to both of you! I had faith.
  18. <<Blush>> <<Blush>> Uuuummm! Nice to see someone's paying attention. Thanks!
  19. Ok, Annie! Good luck! I thought you had found the Grand Trunk and were going along as a coach. As far as Erindale Stones goes, that might be possible, some time after my play closes, which is next Saturday. So... mid-late March maybe.
  20. Obsession??? Whaddaya mean, obsession!!!! Best of luck, Res!
  21. Thanks. I'll wait patiently!....... ............................................ ............................................... Ok! Is it done yet?
  22. I was just reading about CacheNav in this thread and it sounds great, so I downloaded it and installed it, only to find it needs Palm OS 3.5. I don't suppose there is any kind of tweak I can do, to get it to run on 3.1H3, is there?
  23. It seems that, in Ontario, the terms "Not-for-profit" and "Charitable" are synonymous. Not-for-Profit Incorporator's Handbook If and when we get to that point, the status that the OGA would be more likely to pursue, is "Non-profit", perhaps including incorporation. A Guide to Bookkeeping for Non-Profit Organizations Nevertheless, though I seriously doubt that the OGA would pursue (or qualify for) charitable status, it is very early to be worrying or arguing about such matters. We've barely started. To stretch the point, it is rather like arguing about who should regulate caches on the Moon, or Mars. We're just not close enough to worry much about it. Not that there cannot be negative or diametrically opposed opinions, but we are a fledgling organization. Let's try to keep ideas positive and constructive and focused on the level we are at, or even a few levels down the road. A discussion, for example, on whether or not we should allow nudie pictures on our web-site, would be a valid and contructive (and probably very heated) debate, since the web-site is being built as we speak. Whether we should charge money for viewing of such pics is jumping the gun, since we haven't yet established that we will have them. If Fish, or anyone else, offers to donate $1,000,000 or so, on the condition that he gets to write it off on his tax return, my guess is that we would then have a valid reason to debate whether or not we should pursue charitable status. Right now, let's build a web-site and find some caches!
  24. Excellent answers and sound information from you all. Thank you. I'm REALLY glad I asked. Thanks, Cache-tech for explaining your role. Closing topic.
  25. Les, I didn't see any mention of charity or charitable status, until you brought it up. I've looked through and still don't see it. If I missed it, please point it out. Forgive me, since I am not a lawyer, but it is my layman's understanding that there are quite stringent differences between "Non-Profit", "Not-for-profit" and "Charity" status'. I suspect that there are different tax guidelines for each of them. Perhaps a Geocaching lawyer can jump in here. Since every member or potential member of OGA pays taxes, and since, to my knowledge, no one has suggested either getting money from the government or being subsidized or indeed any need for monies, I can't see how this affects other taxpayers. Where do you see any need for concern? From what I have read, it sounds like everyone feels we should have no problem being "Self-supporting". I certainky believe that. I believe there is no valid reason to tax the OGA, per se, since, as I said, all the members already pay taxes. The existence of the Organization is, pardon this, virtually virtual, therefore probably shouldn't pay any additional tax. If that end, and probably some other legal mumbo-jumbo is satisfied by registering as "Not-for-profit" or whichever title is appropriate, what harm can come of it?
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