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  1. Getting back to the original post, the cachers who "went away for a few months" are responsible for maintaining their caches. If they don't have internet access where they are going (one can usually go to a library), then they should have made alternate arrangements. As you have suggested, it sounds like they did that and it fell through, but it also sounds like they were able to contact you, so they could have given you the info that needed to be updated and had you log on on their behalf to fix it. For whatever reason that didn't happen, so one can hardly blame someone for being upset after driving a long distance and possibly wasting a lot of time looking for something that wasn't there. You haven't posted the cache, so we can't really judge from the language as to whether or not it was an attack. As has been suggested, that might be just your take on it, or that of the cache owner. Speaking of misunderstandings, when this topic was posted, I got an e-mail announcing the new topic, "Attacking Geocachers" and I was really upset and quite shaken. I thought someone had been attacked by a gang or something, while caching. When I read your post and saw that it wasn't about that at all, but about a "Virtual Verbal Attack" in an online log, I was angry. It seemed like a cheap, sleazy way to get people's attention. Luckily, I have become extremely aware of how things can me misinterpreted from a cold reading of an online writing, so I chose not to respond. Now, coming back to read it, I see that was not your intent at all and had I expressed my anger at the time, it would have been like throwing gasoline on a fire. I have had (and probably given out) some pretty harsh criticism. If it comes from a lot of people, I must have a good strong look at it. If it is only one, I try to put myself in their shoes and see if it something that needs attention or if it was just an extended part of a bad week for them. Cheers! Ian. "Algonquin Bound"
  2. I think I would be cynical about it, IF the coupons were the only thing in the cache. However, if it were a regular cache, with regular trade items, ALONG WITH an envelope full of coupons, marked "Please feel free to take a bonus coupon AS WELL as trading", I think it would be fine. The envelope could even have a brief note, saying, "I'm a Geocacher who happens to own a coffee shop and I'd love to meet more cachers. Grab a coupon, come on over for a coffee and ask for Bob." Of course, if his name isn't Bob, we'll have to work on a whole new approach.
  3. Wow! Now THAT is quite a feat! Hats off to all of you for even attempting this series at night, let alone completing it. Congratulations on a job well done.
  4. Congratulations to you all! As far as I remember, the only other person to have completed the series in one day was Nozzletime. Well done. Great comments from everyone and great pics from Fizbot. I don't know who made the decision to go "off-trail" for the return trip from #3, but I'm glad it wasn't me. Personally, as long as it is, I wouldn't miss that walk back for anything. I'm sure there were a lot of rubber legs the next day. I know everyone warmed up with the Niagara Gorge caches and I know that Fizbot and jtee went down and up another gorge, since I was with them. Rest up, folks! Follow-up coming soon.
  5. Haven't been in the forums for some time, so I had entirely forgotten about this thread. Rest assured that all caches are up and running. I may even try to "drop in" to see how things are progressing. Good luck! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Personally, other than the obvious things like wearing good footwear and so on, I would just suggest that anyone going should make sure this is not your first cache outing of the season. A little prep hiking, to get the muscles back in shape, might be in order. And... DON"T FORGET your completed puzzle!
  6. I think Trimbles Trek has already answered your question and has been good enough to provide examples. As you can see, you've nothing to be embarrassed about, in missing those posts, since TT apparently doesn't read his own posts either. Nevertheless, he was good enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that 3-letter searches do not work.
  7. Here's the site: http://home.cogeco.ca/~jetinney/
  8. This is just a note for anyone who may be in the midst of doing or planing to do this series. Due to logging activity, the 4th cache in the series has been moved and renamed, from Leaning "Tower", to Underpin(n)ed. Math and clues have been updated and any other cache that mentions this one has been updated accordingly. If you are in the midst of this series, please be sure to download the latest GPX file, to ensure accurate information. Cache 2 is still off-line, until I can locate and repair it.
  9. Annie! I'm sure you'll be innundated with "ideas" of "where to put them"!
  10. Ok, Hard Oiler.... what's the trick? You know the guy, so you drop in for a visit?
  11. Once you've had a little more experience and found some more caches, I'm sure you'll find some people who would be happy to help you out.
  12. Apologies to Flask for the sudden and unexpected sex-change. You can relax and be a woman again. I had only noticed the pics of three men. Just realized that Crashco was also along and hasn't logged. Can't wait to see all the stories. Great pics! Thanks for the explanation on the username. I'll get back to decoding more important things, now.
  13. Congratulations Tharagleb! I'm still trying to decode your username! Too bad about the comments on NFA going with you, but I guess you could see that coming. I'm glad your intent is not to give anything away here, because I believe a good mystery/puzzle cache deserves the time and difficulty that it demands. There are plenty of easy caches already, for those who want something quick. I'm also curious as to why Flask hasn't logged the find. Even if he didn't solve the puzzle, he was along with you and ought to log it, in my humble opinion. Of course, if I were in the same position, maybe I would wait until I cracked the code, too. Either that, or log it and work on cracking the code later. I know I wouldn't be happy until I had done so. Congratulations NFA on what is a terrific puzzle cache and a fabulous little story. Even with the loot gone, I still hope to crack it and get up there and find it someday. I guess I should look at your other caches, too, before making such a trip. Still have to crack your cache-numbering system, too.
  14. I'll be there! Or still out looking for the FTF.
  15. You can't go wrong with Cachemate for your PDA and GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) for your PC.
  16. If anyone has videotapes of the two segments, I'd love to see them. Perhaps you can bring them along to the Rabbie Burns Night event on Saturday. Maybe we can even talk the pub into playing it for us.
  17. I think you might consider rewording this to, "My worry now is getting the caches approved." This is more likely to have the reviewers view your proposal in a more positive light! I think it is what you meant, but it is better to be as clear as possible that you are not trying to dupe them into approving something they really shouldn't.
  18. Having cached with Nozzletime on several occasions, I can assure you, as BQ said, that while he loves the numbers as much as any of us, it is not ALL about the numbers. I could tell you stories and relate comments of his that would almost make you weep. Of course, one is always sworn to secrecy, because he doesn't want anyone to think he is soft. As well as finding Annie's PDA, he gave me my first BFL, just because. He has recently given me an even nicer one, which is cool. Another example of the hike that didn't really need to be done, was on New Year's Eve, when he met up with a large gang of cachers who were heading out to "Prickle's Pond" to ring in the New Year. The reason he went and had planned to go, days before the New Year's Eve plan was hatched, was out of concern for poor Prickles. When he placed the cache, he hadn't realized that it was so close to Prickles' home and he didn't want him to be bothered by cachers, so he was going out to move the cache to another location. Alas, it turned out not to be necessary, but what a nice thought. Many would not bother. I'm sure many geocaching communities feel the same way, but I know we are truly blessed with an incredible bunch of people in our wide, but close-knit caching community. Cache-on. Ok... back to our regularly scheduled cynicism, before we get all huggy and stuff.
  19. I can just see B&B, scratching their collective HEAD and planning a "Lost PDA & Bruce Trail Map Cache"! Laura will say, "Let's call it the AA Lost PDA cache", and Dave will say, "No, you might hurt her feelings", so it will just be, "Lost PDA & BTM" cache. Glad to hear Nozzletime found your PDA. Now you'll just have to keep waiting for that upgrade. Of course, I'm guessing that when you've found 1847 caches, you kind of get excited about the prospect of finding ANYTHING nearby, right Scotty?
  20. Well, I'd certainly enjoy a Tim Horton's certificate, but it's kind of forgettable. Everyone can buy a coffee, right? In the ten to fifteen dollar range, you might consider a CD, or a DVD, or even a gift certificate for a video store.
  21. Well, I have to say that while I personally applaud anyone opening ANY retail business, just for having the courage and conviction to do so, if it were a friend who were asking for my counsel, I would advise against it, as described. As some others have noted, you might have a little better chance in Niagara Falls or St. Catharines, though I'm not sure what outdoor stores already exist there. I could definitely not commit to being a loyal customer, since there is just so much close at hand, in my area and I don't see how you could hope to compete. Aside from the likes of GPSCentral, GPSCity and RadioWorld, which are literally at our fingertips and always competing to have the lowest price, you would be up against the retail giants, like Canadian Tire, Futureshop, WalMart, etc. Add to that some very good local outdoor stores, such as Hiker's Haven, Tumblehome, Adventure Attic, Canadian Outback and who knows how many more. If we want convenience, we already have it. If we want sale prices, we already have it. If we want higher quality and more informed sales people, we already have it. If you try it, I certainly wish you well, and I'm sure I would make a trip down once, just to support a fellow cacher, but you should have the real facts, so I'm not trying to be negative, but realistic.
  22. What a thoughtful and intelligent post. I couldn't agree more, with all of it. I'm shocked to hear that people have left alcohol in caches. That is irresponsible. Though I've always been strict about removing and certainly not leaving food in caches, I must admit that I never even thought about scented candles (which I have left), or perfume (which I have found in stinky caches), as being attractive to critters, but of course they are. Thanks for the tip. I also have to admit that, like the old joke about the surgeon, until the end where you said, "as a mother of 3 boys", I had automatically assumed that I was reading something written by a man! Oops! My apologies.
  23. Too much snow for geocaching!!!!???? Isn't that kind of like saying, "too hot for geocaching"? Nothing stops us, around here. Snow is just a good reason to buy extra gear, like snowshoes, skis, shovels, warmer gloves, coats, toques, etc. <== AB, all bundled up!
  24. I would certainly feel that you are cheating, but you are only cheating yourself, right? As Jeremy said, it is kind of strange to log a find on a cache that you have hidden. I have some very close friends who do that and I have told them I think it is weird. As Jeremy also said, it isn't about the numbers. Yes, the numbers add up and a little friendly competition amongst regional cachers can be good fun, but surely you would feel guilty in such a situation if 10 of your 30 finds were your own caches. You might have a friendly rivalry with someone in your hometown who has 25 finds, all on other people's caches. Your numbers officially reflect as higher, yet he has found more caches. If numbers are a concern, just focus on the fact that you have HIDDEN 10 caches. That shows on your stats page, too. [8D] Anyway, you're not harming anyone, but you asked for thoughts and those are mine. Happy New Year
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