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  1. I've been having the same problems with my Explorist 400. Im using Mapsend DirectRoute NA and Mapsend Topo 3D USA. Ive confirmed that Ive got the right serial number from the "about" menu. Each of the programs output the correct .imi format but they will not initialize on my explorist. I get "map security error" every time I try to use "active setup" to select the map. Im lost...

  2. I got Direct Route to work instead of trying to figure out why MMO27 wasnt working. Anyway, when I goto export the region to the hard drive it ask for the serial number. But my serial number is 2 digits longer then what it will allow you to enter into the field. Should I just negate the last 2 digits, or does it even matter? It outputs the .imi file fine, is the file and the gps unit supposed to be linked with a common serial?


    Havnt got to my gps yet to see if it will take the map upload or not, im just curious

  3. Ive done a lot of reading about this problem. Im well aware of the problems with the mapsend not exporting the correct format of detailed maps to use with my explorist 400. I have MapSend S&D Canada and MapSend Topo 3D USA. My goal is to get street map details from Canada onto my explorist.


    Ive managed to export a region from MapSend S&D Canada and save it in .img format. Ive attempted to use MMO Converter to convert the .img to .imi. MMO converter seems to succeed in the conversion, but when loading them onto my explorist they fail to load (invalid map format).


    Has anyone ever succeed in transfering street data maps onto an explorist and could point me in the right direction? Im lost and just need some help, thanks.

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