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  1. If anyone is still waiting on an order, the best option is to email support. All orders have been shipped out and as Earth pointed out, there are times during the Holidays when orders get stuck.


    From geoswag.com home page:


    For questions about your order or support questions, please email support @ geoswag.com or Phone support +1 801.829.4076


    Please be aware, because of the Holidays we have limited phone/email support at this time.

  2. It's been over 30 days since I made payment. No response from the Vendor on the status of the order. Question now is- do I open a Paypal claim, even tho I've NEVER had a problem with them before?? I felt the same way about a couple of other vendors and am out over $200.00 for my misplaced trust


    We are one of the few vendors to publish our phone number on our website. From the site:


    Geoswag Home

    Welcome to Geoswag.com. The home for Geocaching Geoswag items.

    Geocaching Coins, pins and Geocache Items.

    For questions about your order or support questions, please email support @ geoswag.com or Phone support +1 801.829.4076

  3. Christmas_SneakPeak_1.jpg

    You did a really fun job of mystifying us for halloween, but dragging your feet on this one has taken all the appeal from the coin. Sorry. I guess now I know how people feel when I neglect my games.


    We purposely left the lower price longer since not everyone visits the forums and we wanted it to go in our newsletter. We had a couple of people 'upset' they didnt get the lower price for the last one.


    That being said, the price just went up a bit!

  4. Hopefully they won't mind but it was posted on the Halloween mystery thread so....



    Probably do, since this is the quoted text from the top of their sales page:


    The items here are listed as 'pre-sales'. This web address has been given to a few people. Please do not share it. The items listed here will be shipped within one week from order.


    Thanks Pete.


    The wording has been removed since it was from 2+ years ago.


    We are working on a page and will publish it soon.

  5. Anyone got an extra coin they would be willing to trade me? How did I miss the presale on such a great coin? I feel like crying. It would look good with the rest of my compass rose style coins.


    A few more were just added to the site.

  6. I believe we have been contrite in trying to explain things. For some reason, no matter what we say, people are going to try to 'twist' our words for whatever reason.


    We tried to explain what we did and how we searched for the trademark database to see if there was a trademark. We didn't think that either side would be upset if we did this. Has anyone been to 7-11 lately? That is where we had the 'idea'. We didn't expect it to turn the way it did. Just like 7-11, we had a different option, the Geocaching Option.

  7. we are only pointing to what happens when people keep hashing over what we think is a small matter.


    We searched and didn't find anything at the time yet you want to continue saying the same thing. If we did say or sell something to offend you we are truley sorry. When it comes to trademarks it isn't cut and dry like a Disney geocoin. We said it before and will say it again, we have no agenda here. We are sorry you are upset about this coin.

  8. we are not giving any money to avoid FEC laws.

    We searched the trademark database and found nothing.

    As for geocaching related, they are trackable.


    In the end all the negative posts only help the sales as it keeps the threadon top.

  9. btw...I never doubted you had adequate permission to use any trademarks!! :anicute:


    We searched, there are no Obama/McCain Trademark we could find.


    Copyright is a good question about this coin and thus, should be asked here. You'd rather they ask in another thread where the OP might not even see it? Whether the OP addresses the issue is another matter altogether.



    We saw it and we would see it in the copyright thread.



    If this thread were only about the coins, great! We all know (as is demonstrated in the post I quoted alone) that isn't the case as politics are being discussed here in more posts than not!



    We had hopped this thread was going to be about the coin and not about the polictics.


    That being said, to answer other questions: The McCain/Obama coins will be limited to a total of 250 each, 125 Gold and 125 Nickel. No more will be made. They will ship before the end of the month.


    We have asked the Mods to close this thread.

  11. I'm surprised the guidelines for geocaches, or a similar version, doesn't apply to trackables since the target community is the same; the geocaching community.


    Solicitations are off-limits. For example, caches perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted. Geocaching is supposed to be a light, fun activity, not a platform for an agenda.


    I may understand that a travel bug is difficult to control since the picking of an object, to attach to the tag, is out of Groundspeak's control. But the geocoins ...aren't they approved by GS before being produced?


    There is no agenda or promoting of any political candidate.

  12. Vote 2008 Geocoins


    Geoswag.com is excited to release the Vote 2008 Geocoins. Who do you want to see win?


    Right now, between McCain and Obama the stats are:


    McCain - 48%

    Obama - 52%


    Between Geocaching, McCain and Obama the stats are:


    Geocaching - 18%

    McCain - 39%

    Obama - 43%


    Here are the coins:



  13. We have now cut off pre-sales. Here are the rest of the images:











    We will have about 10 of each coin left after we ship out the pre-sales. Once pre-sales are sent out, we will put the rest on the site for people to pick up.

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