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  1. The Geoswag Holiday Gnomes have caused mischief in Santa's Geoswag Workshop!

    They have discounted trackable items for 1 day, all week long! Great as holiday

    gifts, stocking stuffers or to start or augment your geocoin collection. The

    sales are unbelievable!


    Where: Secret Workshop

    Who: Geoswag Holiday Gnomes

    What: Huge 1 day trackable sales

    Why: Great Holiday Deals on select trackables!

    When: Seven, 1 day sales. Tomorrow's items will change! So check back every day

    of the sale. The number of trackable sales items are VERY LIMITED.

    How: Goto this special link <indirect link removed by moderator>


    Gnaughty and Gnice Gnome!

  2. This was a special offer for our facebook fans, facebook.com/geoswag


    We had limited them at first to make sure someone didnt buy them all up and put them on eBay. After we were sure most of our Facebook Fans were able to get them, we removed the limit.


    This was a $2 tag special and the sale price will go off this week. While we didnt promote them in the forums, you are free to buy them.





  3. As others have said, email to support or a phone call will help to resolve the problem. That is your best option.


    We can let you know when you your order was sent.


    FYI - There is usually no one in the office on Monday.



    Hopefully, some freebie will be thrown in to keep me as a happy customer.

    Highly unlikely.

    its most likely being run out of someones house so we're not talking big company with a good name to protect.

    I still buy oakcoins but i buy them off ebay sellers who offer better methods of shipping other than "smartpost"

    the customer pays for shipping so why not even OFFER the better shipping options?


    theres a pinned thread in the geocoin forums for posts like this.


    Actually, we are a small business and have to work much harder to to keep a good name. We also have an office in Morgan UT which some people have been to.


    The reason we dont offer 'better' shipping is because it only increases costs for our customers. We try to keep the cost down for all customers. We ship via the USPS First Class or Priority Mail. We dont charge extra for 'insurance' like others. We make sure you get the package without the extra cost to you.


    What we sometimes forget, if we are able to get 99.9% of the packages out to our customers and 1 or 2 get 'lost in the mail', it seems the 99.9% of the people dont post while the 1 or 2 like to drag our name down. We have worked with each and everyone to make sure we resolve anything.


    Oakcoins/Geoswag.com has been in business for 5 years. We pay taxes, business fees, etc. We support Geocaching, we put on events, we support events.



  4. As others have said, email to support or a phone call will help to resolve the problem. That is your best option.


    We can let you know when you your order was sent.


    FYI - There is usually no one in the office on Monday.




    Thanks! I called today at 2:30pm and haven't heard anything back yet via phone or e-mail. Still waiting on a reply to my e-mail sent a few days ago too. None of my items were pre-orders either.


    Hopefully, some freebie will be thrown in to keep me as a happy customer. It doesn't take a lot to keep me a satisfied customer and a free advertiser of a business with great customer service.




    We don't have anyone in the office Sat/Sun. So a call Saturday afternoon will be returned later.



  5. I ordered from there over a month ago and received the shipping details back on January 7. I still haven't received my order. I e-mailed them on February 2 to see what is going on with my order and have yet to receive a response from them.


    Has anyone else had problems ordering from them?


    Funny thing too is that I just received an e-mail from them this morning advertising new trackables you can order(which you may never get though, lol).

    been there done that.

    basically heres how it goes: first you'll be told you're being unrealistic

    second you'll be told its the post offices fault however they're an acting agent of geoswag because thats who they use.

    third the personal attacks will begin like they did on me.

    if you make enough noise you may however get your order reshipped or a refund


    if its any consolation i just checked on my original order on oct 31, 2009 and it still hasn't moved


    its really ashame too because oakcoins has some of the nicest geocoins i've seen.


    For those who want to see the thread, you can go here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=235400&hl=


    We never attacked you. We worked with you to make sure you receieved a replacement package.


    Its not about making noise to make things happen. Its about letting us know.


    You are right, the first package we shipped to you is still stuck at some post office. Which means, if it is ever found, it will be sent to you.

  6. As others have said, email to support or a phone call will help to resolve the problem. That is your best option.


    We can let you know when you your order was sent.


    FYI - There is usually no one in the office on Monday.



  7. I am the starter of all this when I asked the question in the Dutch forum.

    I think that it could be the start of a "new" coin series: Capitols of countries.

    And it might be produced by Oakcoins/Geoswag.

    Just a thought.




    We just found this thread. Yes, we made them and just had them to put out. They are part of the Flag Micro series we have come out with and will continue to come out with. If there are city/states/countries you would like to see, please let us know


    . You can buy this on our Flag Micro Page. Each of these coins are trackable on Geocaching.com and come with their own icon.


    Here are the pictures:







  8. Name of coin Halloween Witch

    Vendor Oak Coins

    Paid 12 18 09

    Emailed twice with no reply,phone has been diconnected.

    Paypal Dispute started 1-11-10

    Contacted by Amy re; not receiving coin. My emails were sent to a no reply box, and the phone number that is on my paypal receipt has been shut off.My coin has been mailed out today. My appologies to Amy,and all the people at oak and geoswag,for any problems I may have caused,through my un- attention to details.


    Thank you for pointing out we had a very old number in PayPal. We have fixed that so no other customers get the wrong number. I am glad everything is working out.

  9. Name of coin Halloween Witch

    Vendor Oak Coins

    Paid 12 18 09

    Emailed twice with no reply,phone has been diconnected.

    Paypal Dispute started 1-11-10




    (edited to add)

    We checked our emails and noticed an email which came in over the weekend. We assume it is from you and have sent you back an email asking for more information. I also checked all our records using the email you sent and could not find an order from you. Please make sure to send us the Order number or the date/email from the order. thanks



    From our website, we have the following posted:


    For questions about your order or support questions, please email support @ geoswag.com or Phone support +1 801.829.4076


    We just called the number, from both a landline and mobile phone and it rings. You are able to leave a message if we are not in the office.


    Please be ready to provide an order number so we can quickly look up your order.


    Lastly, the only Halloween Witch coin we would have sold would have been part of the Halloween Grab Bags this year.

  10. We are super excited on the release of our NEW Flag Tags for Germany, Canada, UK and USA. These New Flag Tags are trackable on Geocaching.com with each having their own Icon representing the flag of their country.


    These Flag Tags are great for traveling from Cache to Cache or setting Goals. On the back, they have a big 'Don't Keep Me' to remind people to keep them moving.


    You are able to find these today at www.geoswag.com.


    We are able to ship to all European Countries, Canada and the USA.



  11. Here is one from Geoswag that has failed to be delivered.


    -----Original Message-----

    From: shop@geoswag.com [mailto:shop@geoswag.com]

    Sent: 11 September 2009 01:49 PM

    To: abc.def@rstuv

    Subject: Your Receipt Order Number: 46247



    Thank you for your business!


    Order Number: 46247



    We are looking into this. I am checking with support@ to see what emails were sent to us regarding this order.

  12. Hi, my name is Sara and I haven't posted in the forums before, but I just finished making this coin with a customer. I'll be logging under my own username as soon as it clears. Some of you know who I am - I work for Oakcoins and Geoswag.com.


    This is such a fun coin. I love the play on words - a thankful receiver! So clever. It was lots of fun to make it with you, Kim.


    Satellites, a great find, caching friends, technology, nature, geocoins, mega events...geocachers have a lot to be thankful for. Celebrate this Thanksgiving with one of these beautifully crafted geocoins in either antique copper or antique bronze. Trackable on geocaching.com with a unique icon.


    The Thankful Receiver Geocoin



  13. We are still following up on this still and watching to see what happened with the package. Since a lot of you are following this, we will make sure the thread is updated as we dont like to see anything drop.

  14. I am glad Geoswag came on to defend themselves. I think you really need to contact them directly rather than bring it to the forums. They are one of the "good" companies out there and I hate to see them get a bad rap. As previously stated I purchase their coins all the time as well as other products and I have never, not once, had a bad experience with them. I am in Florida and shipping is always very quick. Please people read the topic before responding...it would save all the confusion in this thread.

    Well according to the stamps.com info sent, package HAS NOT MOVED since oct 31st

    take it private huh? is this a geoswag sock puppet? damage control?

    so they only ship fast cross country but not one state over. hmmmm

    sounds alot like this smartpost you see everyone griping about on various sites.

    had i known they were a dropshipper, I would never have ordered through them.




    Just to be clear, Geoswag.com doesnt have sock puppet accounts.


    As noted, the order was placed on the 30th of Oct, items shipped same day and the last time the USPS scanned the package was on the 31st of Oct, two total scans. As you noted, the tracking number from the USPS shows that the last time they scanned the package was on the 31st of Oct. Unlike FEDEX and UPS, the USPS doesnt scan packages as it travels through the system. While we agree packages usually take 7 days or less, sometimes it takes just a bit longer and packages do tend to go missing. I think some in the forums have posted stories where they have gotten their package two years later!!!


    In the end, we have been around for almost 5 years. We make sure the customers get their coins or Geocaching items ordered. If there is ever a chance that a Customer does not get their order, we will work with the customer to get them items replaced. We dont have special check boxes on our site for insurance like other sites. We make sure the customer gets the coins and Geocaching supplies.


    As for drop shipping, 90% of the products in our store are our own products.


    You can let me know via PM what you want done at this point since we can confirm the USPS has the package.



  15. Hi, this is geoswag.com. Just so everyone knows, we ship our products T - F. For the most part, all orders go out within 48 hours of when we receive the order.


    If you are waiting on an order which is not a pre-order, the best best it to either call us, number on our site or send support an email.


    If you will PM me your order number, I will also look it up and get back to you. Note since it is Monday, I wont be able to get the information until sometime tomorrow.


    Thanks for your support,



  16. GeoBike Geocoins


    During Geocoinfest, we introduced our newest 'geocoin', the GeoBike. This Geocoin looks like a Bicycle and the wheels even turn. This is a great Geocoin for a cachers and bike enthusiast alike!


    We made 3 different versions, Antique Silver, Antique Copper and Antique Bronze. We have a few of the Antique Copper Edition left as these were the GCF Limited Edition Geocoin.


    Size: 1.75" x 5mm (including the wheels)


    This coins is Trackable on Geocaching.com with its own Icon.


    GeoBike Geocoins





  17. Hmmmm.... Interesting....


    Quote: "We have a few Nickel and Gold versions left."



    When we get a new coin, we always list 5 - 10 less then what we have. This is esp true for coins where we limit them to a specific number, lets say like these coins of 100 each.


    Once we are done with getting them all out, we will check our inventory and re-list what we have.


    For some reason, the Nickel Version sold out on our site yet only sold a few. We didnt realize this until after all the orders were sent out. We dont know if it is a bug or something else is going on.


    Since I know the copper versions havent shipped yet, if you were to email support or ring them on the phone, they would have no problem adding them to your order without all the additional shipping charges.

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