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  1. These samples turned out very nice I think, the antique silver version is my favourite so far...
  2. Gute Besserung! = get well soon from Germany
  3. ... I think I will do that in the evening... just posted to give that thread a bump... Not clever if I want to get these coins, I know...
  4. ..dang, I've been outbid again... good luck for your auctions + all the rest! I hope you'll find a new job soon!
  5. 1. Participating : Signed in 24.1.2009 2. Received Name:26.1.2009 3. Mission Complete: Sent out at 2.2.2009 4. Cupid Arrived: YES!!! 10.2.2009 Yesterday, when I came back from work I found this lovely envelope on the stairs: And now, I, too, know what a yooper is I'd say its not only someone who attends formal events in snowboots, but someone who really knows how to arrange a great package I got a really cool "Over the edge"-Coin !!! It makes me grin, because it makes me think of my Mam, I sometimes have to prevent her from walking into a ditch, when we go caching together and she's focused on her GPSr... And a coin with that Big Mac where da trolls come from... I really loved to learn something about your area, that guide to da yoopanese language is really funny And knowing something about the area where it comes from always makes a coin more special And I got a geocoin chick, and my first geojelly AND I got hit by a snowball (fortunately not a yellow one...) And some chocolates & balloons... Heres a picture of all those goodies (minus the things I already ate...) BTW: I really LOVE that card! I fear one can't read it from the picture... It says "Day 4: It's quiet now...eerily quiet. They got Larry last night. It's just a matter of time until they come back for me." Thank you, Mrs. USYoopers!!!
  6. ..are you kidding? If it appears there is demand? I'd be surprised if they wouldn't be sold out in a few minutes... For this coin silver and blue is definitively a must have, because it fits so good to the Neptune theme... I'm already curious how they will turn out... The drawings already look great!
  7. Hi Drneal, BatBubba is from geocoinshop.de, I believe...
  8. Congrats to the Winner! And to 007BigD, too, I'd love to see an Eartha coin myself
  9. 1. Participating: email sent 6.2.2009 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived! Easter is THE celebration for Geocachers, I think
  10. The "Bitten by the bug" ?
  11. ... PS: I just added that Coin to my want list. It is REALLY cool!
  12. Wow. I just sent my list. I hope I didn't make mistakes... Well, the results will show! Now the hardest part: WAITING
  13. Dear Butterfly_Lady, this is not an entry for the cointest, because there already is a nice Kiwi on it's way to me... But I have to enter this one: Three Volcanoes Since I bought my first bunch of geocoins I hope my "Lord of the Caches" will travel to NZ to visit this area, because this is in sight of Mount Ngauruhoe, which has been the Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (I see, you already visited this cache )
  14. Whoaaah, another must have.... Well, antique copper without enamel would make me very, very, happy. And I like the idea of different enamels on front and back (I like to put my coins in those key-chain-rings and wear them as a charm, and with two different colours I could turn it during the day ) The same colour for every coin on one side and differnt colours only for the other side? Well, depends on the colour you choose to be the "standard"... but I think if both sides come in different colours you would make more people happy... So, where can I enter my reservation?
  15. Exellent explanation E&Cplus3, thanks! I like that preferences are taken into account Now I got a lot of work to do, checking the whole list! Thanks a lot for organizing the math trade!
  16. ...me, too... Didn't count how often I went to this thread or to Scavok's web page to drool at the pictures... But it was quite often...
  17. Copper with Green Great! I hope I reserved fast enough to get the red/gold version... Now comes the hard part: waiting!
  18. 1. Participating : Signed in 24.1.2009 2. Received Name:26.1.2009 3. Mission Complete: Sent out at 2.2.2009 4. Cupid Arrived! I hope my valentine will like the coins!
  19. I'm in now, too! Thanks for the quick invitation, mousekakat!
  20. No regrouping from me either! Can't wait till the trading starts! BTW: Will the wishlists be weighted? I mean, if a trade is possible for the first coin and the 25th in my wishlist, will the trade for the 1st coin be preferred by the program or will the order not matter?
  21. Welcome ! I, too, am someone who doesn't mind if a coin is activated. I like it when a coin already has a story when it comes to me... But if you want to start trading, or like to take part in missions (great fun!) or something like the math trade, then I recommend you to keep some unactivated, because there are many, many people out there who will only trade unactivated coins. But beware! Geocoins are highly addictive!
  22. I just got three words to say about this coin: WOW, WOW, and WOW!!!!! I'm already very keen on seeing the other color combinations! Great coin!
  23. Hello Scavok, I'm happy to hear that there will be a chance to get some red & gold Tengwar again (When the first Tengwars were minted, I saw them too late, so I only got the AS version) If you consider doing one in copper with dark green I would also go for it! The Tengwar is one of my favourite designs!
  24. 1. Participating : Signed in 24.1.2009 2. Received Name:26.1.2009 3. Mission Complete 4. Cupid Arrived! Now is the time for some detective work...
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