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  1. little citation from NOFX: thats me at the beachside combing the sand metal meter in my hand...
  2. ... and another entry from me... When I was a kid I collected nearly everything... interesting stones, strange metal objects, rusty nails ... A personalized washer (no matter if distressed or happy ) would fit nicely into my old collection...
  3. ...and another entry from me for the Redneck coin
  4. Thank you! It's our new geocoin, Spring into Caching, that will be available for pre sale soon, join our newsletter to be notified when its up for sale. Great! I just added my email to your newsletter. I love that coin! The phrase on the back is so true Great work!
  5. Dear RSG, this makes me sad... I'm so sorry, that you have to sell your Tranquilities collection which took so much time and patience to complete. I hope things will get better soon for you.
  6. What a beauty! Great work! (But I hope you will do the antique silver with only the red, too... I like the simpler version, too )
  7. Copper with green! Drooool! I like the new versions! I hope you start the presale soon :-))))
  8. *sigh* more waiting... but I think those beauties are worth waiting for
  9. WOW! I love that the AE is assymetricaly colored . The other versions are beautiful, too You can count me in for a full set... Really nice work!
  10. Yippieh! My Mission arrived! So many nice goodies! I received decoration things and nice card, and a sweet little selfmade easter bunny brooch, a "can you see me now" coin and a wooden "cape brenton island" coin (this is so cool! ) and Turlutortues adorable Sig Item! If you ever make a coin of this cute little turtle, count me in for some THANK YOU!
  11. Additionally to a cool TXGA black sheep from the mathtrade (can be admired in the mathtrade thread) I received these nice coins:
  12. Mailed: 6 of 6 packages - 17/02/09 I read that coins arrived safely I sent to AtlantaGal, Geosmurfana, 2Golfers, Tadpole379 and doc256 ElRolfo didn't confirm arrival yet Received: 6 of 7 coins: from KDV, E&Cplus3, Theotokos, Eleanor, Atlantagal, the Moops and Fossillady. And my first wooden Nickel from Fossillady THANK YOU! And here's a picture of my booty from the mathtrade. Thanks for all who made these nice trades possible, especially E&Cplus3
  13. Chur


    Hi GeoLobo, another correction for your list, regarding the red herrings: <°)))o>< 2009 Black Nickel/glitter 50 <°)))o>< 2009 Gold 75 +200 (reminted) <°)))o>< 2009 Silver 150 +200 (reminted) <°)))o>< 2009 Silver (salmon pink) 20 <°)))o>< 2009 Copper 35
  14. Wow! The samples really do look great! I like the copper version a lot, it looks like neptune came to the muddy waters of the north sea, where the tidal currents keep all kinds of sediments moving... while the gold with green version looks more like the mediterranean sea where the water is clear but warm... I hope I will not miss these
  15. I love this design! I guess it will really look stunning with translucent enamels. With the gold finish I would like to see it with different shades of green, or maybe red and orange... But the image that first popped up in my mind was shiny silver with the tribal patterns in black nickel...
  16. Nice looking coin! Are that two different finishes or is the coin black nickel on one side and AS on the other? Can I order it somewhere? What do the numbers in the cross mean.. or, no, don't tell, you could do a cointest with the question
  17. Wow! This coin is coool! I guess I have to put it on my want list Earned my stripes in close encouters with brambles and blackthorns
  18. Mine arrived today! They are soooo beautiful! Especially the LE And I guess this shiny, tiny little precious is a pathtag? ARRRGH! I fear I feel a new addiction coming to get me...
  19. My Birkas arrived, too! Wow! The AE really looks stylish :-) It's cool how different the same design can look in different finishes and color combinations!
  20. Mailed: 6 of 6 packages - 17/02/09 I read that coins arrived safely I sent to AtlantaGal, Geosmurfana 2Golfers and Tadpole379! ElRolfo and doc256 didn't confirm arrival yet Received: 6 of 7 coins: from KDV, E&Cplus3, Theotokos, Eleanor, Atlantagal and the Moops looking forward to receive one last coin (from Fossillady )
  21. 1. Participating: email sent 6.2.2009 2. Received Name: Yes! 3. Mission Complete: Sent my mission today, 3.3.2009. I hope I chose the right coins 4. Mission Arrived: Way toooooooo early!
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