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  1. It will work just fine where ever you are in the world, as long as you can pick up satelites. My Legend has been to Europe, the Middle East and Japan and never had an issue. While you do not say what model you have, I think it would be nice to have some basic maps on my GPS while I travel. I picked up Roads and Recreation for Europe V4 on EBay for about $25.00.

  2. If you have one in your area I also recommend checking out Half Price Books. The one down the street from me has the HG Topo state series for $10.00 each. They had a limited number of course; only California, Mississippi and New Mexico. That was just at this one store so I don't know what may be at the other store.

  3. The card should not be the issue. What are you programming it through, the 76, the legend, or a card reader? You have to transfer the mapsets into the legend rather than the 76, and a card-reader may even write the 76 unlock codes. Try putting the 128 into the legend, plugging that into your computer, and transferring from mapsource right to the device.


    I have tried transfering the maps via the Legend Cx and via the card reader with the same negative results. I have even tried formating the card several diffent ways without effect. Any other ideas?

  4. Some time back I purchased a Garmin 76CSx. The unit came with a 128 MB SanDisk MicroSD card installed and when it arrived I unlocked CN8 to it. I loaded my local area from CN8 and Topo so that I could try out the unit, pending the arrival of the 1 GB card I had also ordered. When the 1 GB card arrived I put it in the 76CSx and uploaded the mapsets I wanted, putting the 128 MG card away. I later ordered a Legend Cx to use on my bike. When it arrived I used my second unlock code with it and uploaded a mapset to the included 64 MB card to test it out; everything works fine. So, I decided since I am using the Legend locally and do not need a lot of mapspace I will put the 128 MB from the 76 CSx in and that should be sufficient space. When I load the needed mapsets onto the 128 MB card and put it in the Legend it does not work; when I zoom in I get no local streets or topo info. I removed the card from the Legend and put it in the 76 and the maps I loaded show up. I reformatted the card and tried again with the same results, does not work in the Legend but works in the 76. Has anyone else experienced this before and is there a fix? I know I can just buy a new card for under $20.00 and if that is the only answer then I will go that route but I would like to be able to use this card if possible. Thanks for any help.

  5. I preordered mine from TigerGPS also and they have already billed my credit card; contrary to their advertised policy of not billing until the item has shipped. I e-mailed them about that very issue but have not heard anything back yet.

  6. I spoke to Garmin yesterday and they advised that the release date for Topo 2008 has been pushed back to early July.


    One big plus for me is the named streets and roads. I have been looking for a older version on Metroguide, for my Legend, that has my neighborhood in it. I did not want to spend a lot since I already have a 76CSx and a Legend Cx with mapping software and I just wanted something for the Legend when I go biking. With this new version of Topo I get the street information I need for the Legend, plus I can upgrade on all my other GPSs.

  7. As I have written two times in this thread.


    It seems that this new polecy is starting now, but with the new Maps.

    It may be called City Navigator 2008 instead of v10 in EU and v9 in EU.


    You only get one key with v2008 and you can not upgrade from older version for free (with and unused version) to v2008


    While that may be your interpretation there is more then sufficient information in this thread to say otherwise; most of the replies from Garmin indicate that the new policy will affect current versions. There is still nothing official from Garmin though so I continue to recommend sendiing e-mails to customer support and cartography.

  8. Received the e-mail below from Garmin regarding the unlock codes. Although I am sure it is a cannned response, it may be in our best intrest to send Garmin as many e-mails as possible regarding concerns for this new change. It is much easier to change a policy before it goes into effect then to try and change it after.



    Thank you for contacting Garmin Cartography. I completely understand your position. We appreciate your feedback and are tracking the feedback on this particular issue very closely.


    Please let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for your interest in Garmin.







    Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 12:53 PM

    To: Cartography Mailbox

    Subject: Policy Change for Unlock Codes


    I am writing to express my complete and utter disappointment with the information I received today from your Customer Support Center. I called today to verify some information that appeared on Geocaching.com regarding changes in your company's upgrade and unlock policies. I verified that on 1 May 2007 a policy change went into effect basically eliminating free map upgrades. This would apply to anyone who activated an older version of a mapping program; then a new version was released a month later, basically forcing them to buy the new version if they wanted to update. While I can understand this decision to some degree, but what I cannot understand is why this new policy has not been released to your loyal customers. There has been nothing posted anywhere and I did not see anything about it on your website. Even more disturbing is the second, no notice policy change which will take effect on 1 June; no second unlock code for locked mapping programs! I was told that this change will apply to existing users who will lose their unused second unlock. I just purchased the full version of City Navigator 8, with the understanding that I would receive TWO unlock codes. I used one code on my new GPSMAP 76CSx and was saving the second for another GPS to be purchased at a later date. Now I am being told (via a web forum and not from Garmin) that I will lose my second code it I do not use it by 1 June. I paid for CN8 and two unlock codes, how does Garmin not intend to reimburse me for the remaining code they are taking away???? Why is there nothing official being announced to customers and retailers who are still selling these programs with the promise of receiving TWO unlock codes. Please be advised that this matter has been brought to the attention of all who visit the Geocaching.com website and to all other forums where Garmin GPSs' are discussed. I await your response to this total lack of customer support so I can post it for all to see.


    A newly (very) dissatisfied Garmin customer.


    You wouldnt believe it... I ordered my GPS from pcnation.com, and the customer service rep said it would be here on Monday. Free shipping to boot!


    I believe it. I ordered my 76CSx from PCNation.com and received it the next day. They had a special that day, overnight shipping for only $9.95. I was very happy with their service.

  10. Can someone verify that the contacts inside their 76csx have three contact metal strips and one spring contact. I thought my other one had two springs. It is extremely tough getting the battery out of the one that has the two strips. Thanks.


    Mine is configured that way, three metal contacts strips and one spring contact.

  11. So if I'm driving across several states on a trip, I would have to continually remove the microSD card, load a new metro area onto it, load that into the GPSr, and then move on and do the same for the next large city if I want detailed info like neighborhood roads and points of interest?


    You can get a 1 or 2 gig microSD card, depending on how much map space you need. I just picked up a 1 gig SanDisk microSD with a SD adapter for $18.00 on E-Bay, that price included shipping. A 2 gig microSD will hold all of the US and still leave room for additional storage or some Topo maps.

  12. Since I started this topic let me set the record straight; when I called Garmin I asked specifially about the handheld models. I explained to the CS rep that I have a 76CSX, Legend Cx and 60CS and no mention was ever made about the dedicated road units. The CS rep confirmed that this policy change, effective 1 Jun, did not grandfather previously purchased units. While I hope the information received was the result of someone misreading the e-mail I would ask that other pick up the phone and give them a call to see what answers they get, don't just wait for the canned e-mail response. Their number is 1-800-800-1020.


    With regards to Cheshire Frogs response from Garmin stating the only change was the 1 May change to free updates; did anyone hear about this change before it went into effect? I might have missed it but I have not seen anything about it on this site and there is nothing on Garmins website announcing this change. Garmin put this new policy into effect without notice so who is to say they will not do the same with the unlock codes. Please give them a call and question the answers I received; I would love to be wrong on this one. 1-800-800-1020

  13. May I suggest some one post a relevant email for Garmin feedback and we all use that ???


    otherwise we all have to use the "web page" contact us form ..


    Before it's time for pitchforks and torches, a word from Garmin would be helpful.

    So fare two posts regarding direct interaction with Garmin contradict and clarification would be order.


    Thier CS number is 1-800-800-1020. The more calls they get, in addition to e-mails will help get the point across. The e-mail address CS gave me to send to is: cartography@garmin.com <cartography@garmin.com>


    Not sure what you mean about two posts contradicting though.

  14. I have a question about this. When I bought City Nav (v5?) I had one GPS, a 60CS. I unlocked the software for the 60CS with v6 (skipped V7), and V8. I used my second unlock with V8 with my new 60CSx, and I sold the 60CS. When V9 the update comes out, will I be able to use my one and only unlock code with my 60CSx, or am going to have to pay full price for the full version?


    Had to read through that a couple of times but I think I have it figured out. When you update you should be able to unlock either the 60CS or the 60CSx after cost of the update (currently $75.00). If you still had the 60CS you would have to pay twice to unlock both. Maybe going to Metroguide and using the work around program is not such a bad idea but I bet they fix that with V9.

  15. I agree, if they are going to do this, they should at least honor the EULA and allow the second unlock code for the people that purchased the software under those terms. If they don't, then refund some money or send a rebate check out to be used on a future purchase from Garmin. Something tells me that they won't do that though. Just another way that big business keeps us down. Just like gas prices. what are you gonna do?


    Recently a writer for one of the gun magazines made some very derogatory comments about a particular weapons system; comments that infuriated alot of loyal readers and customers of the writer, his parent company and it's sponsors. The resulting backlash of e-mails resulted in the writer losing his readers, his sponsors and finally his job. This all came about as a direct result of hundreds of e-mails to all concerned expressing their thoughts. Sounds like we need to convince as many people as possible to take the same approach with Garmin and send e-mails expressing their dissatisfaction. With enough people maybe we can get them to re-examine this unannounced policy change. I've already sent my e-mail.

  16. Is the price reductions for software only, or do they mean gpsr as well?


    As I understood it the reduction was going to apply to the GPSr, not software.


    I expressed my concerns with Tech Support and sent them an e-mail also; suggest everyone do the same. I paid for two unlock codes and I expect to get both of them. We should not have to give up something bought and paid for due to a policy change. If they want to change the policy fine (although it is a poor business decision) but they need to grandfather those of us who still have our second code.

  17. Interesting because I just went to their site and posted a quote from their site in the other thread. There is now mention on that page about upcoming changes . . .


    I have not used the second unlock code for my CN8 yet. Guess I should use it before June 1.


    I saw your quote and went to Garmins website to see if anything had changed; no mention of this new policy. I am wondering what I should do with my second unlock code beore it expires also.

  18. After reading in another post that Garmin is changing thier policy with regards to unlock codes I called Garmin to verify. Spoke to a very nice lady in tech support who confirmed that changes were in fact in place with regards to City Navigator and unlock codes. The first change went into effect May 1 when a new policy eliminating free updates went into effect. According to tech support if you buy an older copy of a mapping software Garmin will no longer upgrade for free. The example I have is buying a copy of City Navigator 7 on E-Bay; if you want to upgrade to CN8 you will have to pay the upgrade cost.


    Even more disturbing, effective June 1 there will be no free second unlock code; this includes people who have already purchased the programs with the understanding the second unlock was available. Having just bought a 76CSx and a full version of CN8 I was counting on using the second code at a later date if I decided to buy another 76 for the wife. Now I will have to buy another GPS by June 1 or lose my second unlock code.


    The resaon for the changes, according to Garmin, was due to policy changes with their mapping distributor. It was recommended that all concerns about these changes be sent to techsupp@garmin.com


    The only good new was that Garmin willbe doing an across the board price reduction of $75-100 on all units in the very near future. I could not get an exact date but the indication was these reductions would go into effect by summer.

  19. I am trying to find an older, but not to old vesion of Metroguide, to use with my Legend. I use the Legend while biking so I just want to track where I am in the neighborhoods. I have found an original copy of Metroguide V6 on EBay for a reasonable price but am wondering what the release date for this version is? I want to make sure the neighborhoods where I ride are there. The neighborhoods are not new and have been established a few years (mine is 7 years old) so I don't need the most current version. Can someone tell me what year V6 and/or V7 were released? Thanks

  20. For Sale – I have three Garmin Etrex (yellow one) for sale. I bought them for the kids to cache with but they now want to upgrade to something with more features. The GPSs’ are in excellent shape with no scrapes or scratches. The only cosmetic “issue” they have are my kid’s names, written on the back in Sharpe marker. This could be easily covered up with another Sharpie or if used in a case the point is mute. I would like $50.00 per unit, plus shipping. If someone has a copy (by that I mean original disk, no copywrite infringments) of Metroguide 6 or 7 I would be willing to do a swap. Thanks.


    P.S. I am not set up for PayPal.

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