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  1. I am selling my lightly used Legend Cx because I do not use it anymore and I hate to see it just sitting around the house. It has always been well cared for and has not been dropped, I would rate condition at 95%. It has a 1 GB MicroSD card which is currently loaded with City Navigator 8 and Topo maps for Texas and New Mexico. I can load whatever map set you want to fill the MicroSD card. The Unit is auto routable and has a color screen. It is NOT the "H" model and does NOT have a high sensitivity chip but I never had a problem maintaining a lock anywhere in Texas or New Mexico. Asking $125.00 plus shipping to lower 48, sorry but I will not ship outside US due to past bad experience. Not sure how to attach photos to this but I have them available and can e-mail if requested.

  2. A little information first; I am a cyclist and ride with an Edge 705. I have some Topo USA maps loaded in the Edge memory for off road riding and use a City Navigator MicroSD for road riding. I would really like to upgrade to the Topo US 24K now that Garmin has released the Texas map.


    Since I will purchase the MicroSD card I am wondering how the roads and POIs compare to City Navigator? Does the Topo US 24K provide the same amount of information the CN?

  3. I no longer use this GPS so I am hoping that someone else can put it to good use. It is in excellent condition, with no scratches or worrn spots. I have the USB cable, lanyard and Quick Reference Guide. I will also include a neoprene case and a bike handlebar mount if you want it. Asking $150.00, which will include shipping to lower 48. I can provide pictures as requested.

  4. I am also unable to convert GDB files to GPX once they have been saved. If I save the file as GPX initially then I am ok. It is frustrating because I had planned out several routes for a recent bike trip and I could not load them as GDB files to my Edge 705, I had to redo all the routes and save them as GPX in order to load them.

  5. "2Gb Kingston micro SD w/ Sd adapter - $7.00 promo price with free shipping. Have bought from them twice and always received them in 3 days. shop.kingston.com"


    Thanks for the info, I was actually going to pick up a new MicroSD card this weekend from Radio Shack. For the same price I got three from Kingston, plus I added a 2 GD flashdrive and got a 1 GB flashdrive free. As an added bonus, shipping was free.

  6. I was cleaning out a box and found a back cover for my old Legend; it is the one with the integrated clip for attaching to car/bicycle mount. It is brand new, never used. I sold my Legend some time back so I have no use for this. It is for the older B&W Etrex series and will not work on the Cx or HCx. If someone is interested make me an offer.

  7. Just a long shot, but has anyone recently upgraded thier version of the preprogrammed City Navigator MicroSD and want to sell the older card? I don't need CN 09 since I have a Nuvi with it installed, but would like a card I can use with my Edge 705 when I ride. I ride primarily off road but have been looking at getting out on the road too and just need something that shows where I am. Topo 2008 does list a lot of streets but I would like something with a little more detail and since the preprogrammed cards can be used by multiple units no unlock code would be required. If anyone has an older card please let me know. Thanks

  8. I currently own the 60CSx and really like it. I use it mainly to record my tracks and then load them into Mapsource on my PC and into Bobcat on my MAC. I recently got into Road biking and was thinking of picking up the Edge 705. I have been keeping my 60CSx tucked into a pocket and secured by a carabiner (sp) into my camelback. Since I am exploring new roads on the road bike, it has become a pain to stop and take off the camelback at times to check out a road intersection I am not sure about. The 705 mounted on the stem would help with that problem. Plus it will give me a couple more options to use on the road. My question is this, would I still be able to upload my tracks into Mapsource and Bobcat as I did with my 60CSx. I haven't been able to see anywhere that the 705 use track logs, although I do see something about history. I also see the new Oregon series is coming August 1, so I may consider that instead of the 705 as long as I can mount it on the stem. Thanks for your help! Kevin




    The Edge 705 files are in .tcx format so they need to be converted to .gpx files in order to upload them to Mapsource. Easy fix, there are alot of free programs that do the conversion. I use a program called TCX Converter which allows you to import .tcx, .kml, .trk files and convert them to other like files. As far as uploading to Bobcat, I don't knonw about that since I don't have a Mac. Hope this helps.

  9. Can't help you with that one, I have not seen the clip for sale seperately. I know I lost one of mine and called Garmin to inquire about getting a new one, they sent me one no charge. You might ask around here if someone who uses a RAM Mount is willing to part with theirs. FWIW, a little locktite helps keep it in place.

  10. Remember too that mountain bikes are as different as GPSs. When someone says they had vibration problems it is important to know what kind of bike they had the GPS mounted on. A Wal-Mart mountain bike will ride significantly different then a bike store mountain bike with quality components. A full suspension bike will ride different then the a hardtail or a rigid fork. So when someone says they had vibration problems it is just as important to know what kind of bike they were riding as to know what kind of GPS they were using. Just my opinion though, YMMV.

  11. Sakko


    When you purchased your Legend there should have been a clip in the box that screws into the back of the GPS. That clip is what attaches to the handlebar mount. The handlebar mount you purchased from REI is for the older blue Legend. You can still use the bike mount, just take the cover off and use the clip.

  12. I realize it is an older version but it works and is still accurate. Are you speaking of your Garmin 60cs or are you speaking of your disks for City Select 6 w CS7 Update disk. that is older.


    How much time have you used this Garmin 60 cs. And what is your lowest you would take for it.


    I am interested -- jimmyb53


    I have had the 60CS about five years, but my reference above was for the City Select program. There are no scratches on the screen or body of the unit, all the rubber coverings are completely intact and the lettering on the buttons are perfectly legible.


    The asking price of $185.00 is my lowest price due to the condition of the unit and the included equipment

  13. I am selling my well cared for Garmin 60CS. This has been my favorite GPS but I have too many now and I want an Edge 705 for my bike. I will include the original disks for City Select 6 w CS7 Update disk. I realize it is an older version but it works and is still accurate. I will also send the 25 digit code so you can install and activate City Select on your computer. In addition, I will include a neoprene case, 2 external antennas (Garmin and Gilsson) and the clip for mounting on an auto/bike mount (mount not included). I still have the original manual also. I am asking $185.00 for the complete package and that will include shipping via USPS Priority Mail to lower 48.

  14. You can get a brand new one from Amazon.com for $120 with free shipping.


    Link To Legend On Amazon

    But then you need to add the $30 for the Pc cable and the $10 or so for the USB adaptor, another $10 for the case.,,,,,,,,,,,

    If this is still available please e-mail us at tracy@tntgeocoins.com .

    We are looking for a few extra models for our Cub Scouts.


    Thanks for the support 'T"n"T'. The Legend has been sold but I will keep an eye out for more.

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