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  1. The term newbie is an understatement. I had read in multiple site the need and eas of GSAK and thought that was needed for all GPS. A friend just walked me through my first query but he nothing about the colorado. I am uninstalling GSAK and am hoping that I can now send multiple caches as one time. I literally know nothing about these so am learning via reading and trial and error.
  2. Ok, I can download cache by cache to my new 400t (my first GPS ever), but that is slow. When I check multiple boxes and click to download the waypoints it sends it to GSAK no problem, but when I click to sent the waypoints to my gps I get the following error. is this a problem with program or did I set something up wrong. --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Error sending waypoints: [ERROR] SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces: No more data is available. Is the Garmin USB unit number 0 powered up and connected? Is it really a USB unit? If it's serial, don't choose USB, choose serial.[ERROR] Get_Time: Unknown date/time protocol GARMIN:Can't init usb: --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  3. Delthius

    400t - Yes or No

    Thanks for the clarification. My first experience of geocaching was with Yadin a couple weeks ago and it was easy to see all the treasure chests on his map page. I was disapointed (and worried) when I had read these don't show up on the 400t.
  4. Delthius

    400t - Yes or No

    Thanks for the quick answers guys, I appreciate all the info. I am excited to start playing with this, but dreading the learning curve as I have never had a GPS before. On the screen shots above I saw pictures of the geocaches, I thought one of the glitches with the colorado was that it didn't show the icons of the caches? Was this fixed?
  5. Delthius

    400t - Yes or No

    Thank you to everyone that gave me feedback in this thread as well as the good info on the other threads. I just placed my order on Amazon and will have it hear on Friday. I did not order the City Nav NT as the discriptor did not list the Colorado as one of the units it works on. Was this an oversight or due to the Colorado being too new. If it does work, can it fit on the Colorado's internal memory or will I have to put it on a SD? Thanks for any feedback.
  6. I have been trying to decide between a Nuvi and the Colorado 400t, this may have just sealed the deal. I wanted an automotive gps but just got into geocaching and wanted to be able to do more of this. This appears to have melded the two together.
  7. Delthius

    400t - Yes or No

    I have been scrolling through the threads for the last week or so trying to see what GPS to purchase. These have all been helpful but at times conflicting; in the end how many of you recommend this unit and how many think it is too risky with the bugs? Are the bugs infrequent enough to not off set the great features or should I steer clear.
  8. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...amp;hl=ipod+gpx That what you are looking for? I definitely use the notes section in mine and it works great. Here is another option: http://cachemagnet.googlepages.com/ Thank you very much! I am not overly adept at programming so will try the second method...of course this may all be a moot point as my wife just gave me permission to get a Colorado 400t
  9. I am just getting into this so please forgivethe noob...is there a way to use a standare iPod instead of a Palm?
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