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  1. Or if you have an Android phone there is GeocachingBuddy
  2. You could always try using GSAK 8. Easy to create GPX files to load on your Etrex, easy to download found caches and publish the logs them to Geocaching.com. Whn I want to clear the found caches on my GPS Map62 I simply delete the GPX file and load a new one. Used to hate GSAK but decided to persevere with it and after a couple of uses I got to the point where I would not be without it.
  3. and just to make a certain forum member happy, it is a micro in an Ivy covered tree, according to Google Earth in a wooded area.
  4. There is a good series at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire which was set up in March 2010 and I see that a set of caches are now listed on OC.com
  5. I didn't say that much in my first reply, but I wholly agree with the sentiments . Rgds, Andy Langy, welcome to this wonderful friendly and pleasant passtime. Unfortunately there are some who would like to insist that all caches hidden today are the same as in the good old days when Noah set sale for a FTF
  6. Why would the GAGB send an angry email, after all it is not as if it is a smiley that is being removed, it is simply an explanation note.
  7. and of course, any cache owner who feels the same has the right to delete that note
  8. Oh well, that one didn't last very long. DING and over to SP
  9. Thanks for the ding. George Michael infamously crashed his Range Rover into the Hampstead branch of what high street shop?
  10. I suggest that you give this one up as you will never win against 'It's my right' brigade.
  11. As the wife is a keen Columbo fan she has informed me that it is Frank Columbo
  12. or, the signposts are handy for all of us 'Fatties' to lean against for a rest when we find the walking hard work
  13. GSAK and FindStatsGen macro. Nice and easy.
  14. HH, now that the FULL facts have been disclosed I still feel that the police were justified in investigating a valid complaint/suspicion. My last comment, some of the peolpe I referred to were nice old grandad types, disabled people, 18yr old lads. There is no set description of those kind of people. In this day and age, as sad as it may be, there is no taking chances. Unlike many of you I do believe and know that there are some very nasty people out there.
  15. HH, hopefully you will have gleamed from my signature what I spent 25yrs of my life doing. During that time I had a period where I had to interview those that I 'looked after' on a very special wing. During many of these interviews it was often mentioned and talked about how they would take photos in parks whilst deciding who to pick for their attentions. These were under 21's and later in my career I had the same conversations with adults of all ages. If their are good honest citizens who are prepared to report possible suspicious people to the police then good for them. I have done it and will do it again (4 reports and only 1 wrong. If people have any objections to public spirited people doing the right thing then shame on you and I hope that somebody does not ignore something that results in an offence being committed.
  16. I think you will find that the probable reason for the 'suspicious' bit is maybe down to this part of the OP's post Why did the complaint specifically target me and not the other car parked behind me in this free car park next to a public park. There are children's playgrounds in public parks and in this day and age if somebody is seen, what another person has viewed as, acting in a suspicious manner, the police are duty bound to investigate. My views, Get over it, these things happen. Maybe you would rather that the police ignore all such phone calls and be done with it. If the police want stop me and ask me questions no probs, I have nothing to hide and I for one actually admire them for the cr@p job they sometimes have to do, there are people that will moan at them for doing their job but are then the first to scream if they don't do it when it concerns them.
  17. A member of the public reported you as possibly being suspicious because you were parked in your car netx to a park. You then ask how a disabled person sitting in a car, displaying a blue badge, next to a park, can be considered suspicious. Is there now something in the disability act that says all disabled people are perfecty innocent at all times and in all circumstances. My next statement is not meant to offend so please do not take it as such. During my time in my previous career I can honestly say that there were a good percentage of disabled people that had been found guilty of various crimes. As a previous poster has said 'The Police are damned if they do and damned if they don't' If somebody reports a suspicious person in the vicinity of a park then I would expect them to act as who knows that suspicious person could be a real bad person and return to do something worse than sitting in their car. The police would be really castigated in that case.
  18. Well they seem to be Aussies so I don't expect it's YOSM. Be interested to know what the problem was though? Automatically assume they are UK cachers when they post in here.
  19. or even buy a box of THESE about 3pence each. Carry some around and leave where appropriate.
  20. just had a look and there is no way that one of them things would hold all of my caching kit: Repair pack, spare batteries, poncho, coffee flask, snack etc.
  21. Big game. big playing field so everybody can play the game the way that THEY want to. Why should everything be done exactly the way that you want it to be played, did you make the rules or are you just an 'occaisional' player? I would suggest, as has already been suggested, that you get over it and only look for the cache type that you like. Easy enough to filter out the 'bad' ones and ensure that you don't have to find one of those 'nasty sign post caches'or are you just to much of a 'l##y f#t l##p' to do that Enough said, time to do my filtering for aa caching outings when we are in Devon for 10 weeks. Filter 1 = anything that is available. Job done.
  22. Why should the GAGB jump to conclusions? They are not the listing site or the site that quite clearly states 'Containers are never buried' as per Section 1 para 3 of the Groundspeak Placement Guidelines
  23. <Quoted from one log on the cache page> Well after a fruitless search we joined the Flash Mob and listened to the various theories as to where the cache could be hidden. The suspense ended when CO cleared away some earth to reveal the hiding place. &@£(;.!!!£. TFTC
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