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  1. That is exactly what MadSons suggested at the first Brainstorming session...seems like it is a name that may just stick around!!
  2. So then I would guess that a GC 11 years Birthday party with cupcakes is out of the question for 1st of May ? Why don't we do it back to back with the CITO Event? Clean up first then party afterwards?
  3. Sounds like a great name....a good one for either the Event itself or the committee that gets set up to arrange the Event.... Keep those ideas coming!
  4. BruceTP ordered for a whole bunch of people too - he purchased 10 of each coin. We'll buy from him once he receives them!
  5. Hi there...sorry guys, I made a mistake. The CITO we will organise will be on Sunday, 1st May 2011. It is part of the Groundspeak Annual CITO weekend. RedGlobe will host the one on the 30th April and we'll host the one on the Sunday. Don't worry - it will just be an hour or two of cleaning up a private property!
  6. No decisions were made during the first Brainstorming session. We just got together to put down suggestions and ideas. The Event will definitely take place in 2012 but there is no fixed date as yet. The place has also not been confirmed as yet.
  7. Great ideas Team Ginger and we hope to see a little third Team Ginger attending How about getting Granny and Grandpa to attend too, to give you support? You are right, we can rope in loads of other teams, it just takes a little bit of sweet talking and they will do what we ask. GREAT!!! idea - I will speak to Kurt Darren right away! How awesome would it be to get some South African musicians at the Event and we P. A. R. T. Y.........AWESOME....... I like it.....
  8. GEO936 will be there - 4 people - PLUS we will get some of our family to come too. So add another 11 people to make that 15 people JUST from GEO936...so only 461 to go....
  9. A HUGE, BIG, GREAT, MEGA, MOERSE Thank You to all involved in our first Brainstorming session last night. I personally think it went very well, and think that we achieved what we wanted to achieve viz. 1. Get other cachers across the country involved (tick - we had reps from Cape Town, KZN and Free State) and 2. Get as many ideas and suggestions for each Agenda point (tick - got lots of positive and valuable ideas). Thank you to all of you who helped with setting up the Skype technology (DRDM & Raider), with helping out with the Skype part during the meeting (GlobalRat), with making the delicious dessert (BruceTP), recording the meeting (Team_vdlo) and the rest of the teams who came from far and near to share in this momentous occasion. Thanks RedGlobe for coming early and helping out with our kids - they too felt very special to be the centre of attention while Mom & Dad ran around getting the last few things organised. We have a great support structure with level headed thinking guys & gals, who know their stuff and that helps a lot. Now we just need to rally the numbers and get our country to unite and submit their intentions to attend this Mega!! We are grateful to be involved with such an AWESOME geocaching community - we are PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN!!! Warmest regards GEO936
  10. Okay, how about the number of registered cachers in South Africa? Just the country. Is that possible?
  11. Born in a barn in some dorpie in South Africa?
  12. Does it have something to do with sport?
  13. We will be having the first meeting with regards to South Africa's first Mega Event. It will take place on Thursday, 24 February 2011 and will be in the form of a Brainstorming Session. There will be a few of us in person and a whole bunch of us from across the country joining in via Skype group conversation. We will post updates on the developments in due course.
  14. Wow, we were very shocked to read this. Hope things can get sorted out. We originally thought you guys were going to emigrate! Wish we could help out but we live too far away.
  15. Hi Stats Gurus Would it be possible to get a list of the registered cachers (teams) in each major city in South Africa or each province in South Africa (before Thursday, 24 Feb)? Just not sure if we can get this or whether all we can get is the country figure? Thank you in advance
  16. The cat has been let out of the bag... We have placed 31 caches along the Breakfast Run route for all to enjoy. We won't be able to find all of these on the Run itself, but we will stop for three or four. There may be a surprise on the day as well.... You are welcome to hunt for the rest of the caches after the Event at Auto Cradle, and if you like on your way to Auto Cradle if you do not wish to be part of the Run! Happy Caching! GEO936
  17. We will be hosting a QS in Jhb on Saturday, 26th March 2011 and a CITO on 2nd May 2011.
  18. I know that GerhardoosMPSA has just organised an Event in Swaziland this past weekend, but is there a chance that you'll still arrange this planned Swazi trip this year?
  19. Have no idea.....He's Martin Sheen's son - Emilio Estevez?
  20. Sorry yes, meant the one that ended in November...thought it was WW2 But you got it! On 09 November 1989 it was official that the Berlin Wall would come down! I was in Matric during that time and still remember the euphoria around that. When I went to Berlin for the first time in 2004, it was the first thing I wanted to see, as there are still sections of the wall that have remained intact to show tourists. Your go CH!
  21. The year is correct and you almost have the month correct - which one is it? Clue: The same month WW2 ended officially. Clue for the day...one of our numbers....
  22. It did not. This query was run in March of 2009, and did not reflect a full year. My apologies - I did not see the note with the date. Thanks for pointing it out.
  23. Not to cause any problems, but would love to see this query run again as of now.
  24. Would love to see an update of this - for 2010. I can't believe the number of teams went down from 2007 to 2009!
  25. Some interestig stats coming to the forefront. B = Letterbox Team=Tricky Vicky & Mickey CachType=B Finds=3 Team=The Huskies CachType=B Finds=2 Team=cownchicken CachType=B Finds=2 C = Cache In Trash Out ("Found it") Team=The Huskies CachType=C Finds=3 C = Cache In Trash Out ("Attended") Team=Goofster CachType=C Finds=3 Team=Stefanoodle CachType=C Finds=3 Team=Trackinfind CachType=C Finds=2 Team=Tricky Vicky & Mickey CachType=C Finds=2 Team=anlufu CachType=C Finds=2 Team=carlstein CachType=C Finds=2 Team=cownchicken CachType=C Finds=2 E = Event Team=cownchicken CachType=E Finds=24 (HOLY COW!!) Team=Discombob CachType=E Finds=21 Team=Goofster CachType=E Finds=20 Team=Noddy CachType=E Finds=19 Team=CrystalFairy CachType=E Finds=17 Team=cache-fan CachType=E Finds=16 Team=Fish Eagle CachType=E Finds=15 Team=Tricky Vicky & Mickey CachType=E Finds=14 I = Wherigo Team=Jin & Tonic CachType=I Finds=1 Team=Kwenda Tafuta CachType=I Finds=1 Team=Rhino and Hedgehog CachType=I Finds=1 Team=Trammy CachType=I Finds=1 Team=Whostops CachType=I Finds=1 Team=Ysbeer CachType=I Finds=1 Team=macbow CachType=I Finds=1 Team=stephennb CachType=I Finds=1 M = Multi Team=CrystalFairy CachType=M Finds=118 Team=Noddy CachType=M Finds=115 Team=cownchicken CachType=M Finds=113 Team=GlobalRat CachType=M Finds=103 Team=cache-fan CachType=M Finds=98 R = Earth Team=RedGlobe CachType=R Finds=20 (Good going RG) Team=cache-fan CachType=R Finds=19 Team=GreenJaM CachType=R Finds=17 Team=dakardrix CachType=R Finds=17 Team=Nish4 CachType=R Finds=16 Team=CrystalFairy CachType=R Finds=15 Team=DamhuisClan CachType=R Finds=15 Team=GlobalRat CachType=R Finds=15 Team=BruceTP CachType=R Finds=12 Team=Ding bat CachType=R Finds=11 Team=iPajero CachType=R Finds=11 Team=miking CachType=R Finds=11 Team=warthog CachType=R Finds=11 T = Traditional Team=iPajero CachType=T Finds=1436 Team=CrystalFairy CachType=T Finds=1063 Team=cache-fan CachType=T Finds=1060 Team=cownchicken CachType=T Finds=1022 Team=Fish Eagle CachType=T Finds=990 U = Unknown/Mystery Team=CrystalFairy CachType=U Finds=111 Team=RedGlobe CachType=U Finds=91 Team=GlobalRat CachType=U Finds=84 Team=Noddy CachType=U Finds=83 Team=cache-fan CachType=U Finds=81 Team=warthog CachType=U Finds=75 Team=GreenJaM CachType=U Finds=69 V = Virtual Team=cownchicken CachType=V Finds=13 Team=Discombob CachType=V Finds=12 Team=Larks CachType=V Finds=12 Team=battlerat and pussycat CachType=V Finds=12 I wonder if you could run this query again today and we could see how this list has changed?
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