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    "Find Me"

    Wow Bruce - that sounds awesome! Congrats - we hope you do eventually receive the movie. We think it is a great idea to show something like that at an Event...we'll keep that in mind! It sounds like a great idea. What is the name of the trackable? I would love to see where it is sitting at the moment?
  2. Just a question from our side, with regards to the bonus points for September. The bonus points just indicate that 15 points will be earned for each racer that "attends" and is photographed at an Earthcache. Does this mean that one cacher, can visit 6 different Earthcaches in the month of September and earn 90 points for the racer? Also, by "national parks" do you mean the South African National Parks (SANParks) or any national park - like those in KZN (enzemvelo) and places like Pilanesberg, etc.?
  3. That's what happens when it suddenly lands up in Australia! Yes - that is what I mean! When a Racer gets into the hands of the owner (or the owner's friends), it will earn lots of points!
  4. That's what happens when the TB owner looks after his/her Racer!
  5. Okay, thanks cincol. That is how I understood the rules. So if a bug gets taken to an Event, 3 points will be earned. Irrespective of whether the bug is dropped off and picked up by the same cacher?
  6. cincol....forgive me but I'm really CONFUSED!! I've been told that there will be no points for a Racer that attends an Event???? Huh??? Okay, as you know I'm not the brightest spark around, but I've re-read the rules and it says nothing about the Racers being taken to Events and back home again with the same cacher. The rules state that the Racer will earn 3 points for attending an Event - PERIOD!!!! That is why we made an extra special effort to drive all the way to the Tswaing Event in July, so that the Racers in our possession could benefit some points - even if they were just 3 points. Now I'm told "no dipping allowed of a Racer in an Event"???? When did the rules change??? How can a TB be dipped into an Event anyway, when there isn't even a physical cache there? I don't remember reading anything about a Racer needing to be left in an Event to be picked up by someone else! Are you changing the rules here and there to suit some people?? If yes, please could you communicate it or make things clear? We were never told that we were not earning points for the Racers when we attended the Event in July.
  7. GEO936


    Well Done Timmo1977 on reaching your 350! And it was excellent that you got to it with such an awesome Event - The Spring Bash 2009 by Glider Slider. Congrats! Congrats too to iPajero - Wow 2250 so quickly!! It was great meeting the Legends of geocaching at the Event, but we just didn't get enough of a chance to chat with you. We have so many questions to ask you - perhaps we'll bug you with an email one of these days! Well Done Megaben on reaching you 650!! That is fantastic!
  8. Wild guess : "Oh Great One!" If it isn't swahili, could it be from one of the south african languages??
  9. After hosting an Event this May, we found that it helped to book an additional table for those geocachers that just "show up" on the day. We got a tip from Damhuisclan (who are very well organised Event geocachers) and they told us that many will just show up on the day without putting in a "will attend" log. So we asked the venue to include an extra table. As it turned out, we had to get another table (two extra tables in the end), as more geocachers arrived than anticipated!
  10. Cachers who don't maintain their caches annoy us!! Grrrr ....we did two this past weekend. The first one had a logbook/sheet that was completely falling apart and wet. We managed to put our name on it, but had to pick up pieces of the soiled logbook and carefully put it all back. We didn't have a spare logbook (it was a micro), so couldn't do anything about the problem. Then the second one has probably been muggled but the owner has done nothing about it. Then we found out that the cache owner has moved to live in the Western Cape!! No wonder he can't maintain the cache....he's more than 1000km away! More grrrr. We know that sometimes we take a bit of time to sort out our caches here and there, but we always ensure to add notes and updates frequently to keep other cachers informed of the status. The main problem with caches that are not maintained at all but are still active, is that they are hogging a possible new and better hide by another geocacher. So, no one can place a new cache in a better spot until that one has been archived!
  11. Nice one Gerhard! You may just find that you'll be retiring sooner than you thought!!
  12. I was going to start a new thread for this question, but seeing as it's been braught up here anyway, What would be considered a reasonable amount of time for a TB to be MIA before I start questioning people or should I start right away? One of my TB's (not a racer), according to the logs is not in the cahce it's reported to be in. Only one other cacher has been there since it was placed (a reletive newbie based on the number of finds) so I'm thinking that maybe they took it and forgot to log it, but on the other hand, maybe they didn't and I won't know until I aks I guess. When we found out that the coin had gone missing, without it being logged out of the cache, we contacted the guilty cacher immediately. The problem was that it was showing as inventory for the cache, and other cachers were flocking to the cache to get the coin (it's a really nice coin). Only to find that it wasn't there - talk about annoying!! So we reckon you should contact the Newbie cacher and just strike up a chat about the traveller. Then help him/her to get the coin checked out of the cache and into a new cache. We once had to help another Newbie cacher (step by step over the phone) to check the coin into a cache so that we could retrieve it. Sure we could've grabbed it, but then it wouldn't have got any mileage.
  13. Does the "R" stand for something like : Rejuvenate or Recycle or Reconciliation? .... what are we looking for here - something to do with improving the lives of the people or something related to the Environment?
  14. We find it terribly annoying when NEWBIE cachers do not familiarise themselves with the the geocaching creed and then just blindly go geocaching without any clue on what is the correct way to do things. Then they pick up TBs and have no idea what to do with them, how to log them, etc. The TB is then either lost or out of action for months, before you, as the cache owner, bombard them with emails to get the TB going again. It happened to us last year with our Planisphere Geocoin. Luckily, after 3 months of hard work, we got it back (in pieces which we then had to fix to get the coin operational again). I mean, we have been in the dogbox for holding onto a TB for a long time, but we had difficult circumstances (birth of new baby) which put a slow down on our caching. It happens, but we moved the TB along as soon as we were able to. We wish the Newbies out there could do their homework and be more responsible when they get into the sport of geocaching.
  15. Oh dear. It seems that your Fairy has suffered the same fate that we experienced with newbie cachers who "took" our Planisphere Coin last year. It took us 3 months to get our coin back, and when we found it (in the incorrect cache according to what he had logged), it was in pieces!!! Rolf had to glue and fix the coin to get it operational again. The good news is that we did get it back eventually. We emailed the guy daily via the Groundspeak website. Eventually he came back to us. He had signed onto the GS website with Hotmail account which he did not check regularly. Then he went away on holiday, so that is why there was such a delay. When we bombarded him with that daily email reminder, we put in our cell number and asked that he please contact us urgently. He eventually did contact us and then we had his contact number. In this entire process, Groundspeak was unable to help us in any way. They did not have any contact info. nor would they give it to us even if they did. The advice we can give is that you must not give up to get your Racer back or in action again. Unfortunately the Free State is not the best of provinces for a Racer, but if he can get it into a busy cache or post the Racer back to you, that would be great. Good luck and we hope he responds soon enough!
  16. Could it be that they are languages or ancient tribes?
  17. If there are a lot of TB's near each other - or any other place you want to zoom in to - then click the mouse and a block will appear. Drag that block over the area you want to see in more detail and it will then zoon in once you release the mouse button. That works great for me. Thanks cincol...I figured it out and it does work very well!! The few cities or points really do help with seeing where the bugs are close to. Thanks Damhuisclan! I really like the map, so please keep it!
  18. Not Helen, but it is in the right direction. Never heard of the lady before this evening though. Oh wow....can't believe that I eventually got somewhere "in the right direction"!! Would it be possible to ask for a clue? Like does she have a typical or unusual greek name? No chance of giving a letter in her name hey? Pretty please?
  19. Aprt from an old girlfriend, Jackie Onassis and Nana Moskouri the only other Greek woman hat I know is Venus!! Hey cincol...you're giving your age away!! Is Nana Mouskouri still around and singing?
  20. We make use of the map, but we have found that we cannot zoom in enough to see where all the Racers are (especially in the areas where many racers are near to each other). We don't know what would work better, but perhaps if you make the changes that you are thinking of (i.e. giving names of major cities nearby), then perhaps we can "test drive" it and see if it improves the feature. Personally, it is great to have a "graphical" representation of the bug locations, so we vote to keep the or a map of sorts. Best regards GEO936
  21. Qu.2 : Was it Helen of Troy??? Qu.1 : Still thinking about that one!
  22. Taking a wild guess.....could it be a mining related company such as Anglogold Ashanti??
  23. We just wanted to say a BIG Thank You to BruceTP for the awesome pics of our Racer with the birds in his garden. We LOVE birds and birdwatching, and we are very impressed with the super shots - thanks for all the effort. It is just unfortunate that we cannot nominate any of the pics!! We would've loved to though!
  24. Hi Anton.....nice graph, but it seems that something is wrong? There are thousands of Trad caches, yet the piece of the pie is more or less the same size as for multi and puzzle (unknown) cache (as you have pointed out). Do you think it's just reading "287" from the Trad figure and thereby the pie piece would be similar in size? Just wondering as it doesn't make sense to me (but then again I'm not very bright)! Thanks! Cheers Silvia.
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