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  1. Have absolutely no idea but could it be something like 100 years after the significant something that happened? Or could it be 200 years? Or is it someone important's milestone birthday?
  2. A nomination for Photo of the Month for October: Photo taken by besem of Racers: Mom's Marathon Racer (Far-Jar-Hug) and Great SA TB Race - The Big Five (MnCo). We like this picture with our National Bird - the Blue Crane. Just such a pity we don't get to see the Blue Crane in the wild so much these days. Thanks besem for taking this great pic!
  3. To cincol and Damhuisclan We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all the work and effort you guys are putting into this TB Race!! We really appreciate your work and are so thankful that you took it upon yourselves to do all the hardwork! Thanks guys - you are the best! It took us a few days to go through all the Racers and check out any pics that we liked and that was just to nominate photos for the Photo of the Month...so we know the amount of work involved to tally up the points, update the website, etc. We are really enjoying the Race, but just get a little sad when Racers go missing! Best regards GEO936
  4. GEO936


    Hey guys...well done on all your finds - besem, gerhardoosMPsa, etc.!! That is awesome! Can't believe how quickly you guys got there....guess you don't have little bambinos to slow you down . Gerhard - moenie worry nie...we wouldn't let you arrange your own coin....we have our ways and means and you will be surprised!! Just don't get to the next duisend too quickly so that we have a chance to organise it - hee hee!! We've been off the forums for a while, still catching up with everything (took us a whole week to log only 10 finds from our short break in the bush!!). Forgot to add - Gerhard you must definitely give up smoking....not just for saving some cash but for your health and those around you! We want you to be caching and making us smile for many years to come!
  5. Agreed!! Welcome back from your break! Glad to have you back.
  6. Nomination - Nice view of a new city in the Race - Hong Kong!
  7. Another nomination. This is an awesome shot!! Wow!
  8. Some more Photo of the Month nominations: We forgot to add our comments for our previous nominations! So here goes for the latest ones: We liked this one - reminds us of relaxed, fishing holidays.... This is such a cute bunny - look at his ears! Must be the European version... At least this cacher made an effort with a photo - pretty fish bowl, like we had when we were kids.... We loved this one!! Some original thinking, much like the one that GreenJaM did in the first month of the race and it won the competition!! Good luck to all the Racers!
  9. GEO936


    Congratulations iPajero on your fantastic achievement! All the best for the next 2500!!
  10. Another September PotM nomination:
  11. We nominate the following photos for September: Still checking some more bugs....
  12. GEO936

    I spy

    Good evening...Tricky, Vickey & Mickey & Jors :-)
  13. No such luck Discombob......the kids are with us always! Wish we still had my Mom-in-Law around, and my Mom stays too far away!
  14. Wow, it sounds like an awesome trip! We can't believe you will be cycling all the way - eish - as we say in South Africa!! But we take our hats off to you and wish you all of the very best! The route you plan to follow takes you across some of the most beautiful areas in our country. Unfortunately, when we last did that route ourselves we were not geocachers, so we cannot offer any advice on good caches along that route. Not many of the local geocachers frequent or visit the forum, so you may want to contact some cache owners for advice or to accompany you, if you see a number of interesting caches along the way (I'm referring to your using Google Earth to check out the available caches along the route). Good luck!
  15. I second Capedoc.....those that can go to see the movie are those without small kids. So, unfortunately we won't be able to just go and see the movie....
  16. They may be awesome diplomats but they also can organise a mean event. "The BIG Kick-Off for The 2009 Great SA TB Race" event was a huge success thanks to GEO936. Come and meet them in person at the next Gauteng event. When you are up here also do their "Little Netherlands TB Hotel" (GC1GZ0K). This is not only a cache of note but also one where all the necessary permissions were sought and got to mount a permanent cache container on private property. Well done. Thanks for all the compliments!! :blush: :blush: We just love geocaching! We still think we can do an even better Event though - so watch this space!
  17. Reference to a piece of armament? Like a cannon or something like it?
  18. Yes, we agree with Damhuisclan and forgot to add that we always leave our contact details with the property owner so that he/she can contact us at any time if he/she is no longer happy with the cache. We also tell them that at any point in time, we can remove the cache for whichever reason the owner has - so that it doesn't feel like we are forcing them to have a cache on their property. Another thing we forgot to say is that we always tell them that geocaching is a family sport - people go out as a family, and that is a very strong reason. We also land up going to speak to the owners as a family and our kiddies melt their hearts. They can also see that we are putting our money where our mouthes are - we are a family and we geocache - it is a clean and fun sport. If you don't have a family, you can perhaps arrange with a friend or family member who does! (Preferably a geocaching family!). You can still go to the owner of the nature reserve and ask for his/her permission, just approach it from a different angle this time. Oh yes, one more thing. If a place has rules i.e. open/close times, no-go areas, etc. be clear with the property owner that these rules will be added to the listing and geocachers need to adhere to them to keep the cache going, etc.
  19. We have found that it is extremely important to get an owner's permission to place a geocache on or near his/her property. We have not yet been denied to place a geocache, however, when we ask for permission, we have always done so in person - not over the phone. We make an appointment or visit the establishment during their working hours. We ask to speak to the owner/manager of the place and then ask if he/she has a few moments for us to speak to them. We tell them that we are geocachers, and what the sport is all about. We also take along our geocoin and TB collection to show them the trackables and we take an example of a listing. When we speak to them, we make it clear that geocaching is very much an international sport, and that having a cache attracts locals as well as tourists. At this stage, it is very helpful to mention that with the 2010 soccer world cup coming up, there will be many visitors coming to our country and that geocaching will place the person's establishment "on the map" so to speak. Perhaps you caught the owner on a bad day. Perhaps he/she was not able to listen to the whole story? If I were you, I would go over there in person. It may be ideal to contact another geocacher in your area that has been involved for many years, as they will be able to offer experienced advice and perhaps have their own collection of geocoins available. Another thing - we always give the website address (www.Groundspeak.com) and invite the person to check things out for themselves. Also, make it very clear that there will be no funny business with your cache - i.e. no drugs and nasty stuff like that. That is what they fear the most! Good luck and try again - but with a different approach! We are certain you will succeed!
  20. Hey cincol...aren't you supposed to be on holiday?
  21. The date that is logged as the date the cache was visited is the date that I will work with - even if it is sent in late as EC's need to be verified by the owner first and this could take time. That is the reason that I require the link to the log for EC points. You will get the points due, even if they are only allocated in the following month. Okay great - thanks cincol!! We will try to stop pestering you so that you can pack in peace for you holiday!
  22. Have a great holiday cincol - we hope you enjoy yourself! Just a quick question.....will you be allowing a few days grace with the entries for September. I'm just referring to the Earthcaches and other things. If we go to caches on the 30th September, we will need a day or two to get our responses and logs together. Also, we will be going away and we are not certain of the internet coverage and would only be able to get our logs done the first weekend of October. So even though we would do the cache in September, the logs would only be able to be sent in on 3/4 October. Please let us know? Thanks!!
  23. That is amazing.....I wonder if he remembers all the caches he has found??
  24. EARTHCACHES This is a special incentive for September and for SA EarthCaches only. See the note on discretionary Bonus points - 15 points for a photo of a TB at any SA EarthCache. Needs to be substantiated with a photo of the TB at the EC site with the EC log. Link to be provided to cincol for scoring. NATIONAL PARKS Same applies here - this is a special incentive for September and for any SA National Parks only. 15 points for any TB with a photo showing proof of being at a SA National Park - sign Nothing sinister at all - every month there are special bonus points and those who untilize the incentive for the month will benifit. Good luck to all. Thanks cincol. We just wanted to make sure that the same geocacher can earn points at multple earthcaches for a racer. In other words, the racer will not be penalised for points because the same person has done all the earthcaches, etc. So if a Racer earns 150 points just for Earthcaches in September, then it will be awarded those points regardless if the same geocacher earned them?
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