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  1. This sounds brilliant! Would love to attend all the talks, but my time is limited with the kids. Not sure if my sister would cope with too many babysitting sessions!!
  2. Yes, the CITO - we so badly wanted to attend that!! But this trip to the coast is an opportunity which we also can't miss. 28th would work better for us too...probably in the afternoon, but will let you know.
  3. Thanks DiePienaars. We will let you know when we can get together. you are right, hiking with the kids is extremely difficult. Often what happens is that Rolf goes on ahead, while I stay put with the kids and wait for him to return. We did that at the one cache in the Free State next to the Lesotho border. Shame poor Rolf - sweating and killing himself and almost falling off a cliff to retrieve a cache, while I had tea and cake with the kids and spent time looking and feeding the farm animals! If anything, we would look at sunday, 28th in the afternoon, but will let you know.
  4. GEO936 please check your firmware version - and make sure t is updated to the latest. There is a web updater app that takes care of all of this for you - if you do not have web updater download it from Garmin http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=931 There are further instructions on the Garmin site. Perhaps this will sort you out, other wise a Visit to EX Avnic and now Garmin Distribution Africa - you;'ll find them in Capricorn Park Muizenberg Garmin Distribution Africa (Cape Town Branch) +27 21 788 9015 / +27 861 427 646 Capricorn Business Park, Capricorn Drive, Muizenberg, WESTERN CAPE S34.08778 E18.48837 Oh and if you are not already a member make sure you register your units at garmap.co.za and join their forum for lots of useful ideas and help. Good Luck Trev Tks Trev - much appreciated. We've actually been to the one place near to us in Kya Sand, Randburg and they have tried all sorts of things. We've had issues with it since we got it, but we were a bit slow on the take, and only took it in after its first year. We'll check out the links and will definitely make use of your advice - Thanks!
  5. We'll be there...but I don't know about the morning session. Would LOVE to go, but need to consider the kids. What I may do is arrange for Rolf to go, maybe catch a life with someone (Bruce?) and do the morning caching and stuff. And I'll come in the afternoon with the kids, after Enzo has napped, etc. We'll definitely sponsor a cache or two to replace the micros! And, I think Rolf would love to fish (he loves fly fishing) but in all honesty it is an Event and we NEVER get to do much other than chat, chat, chat at Events. I doubt he would be able to slip away and fish. At the last event, both he and I didn't even get to sit down, as we went from cacher to cacher, catching up on all the news!!
  6. Oh right...sorry....I have said it before that I'm not the one with the brains in our family (but I got the smile ). Okay, will read the listing (again) and will add another post soon! thanks for the correction
  7. Wow, that is a great tip. Just a pity that our Nuvi is a bit of a dud...must take it up with garmin sometime soon. Nothing really seems to work properly on it so I doubt the photos work too!
  8. but cincol is the guru on anything military and sport.....
  9. We are also keen to do the TWIN caches...we'll be in Durbs from 27 Feb to 3 March. I know it is a very short time, but it is all we have. We also have two small kiddies (3 yr old and 1 yr old) so it puts a bit of a spanner in the works. Anyone in Durbs keen and able to be our partner for this one?
  10. I think BruceTP has a Nuvi 200 and something and he uses it for paperless caching all the time. In fact, he bought an extra memory card, and has all the caches in RSA loaded on his GPS which he refreshes every month. So no matter where he goes in SA he has all the cache info. on hand. Find him on GC.com and drop him an email for the details! He has successfully found all his caches with his Nuvi!
  11. GEO936

    The Sandpit

    Cool Bananas!! We'll be there from 27 Feb to 3 March...maybe we can hook up for a cache or two? Would have to be easy peasy ones, because we have the bambinos..we'll leave the adventurous ones for you guys ! We were also hoping to do the TWIN cache - you know the one of the Pienaars brothers. I'm going to post a note on the twin cache topic.
  12. Okay - I'll give it to cincol! Sorry, that it seemed like a bit of a boring one! The C Rating is the maximum discharge rate of a battery. A rating of 1C would mean you discharge the entire battery in one hour, a rating of 10C means you could discharge the entire battery in 6 mins. Rolf discovered this while building his model airplane/glider! Go for it cincol!
  13. Nope, not any of those. cincol is still the closest..but not entirely correct.
  14. Sorry - no. cincol was still closer....but not exactly there.
  15. Got something to do with charge and discharge rates for car batteries. I remember from my caravaning days that the higher the rate the longer a battery would last between recharging. You need a very slow discharge rate when using a battery for lighting and other camping type of activities which require a small amount of power over a long period of time as opposed to a high discharge rate in a battery that needs to spin a starter motor which requires a lot of power over a short period of time. eish...cincol, is this quiz just between you and I? Rolf says you have more or less the idea, but it isn't the answer he is looking for. You have touched on it...
  16. Okay, here is a question from Rolf: What does the "C" rating mean on a battery? And as a bonus, if a battery has 10C what would that tell you?
  17. Just guessing - 3 times and they lost to South Africa? Great guess!!!! They have only lost on home soil [in India] by more than an innings 3 times in history - and on all 3 occasions SA were the victors! Well done! That was far too easy! Oh my goodness....! Can't believe it!! I promise you it was a guess....I thought of one of our lucky numbers from "936", but 9 and 6 sounded like too much and decided on 3. Then thought about the "who" and initially I was going to go with Pakistan, but thought it must have something to do with SA and made a final decision as SA. LOL - it wasn't easy at all, as I don't keep up with the cricket or other sport!! Now, I'm on the spot as I was not prepared to win this round so soon...will have to think of something to ask now!
  18. Just guessing - 3 times and they lost to South Africa?
  19. Ding!! 100% correct! Your turn cincol...
  20. I dunno, but I did find out the other day that legend Jors' name is derived from 'Jors truly'.. LOL - Yes, I remember Jors telling me that too...I love it! Jors truly!!
  21. Nice try...but not the answer I'm looking for!
  22. Thanks...just wanted to make sure Here is a very easy peasy one: From what/where is the term "Yours sincerely" derived from? Not a definition out of the dictionary, but the meaning of the word and why it is used as a valediction in a letter.
  23. This sounds like a good idea....make an Event of it! But just say it is a general get-together so that there is no "Agenda"...I've learnt that Events cannot have "Agendas". I'm interested in the GSAK stuff....Rolf hates it - he says it doesn't work for him. I don't understand why, as Rolf is the one with the brains in our team. He is also a whizz of a programmer, but yet cannot get GSAK to work. I've been wanting to get it to work, but have not been able to spend much time on it. Unfortunately, I'm the one lacking with the grey matter, so not sure if I will ever "get it". Let us know what you decide!
  24. Jip! Never mind the Drix, just a name evolving from Hendrik (birth certificate, but you'll ruin a friendship if you call me that! ) which was replaced by Drikus to distinguish between all the Hendriks in the family years ago, which became Drix by friends after school. And yes, my current F800GS is the official Dakar F650GS replacement, but they didn't call it the Dakar or the Adventure as some expected... to me, the Dakar (bike) will always be special as it started my second life as a biker (or more specific an adventure biker, as these bikes are classed) and my geocaching path started soon after, the perfect marriage! Trackz introduced me to geocaching, but I didn't quite get it - GreenJaM made me get it, so I'm grateful to both! A real highlight is still doing our 500th find together (with GreenJaM) within 12 months from registration (for both of us) - took some juggling near the end to make it co-incide. So, although I don't ride a Dakar anymore, it will be my great memory forever, so dakardrix it will stay... Over to you... maybe you can explain your own Bavarian/BMW link..? Oh yes, forgot about Trackz...sure I read about that in one of your logs. Oops, I got the model name all incorrect...it is late, I haven't had much sleep lately !! So does this mean it is our turn to go? Can't believe it 'cause I haven't been able to be on line much lately!
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