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  1. Wow!! Congratulations Rodney! All the best with your new post and we hope you enjoy it! We look forward to dealing with you! All the best Rolf, Silvia, Nadia & Enzo (GEO936)
  2. Oh yes, sorry, got the name a bit muddled. See - I'm not googling!! Mmmmm, a little clue perhaps? Was he from your era or a little more recent?
  3. It wasn't the lead singer of INXS? Mark Huchinson from Australia? Just a wild guess as I have no idea!
  4. Or a Michael Jackson or one of the Jackson songs??
  5. Hi there...I see that some folk have touched on this question and it is something that I was meant to ask a while ago. Rolf keeps on pestering me about it. How will things work on the day in terms of getting all the data for the caching part of the Event? I know in the past, we've had goodies (GPX files) loaded onto our GPS from a laptop and then a paper copy of the listings given to us, and off we went to find the caches. However, on that occasion it was only 10 or 12 caches (or was it only 8?). Also, we will be on our bike for this one, and would rely on using our iPhone for paperless caching. BUT.... the iPhone requires a Pocket Query in order to get the caches loaded. Will you be providing a pocket query with all these caches or can a Pocket Query only be done with Published caches? We just need to understand what we need to come prepared with (like should we bring our laptop along) or what exactly? Paper printouts won't work well with the bike!!
  6. It wouldn't be a song by Madonna would it? I remember a while back how her hits topped the charts in the US for ages! But coming to think of it, her songs haven't been covered so many times, so this guess is probably wrong!
  7. Wasn't he the main guy that was organising a coup of our old government? Part of the group with Mandela and the other dudes, but it wasn't Mandela that did the main organising...or something like that??
  8. It wouldn't be Theodore Roosevelt would it?
  9. They all have red in them? Or are you looking for something more specific?
  10. Ding!! You're it! I have it as Singapore....your go!
  11. Okay, there goes: Which is the only country in Asia that has English as it's first language?
  12. Whoop! whoop! Can't believe my lucky guess even got close. Thanks for the interesting info. about that Liner. Wish we could still travel by sea, but things change. WOW Wazat...I didn't know you were an import - where were you born then? Both my parents came to South Africa on one of the Castles, not sure which, will ask them. In those days that was the way to travel to South Africa. I'm not sure how Rolf's parents got here though, I seem to think it was by plane. Crumbs, now I must think of a question....
  13. Whoop! Whoop!.....but now which answer was the one? The Big German Sub?
  14. Wow - that is cool!! We are fans of Tracks4Africa - thumbs up! check out the Tracks 4 Africa bumper sticker next time you see our cache mobile! Cool one on Worm's prize as well. Would love to learn more about the worm farm!
  15. If it is a marine themed answer, then I will side with Malo about a U-Boat or submarine. One of the largest ones would either be Russian or American. However, if this is historical, could it be German???
  16. The biggest of the "Union Castle" ships that used to sail our seas before air travel was safe and affordable?
  17. Hi guys...we'll sponsor 2 x geocoins. And if we manage to get some spare time, we'll put together a cache or two that can get hidden or perhaps some "swag" lucky packets. We have been finding lately that we are low on swag, and just haven't got round to getting some goodies. We are sure that there are other geocachers out there who also wouldn't mind some "free" swag!! We'll see what we are able to get done before the event and will let you know. We are getting more excited about this one every day! Can't believe how many caches you guys have already hidden!! So much effort and dedication! We are so impressed and we already appreciate it very much!!
  18. Wow Trev... I can't believe that you still have some bullets from your Army days. I really didn't think anyone was going to get that question, but I guess I forgot about all the ou ballies geocachers on the Forum!! Ha! Ha! (Just kidding about being an ou ballie...I'm close to 40 myself and 50 is just around the corner, so I shouldn't be teasing ).
  19. This is a beautiful photo Boris! Seems like you are no where near Hilltop - more like on top of Kilamanjaro or something!
  20. Was it "Thwate" or was that the name of the software that he sold?
  21. Hells Bells!!! Seems like this is going to be the EVENT of the year!! We have arranged a babysitter (not my sister) for the WHOLE day, which means Rolf and I are in - 100%. We will be taking our bike in for a service, and will get geared to spend the day on our bike. We haven't been able to ride together since I fell pregnant with Nadia just over 4 years ago! So this one is going to be an absolute treat for us!! We are so looking forward to it. Just a pity we won't be able to carry a ladder with us on the bike!!
  22. It wouldn't be Nederburg would it? ...although I think Tom has guessed it right!
  23. WOW Trev...awesome shot! Photos like these make me proud to be South African - I mean check out that crystal, blue sky!! We have also taken many shots and I will need a bit of time to go through them and select three entries..watch this space!
  24. How about we open up an album on Photobucket or one of those free photo album websites? They don't require that you register or login. You just send the link (which we can post on the forum) and the person that wants to see the pics, clicks on the link and gets taken to all the photos? I won't mind setting it up. Let me know your thoughts?
  25. It is a cool but weird cache at the same time. Don't think any geocacher will ever get to it, unless an existing astronaut gets told about geocaching and makes a trip to the ISS. Not really a true cache in the sense that it can be found by the normal geocacher!
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