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  1. Eish....this one has me totally stumped! I have no idea, so will start with some guesses (and a few questions first ). In those days, we didn't have the provinces we have now. So, was it built in Natal (now KZN) or the old Transvaal (now Mpumulanga)?
  2. Been really hectic and haven't had much time to look for decent pics, and I've been stuggling to get our logs entered and pics attached!!! I'm not sure if it is just me or our connection or GS. I've just tried again and no luck. Bombs out every time. So I'll enter the competition next month!
  3. Nice one, but I still prefer the one of you in uniform !
  4. Photo nominations....continued. Bouts, buddy, you look absolutely GORGEOUS!! We are sooooo impressed that you still fit into your old SAPS uniform, even after 20 years!! WOW, thanks sooooo much for putting it on for us - it really does suit you. But we know the challenges that come with it are not very nice! Thanks for making the effort - we LOVE this pic!! (We really do mean it!).
  5. More nominations.... BruceTP's Medallion photo taken by besem What a beautiful photo! We love the way the medallion is reflecting so perfectly against the beautiful and scenic background. We have no idea how you manage to have everything in focus! Well done!
  6. Photo nominations: Mrs GliderS Racer Aah, these pics bring back lots of memories of Germany in the winter, sigh! Nice to see something different to South Africa's views! and
  7. Another nomination for March 2010: Travel in Style with a buddy - cute pic! Taken by Wormgeocache Another photo of Travel in Style with a beautiful background - look at how blue the sky is!
  8. Will add some more pics tomorrow on the last day of the month...sorry but have to hit the hay now as it is 11pm and waaaayyyy past my bedtime!
  9. Liked this one of Besem's Purple Dragon with a Coati!! Now that is an animal you don't see everyday!
  10. Photo Nomination for March 2010 The Love Bug
  11. Yep! that is correct - Lake Taupo it is. Take it away cincol!
  12. Thanks cincol....after I entered my post I thought that "Oryx" did sound right after all....but you know me, always a bit slow (as not all switched on upstairs hee! hee!). Thanks for the info. guys! Okay, let me think of something....here goes: What is the name of the largest lake by surface area in New Zealand? It is also the largest freshwater lake by surface area in the whole of Oceania.
  13. Eish, still haven't managed to get to looking and nominating....and adding pics to our Racer too!
  14. Oh, okay so "gazelle" is being used as a general term for "antelope". Can't be the Addax or Oryx?
  15. Okay, I'm busy checking my "Land Mammals of Southern Africa - A Field Guide" book, and it says "Springbok" is "Springbok". The scientific/latin name is : Antidorcas marsupialis, so is that the name you are looking for something to do with the Genus or the Species name? I can't imagine either one though. But I do know that there is a Thompson's Gazelle and a Tibetan Gazelle, but those do not bear relevance to South Africa. So I'm a little stumped!
  16. It wouldn't be Springbok would it? That doesn't sound right. Or is there a more official name of the gazelle which we refer to as "Springbok"?
  17. Stunning photo, can't believe you took it with a little, simple "mik 'n druk"....amazing to get such a clear shot! These guys never seem to sit still for a photo, let alone such a clear, crisp one as yours! Well Done!
  18. WOW, another awesome shot. What a beautiful sunset and silhouette! How are we ever going to compete with our boring pics!!
  19. Dear Andy and Lindy Andy, Thank you so much for being the AWESOME reviewer that you were. We know that what you did was beyond reviewing cache listings - you did so much more! You are a true example of dedication and commitment. We appreciate all that you have done for our Geocaching community. We are so proud to have been able to have met you and spent some quality time with you. Lindy, Thank you for always being there and supporting Andy. We really enjoyed meeting you and will not forget the delicious salads you prepared. We hope your Events keep coming, and we hope to see you sometime soon! All the best with your future endeavours. We hope all your plans work out! Best wishes Rolf, Silvia, Nadia & Enzo (Our original post has gone missing, hence this new post ).
  20. something to do with buildings or a structure?
  21. We are almost ready for this BIG one!! I dug up my helmet, it was covered in a thick layer of dust, but under that dust it still looks brand new (because I haven't been on a bike since 2005). Then I uncovered my bike jacket and dusted that off too. I don't fit into my bike pants anymore - two kids later and I'm two sizes bigger now. Rolf uses his helmet and jacket regularly, so his helmet looks a little worse for wear. But he doesn't fit into his bike pants either , so I don't feel so bad. Got the tank bag set up, Rolf made some modifications to have the Nuvi plug into a 12v jack on the bike (because the darn thing doesn't have much battery life). Had the bike serviced and got a new front tyre...soooooooo....we are ALL SET TO GO ON THIS MOMENTOUS EVENT! We are so looking forward to it and we cannot wait. Just one more sleep to go!
  22. We plan to add some pics, but only after this weekend.....will try to take some nice ones!! Got to keep up with the competition!!
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