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  1. Can a Blue Bull come along for a stroll under the full moon? By then we could very well be out of the Currie Cup.
  2. Cape Town has one too --- "Climb Lions Head at Full Moon, serenade the City." CX414 Can't see who created it though, but it looks like fun...
  3. I'm in.... I'm in.... I'm in.... Just checked the weather and it seems like it will be a fine day for a hike.
  4. Henzz


    Great Going Huskies --- Well done on the 2000... Congrats.
  5. Henzz


    Congratulations SawaSawa... "1000 Finds" does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
  6. Henzz

    Where am I?

    More than 3 weeks, and still no takers... Looks like we are stumped... How 'bout telling us where this one is, and giving us another one to chew on???
  7. Can't find that darn cache --- Maybe you can blame it on Solar Flares... Recent solar flare may disrupt your GPS
  8. Henzz


    What a way to enter the 1000-club... Frodo's Journey nogal.. Well done Cism.
  9. Henzz


    Caching in the Western Cape is rolling along nicely I see. Well done to to all the Milestoners.. G.I.S. MnCo Ralph1dc Capeccr.
  10. I am a Rock at Bird Buddies. gets my vote. The parrot agrees.
  11. At the crossroads I stood this morning, not knowing which way to go. Into Mordor or into the Mines of Moira. Tough choice as both this paths will have to be walked at some stage. Whenever I do not know which way to go I put my trust into my Magic Coin. I watched on as it whirled high up in the air, and crashed down onto the ground. Mines of Moira it seems to be. I remember the words of Galadriel: I give you the light of Eärendil, our most beloved star. May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out.
  12. Just reading the listing makes me dizzy.. But with CapeDoc and Capeccr in the lead, middle Earth will be conquered. Henzz will be there, hopefully brave as Frodo, not quivering like Smeagol.
  13. Henzz


    Wel gedaan Hesamati. Veels geluk met die 700.
  14. O.K. Mr Pooks, maybe this was a silly question. DamhuisClan was the closest, so I'll hand it over to him then.. Here is the story... During the first British Occupation the streets and roads of Cape Town was in a deplorable state, and the Governor lodged many complaints with the Burgher Senate, which was responsible for the construction and maintenance of the thoroughfares of Cape Town, who in turn blamed an insufficient treasury. Light horse drawn wagons were used for transporting such loads as wine barrels. People traveled by private coach, chaise, wagonette and light carts. Regulations was put in place for the protection of pedestrians in the town, whose rights and duties was clearly defined, as were those of horse or ox driven traffic. As soon as a wagon or heavy cart, drawn by eight or more horses or oxen, came to within two miles of Cape Town, a leader had to walk in front of the team, and lead it through the streets. A comprehensive road-code was drawn up in 1798, which is a foreshadow of present day traffic regulations. Use had to be made of the left hand side of the road, in order to leave the right hand lane free for approaching traffic. Provisions was also made for one way traffic leaving and entering town. All yours DamhuisClan.
  15. Want to narrow it down a bit Bouts77 ? At least you are ...... Sjjjjt Henzz... Say no more.
  16. 1915 / 1907 / 1901... Not even close..
  17. All of us spend some time on the roads every day. To avoid absolute chaos there is something called "The rules of the road" This is basically a set of rules, regulations and laws that govern us all, while being on public roads.. During what year (I'll accept your answer as correct if you are closer than 10 years) did the first "Rules of the road" come into effect in South Africa. Given it was not nearly as complex as what it is today, but the government of the time felt the need to set some rules down for the safety of all, pedestrians and those in vehicles alike..
  18. He was the 2nd Commander of the Cape Colony. He took over from Jan van Riebeeck. He built a reservoir in the area of the Vars-rivier to provide fresh water to visiting ships. This reservoir is preserved behind glass in a shopping centre near the Castle, in it's original place.
  19. Looks like a bit of a Ping Pong match between myself and Tomtwogates... Ball is in your court again Tom... Simon and Johanna got married in 1663. She indeed did not join him when he left on the Vrye Zee, in 1679. They never saw each other again. He was Commander at the Cape Colony until he retired in 1699. He then spend his retirement years at Groot Constantia. She died in the year 1700. 21 out of 37 years of married living worlds apart... Amazing... I guess some would say he was a very lucky man.. He did stay devoted to her, and frequently sent her money. She in turn would sent him works of art from time to time. All four of their sons did join him at some stage here in the Cape, and one of them, Adriaan become Governor after his fathers retirement.
  20. Simon van der Stel arrived on the 12th of October 1679 to be the new Commander of the Cape. He was married to Johanna Jacoba Six, a gentlewoman by birth who came from an influential family who were the patrons of Rembrandt. Something was very odd about this marriage. What would that be ?
  21. I'm busy reading the Cape Town Jubilee at the moment, and those early days makes for very interesting reading... Maybe a historical cache or two are on the way... I'll see... To answer your question Tom... His gardener was aptly named: Hendrik Boom.
  22. Inquisitive about something that is property-related ?
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