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  1. Sounds like fun and I real enjoy the 2016 Christmas exchange as well. Thx


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  2. Before we get too much into specifics of app choices, the OP should tell us what kind of phone they use. iPhone? Android? Something else?


    Me and my wife both have the iPhone 6. I actually just read a comment on geocaching's Facebook page, they said "we plan to retire the paid app this spring". So I definitely got my answer.


    The main reason we were looking into the "real" app is that we hoped the gps would be better. We only have a Tom Tom gps for road trips. Now we decided to get a handheld gps for caching in uses with the app. The only question is which one and reading on here about all the different options, my mind is even more confused. It seen to me that it's real what a person preference are. I'm hoping to pick up a used one in good condition.

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